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The A Different World TV show was a 30 minute situation comedy series on NBC that was a "spin-off" of "The Cosby Show" with Denise Huxtable (Lisa Bonet) goes off to college.
There were six episodes of the A Different World TV show that were produced but not broadcast. Hamel graduated from Temple University, worked as a secretary for a company which manufactured ironing board covers, then began a career as a fashion model after being discovered by Eileen Ford.
Hamel is probably best remembered for playing Joyce Davenport, the hard-driving public defender and love interest of police captain Frank Furillo, in the long-running TV series Hill Street Blues.

Alan Alda's 1986 film A New Life cast Hamel in a leading role as his doctor and love interest. Veronica portrayed Lily Munster in the 1995 Halloween telefilm Here Come the Munsters where Yvonne De Carlo had a cameo.
In recent years, Hamel had a recurring role in the NBC television series Third Watch and appeared as Margo Shephard, Jack's mother, in the ABC series Lost. Other early roles came in the disaster films Beyond the Poseidon Adventure and When Time Ran Out.

Su mánager es Anne, que se encarga de buscarle mujeres ricas que paguen bien sus servicios. Una de sus clientes es Michelle (Lauren Hutton), la bella esposa de un conocido político.

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