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1831: According to a Georgia law, today is the deadline for all whites to be out of CHEROKEE lands deadline. 1851: Today, Governor McDougal, of California, will write to the President stating there are over 100,000 hostile Indians in California. 1861: The Confederacy appoints, today, Albert Pike, of Arkansas, to negotiate treaties with the Indians in the region. 1777: Today, 70 SHAWNEE warriors, led by Chief Blackfish, will attack some settlers near Harrodsburg, Kentucky. 1873: After hearing from Hooker Jim of the "trap" at the Fairchild ranch, Captain Jack has his sister Mary Write a letter to the commissioners. 1524: Giovanni da Verrazano, sailing for France, anchors near Wilmington, North Carolina, in the "Dauphine". 1782: Monrovian missionaries had converted many DELAWARE, MAHICAN, and MUNSEE Indians to Christianity.
1880: Company K, 5th Mounted Infantry, from Fort Keogh, in east-central Montana, has been pursuing a band of Indians with stolen horses for 60 miles. 1848: Throughout his life, CHEROKEE Chief Tahchee, also known as Captain William Dutch, was known as a fearless warrior. 1864: The first group of NAVAJOs finish the "Long Walk" to Fort Sumner on the Bosque Redondo Reservation, in east-central New Mexico, on this date. 1970: Today, a legal inquiry into the boundaries of the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation in North Dakota are made. 1493: Columbus writes a letter today describing the generous nature of the Indians he has encountered.
1858: After fighting the Americans for almost 25 years, today one of the last of the SEMINOLE leaders, Billy Bowlegs, will be surrender with 163 of his followers. 1830: After some "politicking", Greenwood le Flore is elected as Chief of the CHOCTAW Nation, during a "rump" council, today. 1854: KICKAPOO Indians have determined that 2 men of their tribe, Thunder (Piawataka), and Polecat (Chekaquah), killed Colonel Jesse Stem on February 12, 1854. 1871: Indians make several sorties on a government wagon trail, near Fort Dodge, in southwestern Kansas. 1851: According to the COSTAN internet site, one in a series of treaties with California Indians will be signed today at Camp Fremont.
1699: Continuing his exploration up the Mississippi River, today, French explorer Lemoyne d'Iberville will visit the village of the HOUMA Indians. 1864: 800 NAVAJOs, mostly women, children and old men, begin the 300 mile march to Fort Sumner and the Bosque Redondo Reservation, in east-central New Mexico. 1841: According to government documents, 220 "TALLAHASSEE SEMINOLE" prisoners will board a boat in Tampa Bay, today. 1621: Massasoit, Quadequina, Samoset (a PEMAQUID), Squanto, and 60 warriors visit the Plymouth colony with great ceremony.
1730: Today in Keowee, western North Carolina, Sir Alexander Cuming will hold a conference with 300 CHEROKEE Chiefs. 1880: Three Dozen SIOUX make off with 30 horses belonging to CROW Indian scouts, at Fort Custer, in south-central Montana. 1713: European and Indian forces under general James Moore, son of South Carolina Governor James Moore, have been attacking the TUSCARORA fort of Nohoroco, North Carolina, for several days. 1973: A Native American mass will be held in New York City at Saint John the Divine Cathedral.
1814: East of modern-day Alexander City, Alabama, Andrew Jackson, and 2000 whites, CHEROKEEs, CHOCTAWs and "White Stick" CREEKs, discover a fort built at the village of Tohopeka on a Horseshoe Bend in the Tallapoosa River, by "Red Stick" CREEKs. 1973: Sacheen Littlefeather refuses Marlon Brando's Oscar as a protest against media and governmental mistreatment of American Indians.
1676: As a part of King Philip's War, a band of NARRAGANSET Indians will attack providence, Rhode Island, today. 1854: Indians successfully attack, and defeat a company of dragoons at Cieneguilla, New Mexico.
1877: In Arizona, parts of the White Mountain - San Carlos Reservation will be restored to public domain. This web site is attempting to list, review and create some discussion about the best movies ever made about American Indians in the pre-assimilation era. When it comes to the birth of America, most of us are working from a stew of elementary school history lessons, Westerns and vague Thanksgiving mythology. Our history books don't really go into a ton of detail about how the Indians became an endangered species. When American Indians show up in movies made by conscientious white people like Oliver Stone, they usually lament having their land taken from them.
But if we had to put the whole Cowboys and Indians battle in a Hollywood log line, we'd say the Indians put up a good fight, but were no match for the white man's superior technology. There's a pretty important detail our movies and textbooks left out of the handoff from Native Americans to white European settlers: It begins in the immediate aftermath of a full-blown apocalypse.
In the years before the plague turned America into The Stand, a sailor named Giovanni da Verrazzano sailed up the East Coast and described it as "densely populated" and so "smoky with Indian bonfires" that you could smell them burning hundreds of miles out at sea.
Historians estimate that before the plague, America's population was anywhere between 20 and 100 million (Europe's at the time was 70 million). While this all might seem like some heavy shit to lay on a bunch of second graders, your high school and college history books weren't exactly in a hurry to tell you the full story.
European settlers had a hard enough time defeating the Mad Max-style stragglers of the once huge Native American population, even with superior technology. The Indians were so good at killing trees that a team of Stanford environmental scientists think they caused a mini ice age in Europe.
One of the best examples of how we got Native Americans all wrong is Cahokia, a massive Native American city located in modern day East St. Contrary to what museums told us, the loin cloth was not the most advanced Native American technology.
So why does Egypt get millions of dollars of tourism and Time Life documentaries dedicated to their boring old sand pyramids, while you didn't even know about the giant blue, red, white, black, gray, brown and orange testament to engineering and human willpower just outside of St.
In the realm of personal hygiene, the Europeans out-hippied the Indians by a foul smelling mile.

The Native Americans didn't hate Europeans just for the clouds of shit-smelling awfulness they dragged around behind them.
OK, now that we got that out of the way, we can tell you about the historical slash-fiction your history teacher forgot to tell you actually freaking happened.
America was discovered in 1492 because Europeans were starting to get curious about the outside world thanks to the Renaissance and Enlightenment and Europeans of the time just generally being the first smart people ever.
After spending a couple decades sneaking ashore to raid Vineland of its ample wood pulp, the vikings made a go of settling North America in 1005. If the Indians had been at full strength in 1640, white people might still be sneaking onto the East Coast to steal wood pulp. It turns out that many of the awesomest stories had to be paved over by the bullshit you memorized in order to protect your teachers and parents from awkward conversations. American Horror Story is a horror television franchise created and produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. They finally connected the Asylum to Freak show; with poor Pepper, when she was first introduced at Asylum as a patient in Season 2, who was framed.
The CANARSEE are the Indians who sold Manhattan to Peter Minuit for $24 in trinkets, even though they did not own it. He will establish the "United Nations of the Indian Territory" as an Indian confederacy to oppose the government of Abraham Lincoln.
The letter states Captain Jack's wish for both sides to forget the killings on both sides and for the slate to be wiped clean. They had established villages in Pennsylvania in 1746, but moved to the Muskingum River in Ohio in 1773 after their old villages were attacked by other Indian tribes. They manage to cut the Indians off, and capture 13 horses, and 16 mules, north of the Yellowstone River. During their march, 13 of the 1,430 who started the trip will be kidnapped by Mexicans or will die. Miles informs the large group of Chiefs, his terms have not changed, with the exception that they can surrender at an alternative agency than originally stated.
These treaties will purport to set aisde lands for the Indians and to protect them from angry whites.
Using threats and gifts, Cuming will get the CHEROKEEs to agree to acknowledge King George II of England as their sovereign. Captain John Mix, and 44 soldiers from Troop C, Second Cavalry, cover 65 miles in 11 hours to catch the SIOUX. What one person considers the best movie ever made, someone else may consider one of the worst. And while it's not surprising those sources might biff a couple details, what's shocking is how much less interesting the version we learned was. The implication is that Native Americans died off like a species of tree-burrowing owl that couldn't hack it once their natural habitat was paved over. In the decades between Columbus' discovery of America and the Mayflower landing at Plymouth Rock, the most devastating plague in human history raced up the East Coast of America.
Using your history books to understand what America was like in the 100 years after Columbus landed there is like trying to understand what modern day Manhattan is like based on the post-apocalyptic scenes from I Am Legend. The plague would eventually sweep West, killing at least 90 percent of the native population. Which is strange, because many historians believe it is the single most important event in American history.
You have to assume that the Native Americans at full strength would have made shit powerfully real for any pale faces trying to settle the country they had already settled.
When all of the tree-clearing Indians died in the plague, so many trees grew back that it had a reverse global warming effect. You know how people treat the very existence of the Great Pyramid in Egypt as one of history's most confounding mysteries? Europeans at the time thought baths attracted the black humors, or some such bullshit, because they never washed and were amazed by the Indians' interest in personal cleanliness. Missionaries met Indians who thought Europeans were "physically weak, sexually untrustworthy, atrociously ugly" and "possessed little intelligence in comparison to themselves." The Europeans didn't do much to debunk the comparison in the physical beauty department. Columbus named the people who already lived there Indians, presumably because he was being charmingly self-deprecating.
A bunch of vikings set up a successful colony in Greenland that lasted for 518 years (982-1500).
They were camping off the coast of America, and had every reason to settle America for about 500 years. That's as far as the vikings got in 500 years, and they were sailing from much closer than Europe and desperately needed the resources -- the two competing theories for why the viking settlements on Greenland eventually died out are lack of resources and getting killed by natives -- and, perhaps most importantly, they were goddamned vikings. This should have been history teachers' version of dinosaurs: a mostly unknown period of violent awesomeness they nevertheless told you about because they knew it would hook every male between the ages of 5 and 12 forever.
Share this empowering narrative on your social network of choice and ask others to do the same. This information is false, and the Governor never specifies who's revolting or where the uprising are located. The court decided that the CHEROKEEs are not a "foreign state", and therefore the court has no jurisdiction in the dispute. Unfortunately, at the outbreak of the American Revolutionary war, the "Moravian" Indians found themselves directly between American and British forces, and their allies. Unfortunately, several years later, a mistake by a government bureaucrat will force them to share land with the SIOUX.
While they are taking him to a nearby fort, a fight breaks out, and Thunder is killed (see March 29). Today, 65 COMANCHEs, including Muguara, and 11 other Chiefs, bring 1 prisoner, Matilda Lockhart, to the San Antonio council house. This is just the pretext General George Crook needs to mount a raid into Mexico to find the APACHEs. Today, TUNICA, OFO, AVOYEL, and some CHOCTAW Indians attack a group of small boats carrying the English. All of the Europeans will be killed except Cockrell, who will escape after out running Bench.

Hopefully, all the movies included in this list will have some redeeming values in viewing native Americans, and the views prevalent towards them in the times the movies were made. I think a case can be made for several movie representations of Native Americans, who can be viewed as patriots, fighting against an alien invading force. Some people consider The Searchers to have one of the most negative portrayals ever of Native Americans, while others consider it to be one of the most positive. It turns out our teachers, Hollywood and whoever we got our Thanksgiving mythology from (Big Turkey?) all made America's origin story far more boring than it actually was for some very disturbing reasons. Just two years before the pilgrims started the tape recorder on New England's written history, the plague wiped out about 96 percent of the Indians in Massachusetts. For comparison's sake, the Black Plague killed off between 30 and 60 percent of Europe's population. But it's just more fun to believe that your ancestors won the land by being the superior culture. Of course, we don't really need to assume anything about how real the American Indians kept it, thanks to the many people who came before the pilgrims.
More carbon dioxide was sucked from the air, the Earth's atmosphere held on to less heat, and Al Gore cried a single tear of joy. In 1250, it was bigger than London, and featured a sophisticated society with an urban center, satellite villages and thatched-roof houses lining the central plazas. The natives, for their part, viewed Europeans as "just plain smelly" according to first hand records. Verrazzano, the sailor who witnessed the densely populated East Coast, called a native who boarded his ship "as beautiful in stature and build as I can possibly describe," before presumably adding, "you know, for a dude." This man-crush wasn't an isolated incident.
To put that into perspective, the white European settlement currently known as the United States will need to wait until the year 2125 to match that longevity. Despite being the biggest badasses in European history, one tangle with the natives was enough to convince the vikings that settling America wasn't worth the trouble.
The second season, titled American Horror Story: Asylum, takes place in 1964 and follows the stories of the patients, doctors and nuns who occupy an institution for the criminally insane. However, the court does decide that the CHEROKEEs are a distinct political society capable of governing itself, and managing its own affairs. Their anger at the Carolinians has not abated; and, they continue raiding the British settlements. The treaty will be revoked by the governments of Virginia and North Carolina as far as a private company owning the land. They tell the white representatives, Hugh McCloud (Adjutant General of the Texas Army), William Cooke, and William Fisher, that each prisoner must be released through an additional meeting. The CREEK village and defenses covered approximately 100 acres on the peninsula made by the bend in the river. Magua in Last of the Mohicans (1992), Scar in The Searchers, Captain Jack in Drum Beat, Toriano in Arrowhead, Ulzana in Ulzana's Raid, Massai in Apache and Geronimo are just a few portrayals that can be considered positive when examined from a Native point of view. Movies about Native Americans reflect the changing attitudes of American society towards Native American history and of the American treatment of them. For instance, if you liked playing cowboys and Indians as a kid, you should know that you could have been playing vikings and Indians, because that shit actually happened.
Whichever animal they thought was their sister, the point is, the Indians were leaving behind a small carbon footprint before elements were wearing shoes.
While the city was abandoned by the time white people got to it, the evidence they left behind suggests a complex economy with trade routes from the Great Lakes all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico.
The mound contains more than 2.16 billion pounds of soil, some of which had to be carried from hundreds of miles away, to make sure the city's giant monument was vividly colored. America, on the other hand, appears to be trying to figure out how to turn it into a parking lot. The vikings spent a good portion of that time sending expeditions down south to try to settle what they called Vineland -- which historians now believe was the East Coast of North America. And then the Native Americans kicked their ass out of the country, shooting the head viking in the heart with an arrow. If you think the pilgrims would have fared any better than the vikings against an East Coast chock-full of Native Americans, you either don't know what a viking is or you're placing entirely too much stock in the strategic importance of having belt buckles on your shoes. The third season, titled American Horror Story: Coven, takes place in the present day and follows the antics and events of a coven of Salem descendants who reside within a boarding school, Miss Robichaux’s Academy, centered in New Orleans. Today, Col.David Williamson, and American soldiers from Pennsylvania, surrounded the peaceful village of Gnadenhutten (the 2nd village of the name, the 1st had been in Pennsylvania), and herded the occupants into 2 houses. Today, a force of 250 volunteers from Carolina, under Colonel John Parker, attack the mission. Little Hawk, Crazy Horse's uncle agrees to bring the Indians into Miles' camp or one of the agencies. To cross the river, Jackson's CHEROKEE allies, led by Chief Junaluska, will swim the river to steal CREEK canoes.
If the government was taken over by hippies tomorrow, the directionless, ecologically friendly society they'd institute is about what we picture the Native Americans as having lived like.
To put that in perspective, all 13 million people who live in the state of Illinois today would have to carry three 50-pound baskets of soil from as far away as Indiana to construct another one. While some of the militia refused to participate, the majority of the soldiers decided to kill all of the "Moravians." After allowing them to have a final prayer, the soldiers killed the 96 Indian men, women, and children in cold blood. Armed men surround the Indians, and tell them they will be hostages until all white prisoners are released. Jackson's forces will lose 49 soldiers and 23 warriors killed, and 157 soldiers and 47 warriors wounded.
This defeat would lead to the Treaty of Horseshoe Bend signed on August 9, 1814, whereby the CREEKs gave up 23 million acres of land to the United States.

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