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Vittorio and co-director Nathaniel Thomas McGill—both home-grown products of manufacturing families—believe that “people are behind products” and set out to show how consumers have the power to fundamentally change the course of our nation’s future as they have in previous generations.
To understand the mission claimed by Vittorio and McGill, a journey through the annals of U.S. The Industrial Revolution delivered life-changing innovation to the rural American landscape in the nineteenth century. The United States was fueling the world’s growing obsession with automobiles in the early twentieth century.
The road to riches came to a sudden stop, however, when the Great Depression crashed into America’s economic armor.
In the ‘30s, President Roosevelt introduced several reforms in an effort to stimulate the economy.
War continued to finance prosperity over the next few decades, starting with returning WW II veterans. Domestic manufacturing took off again, in part to support the Vietnam War that was already underway. Richard Nixon was calling the shots at the end of the ‘60s when according to Devin Roundtree in Collapse of American Manufacturing, 90 percent of goods consumed by U.S. Things didn’t improve in future years as the shift to a high-tech ideology prevailed.  Manufacturing was no longer in vogue, and American foreign trade policies complicated the global marketplace. Coupled with increased dependency on international trade and the outsourcing of jobs overseas—a popular twenty-first century solution in response to union laws, environmental and safety regulations, and minimum wage (according to Roundtree)—America’s hopes for a manufacturing revival appeared dim… until now, argues filmmakers Vittorio and McGill. Riding the wave of supporting small businesses—an initiative implemented by our current administration—Vittorio and McGill demonstrate that the American Dream is still attainable. Jamie Duerksen loves challenges and enjoys the wealth of knowledge that comes from solving them. Whether automating business processes for the first time, scaling existing systems, or optimizing environments with the latest barcode technology, System ID has the barcode systems businesses need to improve productivity and profitability. If you proudly buy locally grown vegetables for your stew, why not buy a U.S.-made slow cooker to cook them in? Instead of relying on trade barriers to protect manufacturing jobs, the film argues, Americans can tap into the same pride of place and craftsmanship farmers have used to fuel the movement toward locally grown food. In a sense, the film, whose promotional tour begins today in suburban Atlanta, proposes a nationwide version of support-small-business campaigns that cities have run for years. The filmmakers’ idea has elements of everything from American Express’ Small Business Saturdays campaign to the “Keep Austin Weird” slogan of the Austin Independent Business Alliance, which urges Texans to patronize more-creative local bookstores, ice cream shops and other businesses competing with chains. Consumers will respond to American goods, which aren’t as pricey as many think, argued Mark Andol, who appears in the film.
FacebookAmerican Made Movie 6 days ago House Majority Leader Joe Aresimowicz and House Republican Leader Themis Klarides hosted “Manufacturing Day at the Capitol” last week to celebrate the progress Connecticut is making in growing manufacturing jobs in the state.
Be sure to follow up with us tomorrow for Day 4–Tupelo, MS, at Itawamba Community College. Ten ciekawy film dokumentalny bada wplyw amerykanskiej produkcji na zwyklych obywateli i gospodarke narodowa.
Carl attended Mississippi State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi. To many Americans, it feels like there is no one fighting for American jobs–especially the jobs in manufacturing. The film tells the story of manufacturing in America and the fight for survival which companies in the US, communities, entrepreneurs, and ultimately families face in light of developments such as the rise of offshore low-cost manufacturing. As Ken Voytek noted in a recent blog, “Historically, manufacturing has been a key driver of economic growth after a recession and thus it is important to see it return to a long-term sustainable growth trajectory.”  These words seem like they could be shown as a preface to this film. In Detroit, which recently filed for bankruptcy, the film notes the city’s troubles that have occurred as manufacturing jobs have ebbed.
In Cromwell, the movie tells the story of Merrie Buchsbaum, an entrepreneur, founder, and owner of Merrily Made, a handmade polymer jewelry and pen company that counts the Smithsonian Institution among its clients. In Gwinnett County — home of Dacula High School, where filmmakers Nathaniel Thomas McGill and Vincent Vittorio graduated — the film features community leaders talking about a comprehensive community and economic development plan that has been developed and enacted via Partnership Gwinnet. I credit the filmmakers for taking an apolitical tone to the film when discussing topics that could certainly become political, and often do. According to numerous reports on the movie’s website, this feature-length documentary “explores the decline in this country’s manufacturing workforce,” while heralding the successes of Americans who are surviving global-marketplace odds to manufacture products made in America. Machines and iron replaced handmade production processes, while water power fueled steam-driven boats, ships, and railways that expertly transported goods. Taking top billing were coal mining and steel production, which thrived with increased mechanization and railroad and automobile development.
According to a 1929 article in Popular Science, of the 32,028,500 cars in use worldwide, more than 90 percent were made in America.

Known as the New Deal, programs like the Works Progress Administration did create jobs for the unemployed, and by 1936 economic indicators reached levels not enjoyed since the late 1920s. So by the time Lyndon Johnson assumed the presidency, corporate profits were at a record high, inflation was stable, and the stock market rebounded—although unemployment remained problematic as modern machines reduced the demand for specialized laborers. The growing need for oil to feed and clothe the masses fueled America’s reluctant relationships with the Middle East. Visit the documentary’s website and consult your local listings to see whether the film is coming to a theater near you.
System ID customers benefit from her expertise—Jamie excels at helping organizations uncover barcode labeling and printing solutions for unique applications and environments. Just as people will pay an extra $1 a pound for organic strawberries, Vittorio and McGill say the path to healthier U.S.
In a survey of almost 2,400 small businesses, sales grew almost twice as fast last year for small businesses in communities with buy-local campaigns, the Institute for Local Self-Reliance reported in February. Please contact our amazing PR team so that we can help you craft a story that makes you look like a rockstar. Among the crowd was Director of Government Affairs of Viking Range and local household name, Bill Crump.
Here, The Stricklands and Co-Filmmakers, Vincent Vittorio and Nathaniel Thomas McGill with local Delta Blues radio personality, James Poe. Mississippi-born, Johnson was an American Made Musician who composed and influenced classical American Made Songs. This recipient may be anyone from a business leader who has given back to the community, to a prominent member of an organization that focuses on job creation, to an individual who exemplifies the ideals and values of the host city. Cofa sie do zlotych czasow, kiedy roznica miedzy towarami wytwarzanymi a konsumowanymi, byla bardziej wyrownana.
The Mississippi Legislature honored Carl in 2004 with a concurrent resolution commending his career and civic contributions. I drove to nearby Baltimore’s historic Charles Theatre to see American Made Movie, which has just concluded a 32-city, 32-day tour.  I must admit that I don’t go out to the movies much anymore.
The movie also looks at the role that these actors can play, along with the consumer, in helping American manufacturing to grow and prosper.
When I Iived there between 1996-2000, I was struck by the once-impressive architecture and infrastructure that had begun to crumble. Merrie attended the Baltimore screening and spoke afterwards about the need for consumers to consider the full ramifications of their purchasing decisions. As a result of taking a proactive approach to growing their manufacturing base, the county has expanded or relocated over 200 companies and added over 9,400 jobs in Gwinnett.
Athletic shoemaker New Balance, which is headquartered in Brighton, Massachusetts — with production facilities in the Bay State as well as Maine — has worked with Mass MEP and Maine MEP on lean manufacturing, workplace communication, and process documentation.
Meanwhile, while the movie tour for American Made Movie has ended (the final stop took place August 5th in my original hometown of Atlanta), the film will hit theatres for general release in August 30.
The advent of electricity, communications, textiles, and chemicals changed the course of a growing nation that saw factories popping up as fast as crops.
According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, 3 million people were added to the military and half a million to the government during the four-year war that began in 1914. But by the end of the decade, Roosevelt’s attempts to balance the budget negatively impacted industrial production and U.S. Bill stimulated an economic revival by offering low-cost loans and mortgages and government-supplemented education.
President Eisenhower pulled the reins on government spending to save for potential defense needs and prevent socialism from creeping in. Instead of focusing on price controls, however, this president trimmed federal spending, which caused inflation to climb. To retain the required influx of petroleum, the Bush administrations sought resolve with militarized conflicts.
Once consumers are persuaded to pay a little extra for goods made in America., Vittorio and McGill believe the path to healthier manufacturing will grow exponentially. It’s a by-now-familiar film about the decline of American manufacturing and its impact on communities — but with a twist. Instead of star-studded soirees, the filmmakers, whose last film together was a documentary history of the federal income tax, called An Inconvenient Tax, are hitting the road today for a 32-city, 32-day bus tour. If you need more information for your story such as pictures, graphics, copy or additional info, please click the "press material" button below. These are good paying jobs that require specific skill sets in an industry that is constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated,” said Klarides.
Pokazuje, jak technologia i globalizacja zmienily krajobraz konkurencyjnych przedsiebiorstw prowadzacych dzialalnosc w Ameryce, jak i za granica.

In 1984 Carl incorporated Viking Range Corporation, an industry-leading manufacturer of upscale kitchen appliances for the home, and served as Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of the company until his retirement in January 2013. In 2006, Carl was awarded one of only eleven national American Spirit Awards by the Small Business Administration for his volunteerism and leadership in providing goods and services to areas devastated by Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma in 2005.
American Made Movie shows the positive impact of domestic manufacturing jobs on national and local economies in the face of great challenges. Perhaps it’s because of the comfort my oversized HDTV in my own living room offers, or the rising cost of the movie experience. During my time there for instance, Tigers Stadium — which had opened in 1912 five days after the Titanic sank, yet remained a fantastic place to watch a baseball game near the end of the 20th Century — held its final Detroit Tigers game. I thought about Mark Schmit’s May blog in which he noted the Consumer Reports finding that 78% of U.S. Viking Range, which makes industrial-grade consumer appliances and is based in Greenwood, Mississippi, has been involved in numerous projects with Innovate Mississippi  (the state’s MEP affiliate), including finite element analysis (a numerical method to analyze a material or object and find how applied stresses will affect the material or design). Patents prevailed as companies searched for cheaper ways to create more products made in America. Manning the plants that produced war goods were women, who contributed to the nation’s sharp decline in unemployment when young men went off to battle.
Replacing it was all-time high unemployment as factories folded, crop prices fell, and construction virtually halted. Joining the fleet of modern armament was aviation technology, which took off during what some experts describe as the beginning of the Atomic Age. Investments in scientific research, military equipment, highways, and competition with the Soviet Union did increase civilian and military jobs as the Vietnam War escalated. But instead of fighting unemployment, the government focused on lowering inflation… As other countries developed industrial policies and aggressively pursued U.S.
Despite all odds, these companies are enjoying profits that come from consumers with a renewed interest in purchasing products made in America.
In 2009, Mississippi State University bestowed on Carl an Honorary Doctor of Science degree.
Everyone has the power to transform America’s future and be a part of the solution through thinking before buying and through the simple choices you make every day. As a result, mass production began to inch out unskilled labor as the fight for global dominance continued. Suddenly new manufacturing jobs shot up, along with labor laws to protect this changing workforce that also contributed financially with the purchase of nylons and other synthetic inventions.
Countries everywhere shared this economic downfall, which continued for several years as families and businesses fought to survive. Kennedy, rallied rights-minded Americans with promises of a new frontier filled with federal dollars for programs such as space exploration. But America’s previous war-torn neighbors had recovered, and their commitments to advancing technology were paying off.  Europeans started gaining a foothold in global manufacturing with Germany’s focus on cars and machines and Japan’s on electronics, cars, and robotics.
For that matter, it could just be that I’m getting older (hello, mid-40s!) and like to stay home more.  At any rate, I’m glad I ventured out to see this movie.
Hudson Building — built in in 1911 — was demolished, and in the process, rubble was accidentally strewn onto the Detroit People Mover, causing it to shut down until the following year. American Made Movie makes the point that, for the consumer, the cheapest product doesn’t necessarily mean the best value when quality is factored in. They range from the Greenwood, Miss., plant where Viking Range makes ranges that can cost five figures, to the Connecticut studio of Merrie Buchsbaum, who reclaimed part of a contract she lost to sell $15 to $30 American-flag jewelry through Smithsonian gift shops.
It was evident in the late 90s that Detriot was clearly facing a tough road ahead, yet conditions seem to have worsened since. The film also reminds us that when choosing which product to buy, one should also consider the impact on the community where that product is made.
In fact, the film notes that Detroit has lost about half of its manufacturing jobs just in the last decade. In doing the “calculus,” we’re to take the manufacturer of the product, its employees, and their families into account. Perhaps the most incredible stat about Detroit is that it is the only city in North American that went from a population of more than two million to less than one million during the 20th Century.
When you also consider that every $1 spent in final sales of manufactured products supports $1.40 in output from other sectors of the economy, the importance of purchasing an American-made product become even more apparent.

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