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The American Vietnam War destabilized the three involved Indochinese countries Vietnam, Laos and, most of them, Cambodia. At the chaotic breakdown of the American aggression communist insurgents took the three countries over. Under the rule of the Khmer Rouge approximately a quarter of the 8,000,000 Cambodian People died, either by 'political cleansing' or due to starvation or the absence of medical infrastructure. For more on the historical background have a look at 'Cambodian History', Democratic Kampuchea. While all the remaining Westerners gather in the French Embassy and manage to leave the country, Dith can not leave for he has no valid passport. Anyhow avoiding execution, a years long ordeal in the working camps of the Khmer Rouge starts for Dith Pran.
The movie is also about a certain kind of friendship which evolved between Sydney Schanberg and Dith Pran. A kind of real-life happy end occurs when Schanberg finally get's message of Dith's successful escape. Hugh Van Es, the Dutch photographer whose iconic picture of the fall of Saigon in 1975 became a symbol of America's failure in Vietnam has died aged 67. VIETNAM WAR-25TH ANNIVERSARY: A US Marine walks through a gully saturated with punji sticks 28 January, 1966, during a patrol in Vietnam. South Vietnamese Navy operation 60 kms south west of Saigon on the Eastern Vaico when a patrol is ready for landing.
VIETNAM WAR- 25TH ANNIVERSARY: Operation ¶Oregon? a search and destroy mission conducted by an infantry platoon of Troop B,1st Reconnaissance Squadron, 9th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile), three kilometers west of Duc Pho, Quang Ngai Province. VIETNAM WAR-25TH ANNIVERSARY: A Viet Cong prisoner awaits interrogation at the A-109 Special Forces Detachment in Thuong Duc, Vietnam, (25 km west of Da Nang), 23 January 1967. VIETNAM WAR-25TH ANNIVERSARY: Operation ¶Billings? Medic from the 1st Battalion, 16th Infantry, 1st Infantry Division, searches the sky for a Medevac helicopter to evacuate a wounded soldier, following an air assault into LZ Rufe, Vietnam, June 1967. Spectators watch as flames engulf young Buddhist monk as he commits ritual suicide on Saigon?s Market St. North Vietnamese tanks continue to roll 12 May 1975 into the city of Saigon, ending US's 15-year involvement in Vietnam. Picture released 12 May 1965 by Chinese official agency with a caption saying: "US aggressors' "helicopter tactics" have proved to be bankrupt, with their helicopters being shot down by the south Vietnamese Liberation forces. US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger announces during a press conference in Washington that the evacuation of Americans from Vietnam and Saigon is complete, thus ending US involvement 29 April 1975. An U.S plane is burning on the Khe Sanh American base, as North Vietnamese divisions, operating out of the DMZ that separates North and South Vietnam, launch heavy bombardments of American bases, from January to May 1967, including Khe Sanh, the Rockpile, Cam Lo, Dong Ha, Con Thien and Gio Linh.

VIET NAM WAR-25TH ANNIVERSARY: A Viet Cong base being burned in My Tho, Vietnam on 05 April,1968. VIETNAM WAR-25TH ANNIVERSARY:An infantry patrol moves up to assault the last Viet Cong position after an attempted overrun of the artillery position by the Viet Cong during Operation Hawthorne, near Dak To, South Vietnam on 07 June 1966. VIETNAM WAR-25TH ANNIVERSARY: The air evacuation of siege-stricken Vietnamese from Saigon to the US was conducted after the Babylift operation. Picture dated 08 February 1965 of a F100 of the US Army bombing a military target near Saigon during the Vietnam War. Een Vietcong verdachte wordt met een band om de nek door een Zuidvietnamese soldaat voor ondervraging aan een boomtak gehangen. Even the hospitals were evacuated and all the patients driven out to what was for many a death march.
The American carpet bombing on Cambodian targets alone cost the lives of about 600,000 Cambodian People and left a traumatized population. At the first day it meant the end of war for many, and a part of the population welcomed the communist insurgents, not imagining what would follow.
The political cleansing was made by deporting people to certain spots outside of towns and villages on the fields where they were killed either by shooting or by being beaten to death with tools, stifled with a plastic bag over their head (as shown in the movie) or other methods of killing. They witness the last weeks of the pro American Lon Nol regime and the conquest of Phnom Penh by the Khmer Rouge.
He has continuously to claim that he were just a simple peasant, until he is finally able to escape the murderous regime over the border to Thailand. Schanberg, above all, suffers a bad conscience for having put pressure on Dith remaining in Cambodia at a time when he could escape easily and then leaving Dith back in the hands of the savage Khmer Rouge. Ngor, who plays Dith, was in his real life a doctor in Phnom Penh and survived the Khmer Rouge regime after suffering four years long in labour camps, denying his education. Mr Van Es was one of the best of an outstanding generation of journalists who covered the war in Vietnam. An infantryman is lowered into a tunnel by members of the reconnaissance platoon, Vietnam, 24 April 1967.
The war in Vietnam ended 31 April when Saigon surrendered almost without fighting to the Viet-cong communist forces.
Van MInh, the last president of South Vietnam who surrendered his country to North Vietnam in 1975, has died 06 August 2001 at a Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, Ca, USA. In the foreground is Private First Class Raymond Rumpa, St Paul, Minnesota, C Company, 3rd Battalion, 47th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division, with a 45 pound 90mm recoiless rifle. Air Force C-123 transports in the initial air assault wave during Operation Phi Hoa II, a tactical air-ground envelopment strike during March 1963 against the Viet Cong in the Tay Ninh Province of South Vietnam.

Vietnamese militants and civilians await their C-41 journey during a stopover, in Utapo RTNAF, Thailand, 29 April 1975. In 1970 the Nixon administration ordered a temporary invasion of greater parts of Cambodia by some 20,000 American troops.
The most known 'Killing Fields' site is Choeung Ek, a few kilometers outside of Phnom Penh, where some 17,000 people were killed.
Back in the USA he doesn't believe in Dith's death, although he is cut off of all contact to him, and Dith is highly probable supposed to be executed by the communists.
It's his first role as an actor in a movie what one wouldn't guess for he is really a very good actor. His photograph of a helicopter rescuing people from a Saigon rooftop became one of the most enduring images of the conflict and a metaphor for America's humiliating withdrawal from Vietnam. Crum, πH? Company, 2nd Battalion, Fifth Marine Regiment, During Operation Hue City in Vietnam 06 February, 1968. For many years before his downfall, General Duong Van was the symbol of power of in South Vietnam's political and military circles. They withdrew soon after, but left an immense chaos, destruction, brutalization and killing in the country. Dith was a very loyal worker for Schanberg, while Schanberg represents an ambitious, aggressive reporter who puts success over everything else.
Due to his personal experience with the political happenings he gives the movie more authenticity. Following the US bombing of targets in North Vietnam in February, in retaliation for Vietcong raids on US bases, US President Johnson has sent, end of March, 3,500 Marines into Da Nang to help protect the sprawling air base against guerrilla attack.
He was among several military officers who, with US backing, overthrew the regime of Ngo Dinh Diem in 1963. He returned to the political arena in 1968, serving as an opposition leader against President Nguyen Van Thieu. Minh returned as president very briefly in 1975 in an unsuccessful conciliation effort but was placed in detention after the Northern army took over.

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