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The NYFCC is one of the earliest groups to vote on the year’s best performances in film, kicking off a slew of critics organizations whose results can serve as if not Oscar predictors then maybe Oscar leaners. Your irrational fetish *for* Jennifer Lawrence is blinding you to her shortcomings as a performer. She may not have went to school for it but I can assure you that she is much more gifted than most people in the industry are. Also just because SLP was a comedy doesn’t make it any less deserving of the accolades it got. I sure would like to have your take on how complex Chastain and Rivas’s characters supposedly were.
But even if she doesn’t have as much experience as many actors you should know that some people are actually gifted enough in something not to need to do as many gig or get as much practice as others to do it even better than others who have had years of trial and error. The fact that she got recognized by inside the actor’s studio already tells you that your weird idea, that her lack of preparation shows in her work, is bull. Just the fact that inside the actor’s studio chose her at such a young age tells you how highly regarded her acting is. I like Jen, I realy do (she was outstanding in WB, she should’ve won for that and not for SLP). I agree, she pretty and the new American Sweetheart, every critics want to be on her good side.
Jennifer Lawrence in a smashing casting coup of sortsPhoto of Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Bradley. Like last year, this year’s NYFCC vote from its membership of NY critics from daily and weekly newspapers, magazines and online publications comes one day before the National Board of Review makes its picks. What other character that you know comes close to being an aggressive, defensive, depressive, sexually confident, hot headed, and unapologetic ex sex addict on the path of recovery. For me they were very stereotyped characters that required no imagination to portray (other actors have been there and done that more convincingly) and they were full oscar baits because of the context and situations in which they were in.
I have yet to see a performance from her that I felt was forced, rushed, hesitant, fake or bad. Unless you meant to say overrated, and if you don’t know the difference between these two words than forgive for not taking your opinion too seriously.
I think the Academy paid a lot of attention to the hunger games boxoffice instead of performances. Both Alfre and Sarah were better in 12 Years a Slave than Lupita was, but aren’t contenders sue to more limited screen time and the lack of OMG Oscar scenes.

May 25, 2013 This seventies-set thriller about the real-life Abscam congressional-corruption. Don’t let your irrational hatred of Jennifer Lawrence blind you from seeing her talent. The whole movie she rarely showed much emotion because she was suppose to be this tough girl.
In other words it wasn’t so much that their performances that were that good as it was the subject matter that their characters tackled that made their performance seem better than they were.
Everyone knows that Jennifer does her acting spontaneously and there is no right or wrong way to act, there is just the right way for you.
She didn’t even go to dancing school to instinctly do spots turns the first time she tried a spin. Everyone knows that Jennifer is a spontaneous performer that didn’t go to acting classes, but the truth is there is no right or wrong process to act. So my best guess is that your opinions aren’t actually as valuable as the people who actually work in the industry and who actually know what the hell they are looking at.
People will agree and disagree because that’s what different perspectives bring about. Hollywood has been there done that and have had far more memorable characters playing a similar role.
Last year, the NYFCC tapped Zero Dark Thirty for Best Film and helmer Kathryn Bigelow for Best Director, starting that pic’s path to a Best Picture Oscar nomination. Also the fact that she turned down inside the actor’s studio shows a sign of humility.
She’s just so naturally good at it that she needs way less practice or training than the average person to dance amazingly. She won a n emerging actor awards and an outstanding performance award in the festivals that she presented her first 2 films and she even won an outstanding young performer for her role in the mediocre bill envgall show. She didn’t convince me at all as the tough character that she was suppose to portray. Many actresses have played the victim over the years and many have given a similar performance. And the fact that she started winning newcomer awards from her first movies, without being famous tells you everything you need to know. I dare you to tell me again that my taste in acting is bad just because it’s different from yours.

It was very good but it was oscar bait typical and far too familiar and unoriginal for me to be blown away by it.
It didn’t help that her voice was too soft and she would randomly say cool in scenes that were suppose to be somewhat weighted. It also didn’t help that she had this stoic look from time to time at moments when she was suppose to be grieving. And yet many people don’t need as much experience or practice as the average person at something in particular because they are just naturally gifted at that specific thing. A clear pronunciation and dictation of lines doesn’t necessarily make them seem more real. All she had was an over the top moment where she’s screaming at the boss and an little bit of crying at the end with not nearly enough conviction for someone who spent so much of her time dealing with such a hard job. You also don’t have to play a character that basically Handicapped like Rivas to entice sympathy.
In fact Tiffany seemed more real to me because of the way she would spontaneously blur out some things imperfectly.
She was usually just thee in the movie looking as miserable as she could portray, something not that hard to do when you are old and look more vulnerable and supposedly on your death bed In fact the standout performance for me in that movie was her husband ( jean-Louis trintigant). You have no idea how hard that is to do on the first try and multiple tries after that, and yet here she was all new to spins and she did it like she had done it for years. Look up the past interviews before her success in winter’s bones, where her directors and fellow costars are raving about her .
And BTW that was the only character of hers where her lines are not delivered smoothly, and it was clearly done on purpose. He had the freedom of expressing a lot more emotions because his role didn’t constrain him as much as it did emmanuelle. Some people are just naturally talented and need less trial and errors than others to have something down. Otherwise every other one of her characters have been on point in terms of lines and every one of them has been different.

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