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Actress Nina Dobrev attends the 2015 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on November 22, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.
If you’ve never worn a uniform, there is a horrific world out there that you can only imagine about how it lives and breathes. Sienna Miller portrays Chris Kyle’s wife who mostly connects with him via satellite phone. The movie is directed by Clint Eastwood and as a veteran, I can say that American Sniper is ultra realistic when it comes to war. On so many levels, American Sniper is great in depicting the horror of war, however it could have also done so much more in showing the troubles veterans have when they come home.
I think the major problem I have with the movie, is not really the movie itself, but the source material it’s based off of. I didn’t mean to be political in this review, but the background stories of Chris Kyle bothered me.
American Sniper is as good as it gets in showing how intense and heart-breaking war can be.
FatMovieGuy uses third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our website. Civilians are only given glimpses into that reality by second hand information through stories, novels, television shows, or movies.
The film only hints at post traumatic stress disorder as Cooper always just brushes it off and tells his wife he is fine. These companies may use information (not including your name, address email address or telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. Now that uniform could be one of a police officer, a firefighter, or a soldier, but it still symbolizes the same valor and heroism of the brave men and women who wear it and lay their lives on the line for complete strangers who live oblivious to the atrocities of civilization. He abandons his family on several occasions because he is more mentally stable on the battlefield. I usually do all my research after a viewing so as to not skew my opinion of the film I’m about to write a thousand plus words on.

The film honors the legacy of Chris Kyle, but it also takes a lot of liberty in portraying who the man actually was. Where I find the problem with the portrayal is that one moment he is visibly shaken at the lives he takes, but then the next he’s just willing to easily do it again under the name of god and country. I also thought the choice in music score was great, especially in the tense situations Bradley Cooper’s character was put through.
I think I would have liked the movie to show more of his home life than the mental anguish he suffered on the battlefield.
I left the theater with my heart still pounding at how intense the action and emotion is, but it will be up to audience’s personal feelings of the real person how they will handle the movie. Before joining the military Chris used to ride steers and broncos with his younger brother in small rodeo circuits, but that quickly changed when he saw news reports of an American embassy being bombed. I also found his level of subtle savagery a bit unnerving because he completely neglects his wife (portrayed by Sienna Miller) and children to keep going back because of his obsession of one enemy. The exterior sound is removed and replaced with an almost melodic heartbeat to symbolize the character’s heart beating out of his chest. To me this movie could have been more responsible and used as therapy to real-life war vets instead of just glorified killing.
The film glorifies the man as a hero, but in his own words, he liked killing the savages of Iraq. With his immense sense of patriotic duty that was ingrained in him as a boy, he immediately rushes out to the local recruitment office to sign up for the most dangerous job in the world: the Navy SEALS.
One particular scene that did this well was when Cooper’s character is begging a child through his sniper scope to put down the RPG he picked up from a fallen Iraqi insurgent he just killed. There is enough of mindless killing in a Stallone or Schwarzeneggar flick to appease the filmgoers, including myself, that I just think this movie could have been suited as a tool to aid soldiers than just a biopic to entertain and shock civilians.
American Sniper has a scene like this in its finale, but the rest of the movie is just about a man picking off targets.
Some veterans with post traumatic stress disorder may either be disturbed or have flashbacks due the the realism the movie offers.

And even with the scene in American Sniper, the men only had to take on a ton of insurgents because Chris Kyle was obsessed with taking out his Iraqi sniper counterpart. If you are against the Iraqi War and why we had troops on the ground, then this movie is one to stay far away from. Bradley Cooper is great and director Clint Eastwood does an excellent job making this movie feel real.
The character became obsessed with the man and the glorification of the kill showed to me how selfish of a man he was when the rest of the men he was with were begging him to not take the shot. If you like realistic military movies like Lone Survivor and The Hurt Locker, then American Sniper is definitely worth checking out.
Sometimes you absolutely have to take out the enemy in order to save someone from your platoon, an innocent non-combative, and of course yourself. He does this because he by nature is a sheep dog: the protector of the sheep from the evil of wolves.
With this extra information, the film now feels like right-wing propaganda used to recruit more good old boys from Texas to kill the insurgent brown people. It even feels more that way with Clint Eastwood being the film’s director knowing his beliefs on guns and patriotism. If you remember, Eastwood talked to a vacant stool as if it was occupied by Obama at an NRA meeting.
To me not showing the bad side of Chris Kyle shows a bit of irresponsibility on behalf of the filmmakers. It’s up to you how you want to feel about Chris Kyle, because there really is no wrong way.
But if you want to learn more, a quick Google search will bring up a plethora of articles for and against the man.

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