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When you get a bob that is a weave you do not have to cut ANY of hair just because it is long.
As another post mentioned on here, Taraji stated even on the Wendy Williams show, during her 2012 appearance I believe (well her last one), that her hair was mixed with Brazilian weaves. NOTE: It is possible for black people to have multiple, natural hair textures on their head, without chemicals, and at the same time, given some of our ethnic mixtures.
The Bajan beauty is covered in dirt and devoid of her usual glamorous hair, nails or accoutrements. Instead, she trades in her bling and expensive purses for a machine gun, and designer duds for army fatigues. I recall an old Essence cover photo of her and the article where she stated that she wears weave to protect her natural hair.
She’s giving a shout out to her stylist who obviously installed the hair that still needs to be flat ironed. How would you like it if someone called you stupid because you didn’t use the appropriate form of YOU’RE in YOUR comment!

But it could be her hair and that the various textures are due to her numerous partial sew-ins. The 24-year-old singer seems to be channelling two of her own songs - Good Girl Gone Bad and Hard - in the international poster for her big screen movie debut.
Rihanna stars as US Navy officer Raikes in the film, which also stars Liam Neeson, Alexander Skaarsgard, Brooklyn Decker and Taylor Kitsch.
One of the alien beings heads towards Rihanna's boat at speedBerg added: 'I've always believed in musicians as actors.
And again my hair is past my shoulders and when I went to get a short Bob weave the stylist said she would have to cut the very top layer of my hair (only a very small chunk left out to cover the tracks) because for it to look totally real you gotta leave out edges and the side part should be longer than 2 inches (just like Taraji’s was in the movie!) And in the pic her hair is super long all the way around soooo? If she leaves out the top part of her hair all of the time then it will be straighter and shorter than the natural hair that is always braided up.
My own hair gets frizzy at the ends like her’s when I do an inadequate blow out prior to a protective style job.
She does may have a perm, or presses it; however, if you look at her younger pictures she does have long thick hair.

If this was taken recently, that is quite a bit of growth in about 1-2 years but maybe her hair grows THAT much (im jealous if so! If her hair was that long you would see a line of demarcation where she would have obviously had to cut the top layer to leave out over top of her short Bob weave is that not true?
Like I said before, none of us know for a fact I’m only stating my opinion from believing what I see not what people say. To wear a short weave with your natural part showing you have to leave a section of your hair out to cover the tracks and therefore you would have to cut you own hair to make it even with the weave! If her hair was that long the layer that would have been cut would be pretty much evenly trimmed somewhere around chin length, it would not taper off as the top layer of her own hair clearly does in this photo KEisha, with two capitals lol!

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