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News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. What type of scary movie leaves you checking the locks and investigating strange sounds during the wee hours of the morning?A  a€¦ How about one based on fact.
In the apartment: Donna and Angie never actually saw the doll move, but noticed that it would spontaneously change positions and after a few weeks they began finding the doll in other rooms than the one it was left in. The Medium:A  After finding what appeared to be blood on the doll, the two roommates hired a local medium. The Annabelle case was one of over 10,000 paranormal disturbances the Warrens investigated throughout their career as psychic experts from 1952 until 2006 a€“ when Ed died. Nice to know after so many years that the power of the demon is slowly losing his possession to be connected with the doll, but im sad for anabelle. Disappointed that the movie is fiction, when the facts r so much creepier-cool to find out what the real doll actually looks like though. Bikini Bloodbath Car Wash is an American independent horror film directed by Jon Gorman and Tom Seymour and produced by Blood Bath Pictures.
Jenny and her roommate Sharon awaken in the morning and get ready to start their day by lip-syncing to a White Liger song called Cannon Load playing on the radio. The girls meet up with some more friends and they all go to work at Miss Johnson's Bikini Wax and Wash Car Wash. Soon after, Todd and his friends show up and attempt to impress the car washers with their break dancing skills.
Later, the girls retire to their dorm where they hold a seance in an effort to communicate with the spirit of their late friend, Portia (who was killed by Chef Death in the first film).
The following day at school, the girls attend Professor Shipwreck’s class, and the Professor gives a lesson on how babies are made.
Two of the girls, Scarlet and Lady Jaye, begin walking home and run into Chef Death who kills both of them with a blow to the head from a meat cleaver. Another of Miss Johnson's employees, Peaches, stops at Doctor Zartan's house on her way to the party. Back at the party, several more guests arrive including Todd, Gary and two German exchange students. Chef Death sneaks into the house and murders one of the German exchange students in the bedroom. Jenny and Todd go into the bedroom close to play "Seven Minutes in Heaven", not realizing that the German exchange student’s corpse is still lying inside. The other German exchange student attempts to play the same game with Lonnie, but upon entering the closet, they soon discover that this is where Chef Death has been hiding. While searching the house, they come upon Professor Shipwreck who apparently had been hiding in one of the closets for several hours. Recurring Characters: Chef Death, Miss Johnson, Jenny, Sharon, Todd Reynolds, Gary, Jay "Dela" DelaChervete, Coach Smith. Recast Actors: Several actors from Bikini Bloodbath return for the sequel, but cast as different characters. Miss Johnson's tale of the Grey Apes is patterned after Quint's story of the USS Indianapolis from the 1975 film Jaws.
The prices for all of the services provided at Bikini Wax Car Wash are variations of the number 69. I loved Final Destination 3; a movie that sits at a mediocre 43% on aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes. Several times both of them would confirm that the doll was on the couch, but return to find it on Donnaa€™s bed. The medium claimed to have made contact with the spirit in the doll a€“ one Annabelle Higgins, who died at the tender age of seven in the same field that the apartment building was built upon.
A Once the medium was brought in to communicate, the demon pretended to be the most innocent of victims a€“ one Annabelle Higgins - so Donna and Angie would let their guard down and welcome it into their lives, which they did.A  Now, close to them a€“ by their request - the demon began inflicting its malevolence, which it could not have done without such permission. A sequel to the 2006 film Bikini Bloodbath, the movie was released direct-to-video in 2008.
They then attend their college classes where they have a run-in with the opportunistic Professor Zartan. Miss Johnson, formerly a high school gym coach, is just as merciless at her new career as she was at her past one. They accidentally invoke the spirit of the Chef himself, causing him to rise from his own grave. After class, they meet with some of the guys outside and ask about who will be attending Miss Johnson’s party.
She has purchased the home that Jenny once lived at and was the scene of Chef Death's first massacre. Zartan invites her into his bedroom where he then gags her and locks her inside of a closet. Gary and Jenny do not like one another, mostly because they are both vying for the affections of the same guy – Todd. Miss Johnson shows her a chest scar that she acquired from her first encounter with Chef Death. Todd, mistaking the corpse for Jenny, begins making out with the student's gashing throat wound.
They then find Mercedes dead on the toilet and Chef Death leaps out and stabs Professor Shipwreck in the eye. Jenny was a teenage girl who attended school at Hale Manor High and was a member of the school's volleyball team.

Gil was a German foreign exchange student attending community college in the United States.
Ike was a German foreign exchange student attending community college in the United States.
Professor Shipwreck was a college professor of Astrophysics who worked at an unnamed Community College. Doctor Zartan was one of the staff members at the local community college and a repeat customer at Miss Johnson's car wash.
Todd Reynolds was a homosexual football player at Hale Manor high and one of the guests who attended Coach Smith's party.
A strange man, the Community College Commander consulted with Professor Shipwreck, spoke with a high-pitched voice and drank coffee through his mask. Both characters have names that sound like automobile manufacturers; Portia (killed in BBI) and Mercedes (killed in BB2).
A Hearing Annabellea€™s story relieved Donna and Angie, who a€“ with open arms - wanted their young guest to feel a€?welcomea€™.
The blood and the attack on Lou were symbolic marks of a€?the beasta€™ a€“ indicating the demona€™s blood connection to Satan a€“ the Prince of Darkness.A  The Warrens got to a€?Annabellea€™ just before the demon was about to complete the process of possession by physically taking control of one of the girls.
The film draws upon many of the same sight gags from the previous film and also recasts many of the same actors, albeit in different roles.
She emphasizes the need for her workers to use their breasts and buttocks to earn her money. His plans for Peaches are never revealed however, because Chef Death enters the room and kills him by stabbing him in the throat with a skewer. Some of the guests begin playing a drinking game in the kitchen, while Jenny and Todd go out to the hot tub. He chases them downstairs and manages to catch up to Lucy whereupon he slices her throat open. She stabs him in the lower abdomen with a pair of salad tongs, but Chef Death eviscerates her, pulling her entrails out and throwing them against the side of the house.
On the last day of school she invited several of her friends to her house for a girls-only slumber party. Along with his friend, Gil, he enjoyed break dancing and making lewd passes at female students.
Scarlet professed herself to be a genius, but in fact, she was actually quite unintelligent. Real name, William Leschenski; He was a psychopath chef and former proprietor and head chef of the Sausage Party Restaurant.
She disliked her co-worker Sharon, and apparently harbored a dirty secret involving human exrement. She was one of several who attended Jenny’s slumber party, and also one of the few who evaded an encounter with Chef Death. In addition to Astrophysics, he also instructed his students on how babies were made using a gasoline can and a basketball as an example.
At Coach Smith's party, he was seen playing "Twatster", dancing to Footloose and imitating the water-bucket scene from Flashdance. He always offered his female students a way to improve their grades by inviting them to spend the evening at his home.
She was invited to attend Miss Johnson's party, but was upset when she learned that she couldn't bring her father with her.
At Coach Smith's party, he was seen sitting around with chocolate sauce smeared across his face. In this film, Rachael Robbins replaces Leah Ford as Jenny and Natalie Williams replaces Anna-Karin Eskilsson as Sharon.
B-movie starlet Debbie Rochon reprises her role as the acerbic Miss Johnson, a character who was believed to be killed in the first movie.
They then have class with Professor Shipwreck who reminds Sharon that her grades are slipping, but more importantly, that she's getting fat. The begin reeling in clients and get to work cleaning their vehicles while also dancing provocatively with one another to hard rock music. Miss Johnson doesn't think that Lucy has what it takes to run with her girls and the two engage in a fight patterned after Michael Jackson's music video for "Beat It".
The chef turns up the heat in the hot tub, then attacks Gary, pushing him down into the water until he drowns. She was one of the few who didn't openly ostracize "Smelly Suzy", but she also didn't invite her to her party.
At Miss Johnson's party, he attempted to impress a girl named Mercedes by playing the violin. She participated in a class demonstration in Professor Shipwreck's Astrophysics course and was later murdered by Chef Death who stabbed her in the head with a cleaver.
He went on a rampage, killing several people with a meat cleaver including Eve, Mister Robinson, Brad, Pam, Portia, Phil and Stacey.
He particularly disliked one of his students, Sharon, whom he constantly accused of being fat.
He later attended the local community college where he became a close friend with Todd Reynolds.
Another guest named Ike attempted to coax Mercedes into undressing by spilling beer on her. Peaches was later abducted by the bizarre Doctor Zartan who kept her bound and gagged inside of a closet in his house. Lonnie developed an interest in a German foreign exchange student named Ike and greatly admired his mustache (which was practically imperceptible).

Todd and his close friend Gary attended Miss Johnson's party and Todd impressed the other partiers (particularly Jenny) with his ability to chug down a fifth of Camel Toe Liquor. After high school, he began attending community college and was a student of Professor Shipwreck.
Russ Russo who played Mike in the first film plays Ike in this one (note that both Tom Seymour and Russ Russo play characters with names that rhyme).
Following class, Shipwreck meets with a strange masked man known as the Community College Commander.
Leaving the house, she ran into football player Mike Em, and mistook him for the serial killing cook. Another student, Todd, expressed his dislike of Professor Shipwreck by throwing a football at his crotch. In fact, he was secretly in love with Todd and grew extremely defensive around any girl who would hit on him. He had her bound and gagged and locked inside of a closet, while he danced and preened half naked in front of a mirror. When Chef Death attacked the household, Todd armed himself with a balloon and later hid beneath a blanket. Dana Fay Enslalata who played Pam in the first film plays the role of Sam in this one (another rhyming name). Yet some horror movies are so awful, so wrong from misjudged conception to limp execution, that even the most forgiving horror fan can’t wring joy out of their lifeless corpses.
After the meeting, Shipwreck walks into the hall only to meet one of the students, Todd, who throws a basketball into his crotch. When Chef Death raided her home, Jenny was the one who coordinated a plan and advised everyone to find a weapon.
His body was later discovered in the closet by a student named Tod who, mistaking the corpse for his would-be girlfriend, Jenny, began making out with Gil's throat wound. A year later however, Jenny and her friends held a seance in which they inadvertenly resurrected Chef Death from the grave. Chef Death broke into Doctor Zartan's home and stabbed him in the throat with a barbeque skewer. They are products of greed, favours, egos, or all three.  Cynical, soulless cash-ins that sit like calcified dog turds on the filmographies of everyone involved. Todd and his friends, which includes two foreign exchange students, flirt with Jenny and her friends.
She faced Chef Death in her garage and seemingly killed him by striking him repeatedly with a metal garden rake.
He continued his murderous rampage, slaughtering even more of Jenny's friends, as well as a few staff members from the local community college. Chef Death killed Gary by drowning him in and outdoor hot tub and later used him as bouillon.
Afterward, he sliced off his nipple and affixed it to the head of Zartan's prisoner, Peaches. He faced Jenny once again, but Jenny beheaded him with one strong blow from a baseball bat. The following year, she attended community college and began working at Miss Johnson's car wash. Natasha Nielsen who played Tawny in the first film plays Lonnie in this one (again, another rhyming name). One evening, her friends and she held seance in which they attempted to commune with the spirit of their late friend, Portia. Most of her peers accused her of being too fat despite the fact that she was in extremely good shape. Phil Hall who played Mister Robinson in the first film plays Professor Shipwreck in this one. When Chef Death re-emerged to slaughter more of Jenny's friends, Sharon once again left the slaughter in order to get some food.
Dick Boland, who had a minor role as a roadie in a White Liger music video in the first film has a larger part in this film as Doctor Zartan.
Jenny and her friends later attended a party at Miss Johnson's house (which was actually Jenny's original house; apparently her parents sold their home following Chef Death's first rampage). Bruce Seymour, who played Polo Polopolis in the first film plays the Community College Commander in this one. It’s a polite yet apt observation, so uninspired is the film, which completely rejects the original’s found-footage style in favour of semi-dramatized slasher pap.
A mix of terrible acting, bland characterisation and overly-expository dialogue secured the film a place at the bottom of Target bargain bins the world over, and the swift death of a promising franchise. Admittedly, it was far from un-watchable and predictably adhered to King’s book more faithfully than Stanley Kubrick’s version did. Kubrick’s Shining, now comfortably sitting in the annals of the greatest horror films of all time, is a deeply scary, moody journey into insanity. King’s version, which has a proud ghost Jack show up at Danny’s graduation years later, is a perfectly palatable horror movie of the week.
We should just be thankful that Julie Delpy’s career survived this so she could bring us the terrific Before Sunrise sequels. For this very reason the film deserves a place on this list: instead of seeking out classic video nasties or splatter a lot of kids think that a guy relieving himself into the mouth of a woman surgically attached to his behind is the height of horror titillation.

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