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As the Smith family go to Church on Christmas morning, Stan is frustrated dealing with those that are only religious on holidays.
During the Seven years or the Tribulations, Stan has found himself a bitter, scarred and no longer willing warrior for Christ. Stan dies in the explosion and is sent to heaven; when guided to his "personalized heaven" we see that it is his home just as it was at the beginning of the episode, the only difference being Klaus' dead fish body being mounted on a plaque hanging on the wall. To relieve Stan's stress, Francine has sex with Stan in the janitor's closet as the world ends, leaving them and Roger on earth as Hayley and Steve float up to heaven.

Steve and Hayley are escorted to their own personal Heavens by Michelle, Steve finding out his is a virgin riding a unicorn that poops pepper-jack cheeseburgers. They need to get Roger to use his spaceship to fly them to New York and the United Nation's Building to confront the Anti-Christ which they are able to re-power using The Golden Turd. Stan finds out that Jesus will be appearing and tries to blame Francine for getting left behind. They rescue Francine but fall into a trap from which they manage to escape but not before Stan is mortally injured.

Stan finds out that his Jesus is fake but when he tries to make up with Francine she has decided to leave Stan for Jesus.

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