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Grab your daughter and your favorite American Girl Doll and get ready to experience an all new movie: Saige Paints the Sky! To celebrate the debut of Saige Paints the Sky, American Girl is hosting special Movie Premiere Events at all of its retail stores nationwide, starting Friday, June 28, 2013. Check out the trailer, and be prepared for your daughter to want to watch it over and over!
What about you: Does your daughter love American Girl or did you play with them as a child? Isabelle Palmer, American Girl’s 2014 Girl of the Year, appears in a new feature-length movie from Universal Studios Home Entertainment.
Starring Melora Hardin from “The Office” and Hannah Montana: The Movie, and presenting Erin Pitt from Against the Wild as Isabelle, the movie tells the story of a talented 9-year-old girl who is an inspired dancer with a flair for design.
Isabelle fans can visit  the American Girl site for a behind-the-scenes look at the new film, including the movie trailer and video clips, character bios, the “Isabelle’s Dance Jam” video featuring girls performing an original dance inspired by the movie, games, crafts, movie-related events, and more.
In addition to the movie, American Girl is debuting several new Isabelle-related products this summer, including the Isabelle Dances Into the Spotlight movie soundtrack CD, Isabelle’s Sparkle Dress, Isabelle’s Makeup Set, and Isabelle’s Fashion Sketchbook. Kobe Bryant, Panini America Team Up for Trading Card SetApril 16, 2016 By Maddie Michalik Leave a CommentKobe Bryant has selected 21 favorite memories from his career, including one from each of his 20 seasons in the NBA and one honoring the day he was drafted, for a trading card set from Panini America. Magformers Creates TMNT Building SetsApril 14, 2016 By Elyse Carmosino Leave a CommentMagformers has entered a licensing partnership with Nickelodeon to create a line of magnetic building kits for preschoolers inspired by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. Whiffer Sniffers Launches Second Wave of Series 2April 13, 2016 By Maddie Michalik Leave a CommentFour new Whiffer Sniffers characters will hit store shelves this week as Part II of its second series. Patrice Leconte's "Monsieur Hire" is a tragedy about loneliness and erotomania, told about two solitary people who have nothing else in common.
FFC Gerardo Valero reexamines the 2015 James Bond film "Spectre" after the dust has settled. The movie is set in Cincinnati at the dawn of the Great Depression; perfectly timed, it would appear, as we head into another one. The Blu-ray cover art for Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight, screencapped from the story clue #5 video on AG's YouTube channel. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. Head over to Amazon, where you can get this American Girl: 4 Film Favorites Only $10.96! That is less than $3 per movie! JC Penney: Keurig K55 Single-Serve Coffee Maker Only $74.94 Shipped!Check out this deal at JC Penney!
I really don’t care if her hair is dyed or not as long as she does the character justice. I would really like to see that movie or like storyteller said Addy would be a good choice too and Julie is a good option. Juliet XD- Yes, it is weird how the models they use look like the doll, because only JLY’s are supposed to look like you.
The actress that plays Saige sure is wearing a whole lot of make-up though….but still, this movie looks AMAZING! We Love Our ReadersWe love it when you join the discussions by leaving a comment on Doll Diaries!
One Last Thing…Doll Diaries and its creator are in NO WAY affiliated with American Girl, Mattel, My Twinn, or any other manufacturer.

The movie follows Saige, the passionate young artist, as she sets out to save her school’s art and music programs. Moms, girls, and their  dolls will be among the first to see the Saige movie, enjoy related crafts, activities, and take home exclusive giveaways. Jane Seymour stars as Grandma Mimi, a well known artist and horsewoman and introducing Sidney Fullmer as the spirited Saige. She describes herself as almost crunchy which means she lives a healthy, natural life all while driving her SUV. American Girl: Isabelle Dances Into the Spotlight is now available on Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD, and on Digital HD.
When Isabelle starts attending the Anna Hart School of the Arts, she has a hard time getting her proper footing in her transition to a new school and in the dance studio. Bryant and Panini America teamed up to provide the ultimate retrospective recap from the HeroVillain perspective. The Half-Shell Heroes sets allow preschoolers to build with Magformers squares and triangles to create Turtle Towers. The adjustable 24- to 36-inch stick comes in three separate pieces, allowing it to be lengthened or shortened as needed. Kit pounds furiously on the typewriter in her tree house, determined to become a Girl Reporter, while a big story is happening right downstairs in her family house: The mortgage is about to be foreclosed. You will receive a weekly newsletter full of movie-related tidbits, articles, trailers, even the occasional streamable movie. But one thing I did find weird was that she looks SUPER YOUNG on the movie cover but she looks older in the trailer. But one movie i would like to see would be not about any of the characters historical or goty it would be about the book Gangsters at the grand Atlantic. I have Saige’s EXACT hair colour (thats right, EXACT), and I can tell you that that is FAKE hair. Don’t you think that they should of made her hair color more auburn, especially if they dyed it? Just remember, if you are under 13, you need to get parent permission before leaving a comment. As someone who loves the creative arts I am drawn to this story and the desire to rescue such important classes.
Visit Saige’s Page for a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming film, including the movie trailer and video clips, cast and character bios, movie-related events, games, crafts, and much more. To complicate the situation, her older sister, Jade, is the star ballerina at the school, and a rival classmate tries to make Isabelle feel as if she doesn’t belong there. I was waiting for some kind of banal product placement, I suppose, and here is a movie that is just about perfect for its target audience, and more than that. Her dad (Chris O'Donnell) has lost his car dealership and gone to Chicago seeking work, her mom (Julia Ormond) is taking in boarders, and there's local hysteria about muggings and robberies allegedly committed by hobos.Kit actually meets a couple of hobos.
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That is one of my all time favorite ag books it think iv read it about 8 times and that book would be a great movie.Has anyone else read the book?
Saige also goes through her best friend Tessa spending less time with her and more with another girl.

Isabelle struggles with self-doubt, but when she stops comparing herself to others and learns to focus on her own unique talents, she finds a special way to stand out and to use her passions to help others, too. It has a great look, engaging performances, real substance and even a few whispers of political ideas, all surrounding the freshness and charm of Abigail Breslin, who was 11 when it was filmed. Will (Max Thieriot) is about her age, and his sidekick Countee (Willow Smith) is a little younger.
Use promo code FAMILY to take an additional $15.00 off, plus this $15.00 Rebate found on the page! Site owner has the right to delete any and all comments or any part of a comment that is not kind or appropriate. I think we have all experienced something like that, and I know this is an issue my daughter will eventually go through. They live in the hobo camp down by the river, along with as nice a group of hobos as you'd ever want to meet. Anyways, the scene is SUPER cool and I hope your all exited to see Dylan and Tessa singing, A HUGE DANCE set with costumes,dancing, flamenco dancing, sliding on poles, and a dance that makes art come alive! Kit tries selling their story and photos to the editor of the local paper (a snarling Wallace Shawn). Can Saige find the courage to lead the fund-raising effort to start an after-school art program and save her friendship with Tessa? But other adventures ensue: She adopts a dog, her mom acquires chickens, Kit sells the eggs, and the new boarders are a colorfully assorted lot. And she sees such unthinkable sights as neighbor's furniture being moved to the sidewalk by deputies. Will that happen at her address?The boarders include a magician (Stanley Tucci), a nurse (Jane Krakowski), the erratic driver (Joan Cusack) of a mobile library truck and assorted others, eventually including even a monkey. Kit's mom hides her treasures in a lock box, but it is stolen, and unmistakable clues point to the hobos. A footprint found under a window, for example, has a star imprint that exactly matches the boots found in Will's tent, and the sheriff names him the prime suspect.
This movie, intelligently and sincerely directed by Patricia Rozema ("Mansfield Park"), does not condescend. It is as serious about Kit as she is about herself, and doesn't treat her like some (indignant exclamation) dumb girl.If you have or know or can borrow a girl (or a boy) who collects the American Girl dolls, grab onto that child as your excuse to see this movie. You may enjoy it as much as they do -- maybe more, with its period costumes, settings and music. The kids may be astonished that banks actually foreclosed on people's homes in the old days (hollow laugh). The American Girl dolls have already inspired TV movies about Molly, Felicity and Samantha. What's for sure is that if "Kit Kittredge" sets the tone for more upcoming American Girl movies, we can anticipate some wonderful family films.

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