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AVISO: Utilizamos cookies propias y de terceros para mejorar la experiencia de navegacion, y ofrecer contenidos y publicidad de interes. Sinopsis: Cuando Paul, un escritor desempleado, se muda a una casa de la que se rumorea que esta encantada, pone en riesgo su vida a medida que se obsesiona con la idea de obtener la mejor idea de su trayectoria profesional.
If there is one underlying theme to all the American Horror Story seasons, it’s that there is a solidarity to be found in otherness. Less understandable is Jimmy’s reaction to Dandy Mott (Finn Wittrock), the foppish and creepy rich kid with an unhealthy relationship with his mother and a penchant for drinking whisky out of a baby bottle.
Desiree even works outside the confines of her own marriage structure, going behind her husband’s back to prostitute herself.
Not that these two are shining examples of how to break down cultural barriers and promote tolerance.
That Jimmy denial of Dandy on the grounds of his privilege and lack of deformity was actually the right call, even though his argument was that for one to join the “freak show” you must have something physically wrong with you?

He also seems like a savvier businessman than Greta and Elsa; suggesting the matinees as a way around the curfew, and admonishing Jimmy for making a scene at the diner, because why buy tickets to the cow when you get its lobster hands for free? They’re obviously making the best of it, even though these two might have an even harder time walking around in daylight than the Bearded Lady. We learn that because of Dell’s murderous jealousy, the two have been blackballed across the carnie community. As opposed to the young Jimmy Darling, who rails against the unfairness of a world where he’s treated like a monster because of lobster claws. Are we supposed to think that Jimmy’s refusal to accept Dandy makes him and the other freaks somehow responsible for his later, violent actions?
But Desiree has parlayed her exoticness into a form of agency, lending out her body for the occasional gay conversion, not that it goes so well. Dandy knows Twisty is dangerous, and not just because he has HUMAN EYEBALLS: earlier Twisty had beaten Dandy over the head (but not killed him or his mother, weirdly) with a juggling pin.

Jimmy’s righteous anger makes sense, even as we see that his revolutionary tactics do more harm than good in appealing to the humanity of the local populace. When he tries to track the clown down, he runs into the escaped woman and pretends to offer assistance, only to drag her back to Twisty’s RV of terror. What they don’t mention is that Dell is the former lover of Greta, the Bearded Lady with the exotic Baltimore accent, and that Jimmy is his secret son.

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