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The Samantha Parkington doll was released in 1986, along with Kirsten Larson and Molly McIntire.
Samantha's original meet outfit is an example of what girls her age and class would have worn during the Edwardian era.
Burgundy faux-velvet hat with rose, dove grey, and gold colored ribbons tied into bows and allowed to dangle in the back. A girl-sized outfit was sold as the Afternoon Tea Dress for $80; a heart-shaped locket was sold as Samantha's Keepsake Locket for $14. White bodied Samantha dolls have a white muslin cloth body; both Mattel and Pre-Mattel Samanthas have matching cloth bodies. Most of the White Body Samanthas have lighter brown and curlier hair; Some have darker brown hair that is long.

The pattern on Samantha's original locket (prior to BeForever) is identical to the pattern on Molly's, but Molly's locket is a silver necklace.
Light green dress with pink floral print, waist sash that ties in back, pink ribbon trim, and white lace trim.
The set was originally sold with paper bags, mentioning the metal shortage during World War II; the newer set was marketed with the lunchbox being a hand-me-down from Jill.
Though the official descriptions call them 'stockings,' these are full tights which are worn under her underpants. Samantha is generally not shown wearing the hat in illustrations and is instead carrying it in her hand; this was also true for many of the catalogs. It comes with pictures of her mother and father to place inside and is pinned to the front of her dress.

Samantha's coin was an authentic Indianhead penny until it was replaced with a reproduction penny in 1994. Technically she would have worn garters and stockings; this is demonstrated in her Lacy Whites. In the books, Samantha wears high button black boots most of the time; she is rarely shown wearing Mary Janes, as they were just starting to become a style of children's shoe.

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