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Do you have a specific favorite part about Pepper?I love that she's been given such a full life. CLICK: Neil Patrick Harris is heading to AHS: Freak Show and bringing his husband with him! Your information may be shared with other NBCUniversal businesses and used to better tailor our services and advertising to you. The season premiere of American Horror Story: Freak Show on Wednesday will mark the American TV debut of Jyoti Amge, a 20-year-old from Nagpur, India, whom Guinness has declared to be the world's shortest woman.
The 2'6"-tall actress plays Ma Petite, a member of a traveling sideshow that arrives in Florida in 1952, at the same time a creepy murderer rocks the town. In anticipation of the season debut, here are five things to know about Amge, who attended her first red-carpet premiere on Sunday for Freak Show at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Hailee Steinfeld and Bailee Madison, Plus Kelly Rowland, Tina Fey, Jesse Tyler Ferguson & More!
Mutantville & Horror news, convention updates, reviews, filmmaking tips, and all things horror!
Wittrock is returning as Newton, a happily engaged man who, through a stroke of bad luck, ends up spending a night at the dreaded Hotel.
Newly minted to AHS but no stranger to Hollywood acting fame, Pfeiffer will portray the Hotel’s previous owner, Martina McBride. Ultimate veteran #3, Rabe who has been in every season of AHS will take up the role of the current hotel owner, who is slowly losing her mind due to the unexplainable and harrowing events that take place there.
Newcomer to AHS, Skarsgard plays Joshua Evergreen, who is the supportive and loving husband of hotel owner, Annabelle. Bassett is returning for her 3rd season in a row to play a jazz songstress who regularly performs at the hotel bar. Gaga will be playing Lolita’s arch rival, who is always happy to compete with her for popularity.
Castro is a wearisome bellboy who seems to keep an eye out for everyone as he is always on the lookout for trouble. Blanchard joins AHS as Theresa Faulkner, the severe and unpleasant head maid who has a secret habit of peeping on guests at the hotel. Ultimate veteran #4, Conroy will take up another role with AHS as Maude Madelyn, Marilyn Monroe impersonator who has a taste for younger men, as well as murder.

Seabras is a bellboy at the hotel who get overly involved with gossip and has a pattern of odd, mysterious behavior. Bentley is coming back for his second run with AHS as Father Deon, a lighthearted and carefree leader of a group that is extremely religious and extremely curious. The acclaimed actor will take on the role of Father Gates, an ill-fated priest attempts to cleanse the hotel of evil spirits. Chiklis is back for round 2 as Dr Drackett, an intelligent scientist who is out of work and desperate for a job. Because up until now it's been the ‘quick shot to Pepper making the idiotic face,'" Grossman tells E!
Online - Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip. This isn't her first rodeo, er, carnival.Through a Hindi translator, Amge told PEOPLE after Sunday's premiere that she's appeared in two reality shows in her native India, including the country's version of Big Brother, called Bigg Boss. Playing the Prowler, her will portray a strange, enigmatic young man who hangs around the hotel and dark alleyways.
This coming season she plays the legendary rock-star who checks into the hotel, ignorant of the terrors that await inside.
They are vicious, serpentine creatures who consume ghosts and live in a strange, sand-covered, otherworldly dimension referred to as "Saturn".
Arden and now I get to cry on cue—that's pretty major, especially for a little pinhead, who for all I knew was some glorified extra role when I first went out for it. She's accustomed to breaking records.Amge, who has a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia, was previously ranked as the world's shortest teenager, until 2011, when she succeeded an American, Bridgette Jordan, as the world's shortest woman, according to Guinness. After seeing a Guinness video on Amge, a producer for AHS Googled her and found Amge's website. In Freak Show, Ma Petite is close to Elsa, the head of the sideshow played by AHS vet Lange. Though Amge can stand on her own, her feet have barely touched the ground since beginning production on the FX drama. They seem to be characterized mostly by their insatiable appetite but show mannerisms similar to that of a dog when clubbed on the nose. I would say, especially with Jessica, when she says like ‘We've been together a long time,' it's true.

These are no cocker spaniels, however, so you'd do well to stay within your own dimension, should you ever become one of the recently deceased. I'm looking at this wall I have in my place—I practically need to move because I need more wall space.
I love being big characters like this, being able to totally transform myself and not just with the makeup, but physically being able to take on a whole new posture and take on a whole new face.
Over the course of this episode, we learned how Elsa Mars (Jessica Lange) found Pepper and really took care of her all these years by bringing Ma Petite in, finding Pepper a husband in Salty (Christopher Neiman) and helping care for her broken heart when everything fell apart.With Hollywood calling (or so she thought), Elsa decided the best thing would be to reunite Pepper with her sister (Mare Winningham). I've been stacking chairs and painting nails for about five months now and so to all of a sudden be endowed with this awesome opportunity was a lot.
I've got paintings and ceramics, Pepper shakers and Pepper cookies, Pepper magnets, and Pepper magnets.
He knows everything, like Santa Claus, he knows when you're sleeping, he knows when you're a wake, but at the same time, the fandom is so engaged to the point where I feel like if I were him, I'd be Googling the show, I'd be reading the message boards, I'd be reading the Facebook posts and picking the theories I liked because the fans are writing it for him. And like I said, coming from my own background of sketch comedy, the Groundlings, shows on stage, I'm prepared, but I'm not like Jessica in that I don't get to fall to my knees in a crying fit day after day after day. Saying goodbye to Elsa was also saying goodbye to [Jessica] and saying goodbye to Pepper and saying goodbye to, well, hopefully not American Horror Story, but potentially, and saying goodbye to New Orleans, which is a new love of my life. Whether or not he's using it or not, but man they're creative and they're good…Will you be back next season?I don't know. But it's even worse than we imagined as Pepper was framed for the mutilation and murder of her nephew and sent to Briarcliff. I remember reading the episode for the first time and being so jumbled up in so many ways, saying ‘Oh my god. All this time I thought that being alive was my job security, but little did I know that this was going to be the end, short on some flashback or something like that, which you never really know with American Horror Story.

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