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Any films with such close box office rankings and Rotten Tomatoes scores must be extremely similar, and these films are no exception.
In an emotional scene in American Sniper, Chris Kyle comforts a wounded soldier and friend who has been shot by an enemy sniper. On the other side of the emotional spectrum, American Sniper contains a horrifying and angering scene during which an Iraqi soldier tortures a child using an electric drill.
In another curious consistency, both films chronicle the dissipation and rejuvenation of their protagonists’ relationships within their respective romantic subplots.
However, while the movies are extremely similar in some aspects, they can be vastly different in others.
It is also worth noting that one film is animated and marketed toward children, and the other is a war drama intended for a primarily adult audience, something you likely would not assume from their titles or Motion Picture Association of America rating. In conclusion, SpongeBob is in fact the objectively, numerically superior film — it is just as emotional as American Sniper while also portraying war more accurately and teaching a better outlook on death.
Here at The Matrix Gaming Centre we follow the ESRB Rating of our XBox 360 and Playstation 3 games…and as such Mature Rated games (ages 17 +) can only be played by those of the age. We continue our nostalgic look at technology and baby boomer memories, looking at television when there were just three networks, no video, no home theatres, no dvrs, no cable, no satellite, Variety shows ruled, and families actually sat together, watching The Ed Sullivan Show and Milton Berle, among so many other classics. I was born in 1952—Bruce much later (Note from Bruce: Much MUCH later)…and we both hold charter membership in that massive group of people who have never known life without television.
Perry Mason (in the series of the same name, played by Raymond Burr)…Rowdy Yates (Clint Eastwood, Rawhide, Clint’s first big break…Capt. I used to watch The Jack Benny Program on Sunday nights and loved his slow burns and Rochester’s vocal rasp.
For my eighth birthday I received the best gift imaginable: My own television set, a Zenith portable, the Space Commander 300, with “rabbit-ears” antenna and a remote control! The carefree foundation of my childhood began to erode in late 1963, not long after I had turned eleven. Keep in mind that every television experience I’ve recalled here happened in black and white.
I’m sure my memory is foggy, but I recall my grandfather’s love of “Bonanza” and all Westerns and my love of watching “Superman” and “The Rifleman” on those visits.
The singular strongest memory I have from those days was watching The Beatles with my parents on The Ed Sullivan Show. This entry was posted in Evolution of Technology Series, Weekly Columns and tagged Baby Boomers, Bruce Sallan, cartoons, cavorting outdoors, coloring, fresh air, local parks, technology, television, variety shows, weekly columns by Bruce Sallan. NOW imagine that the house is not there…that all there is is space where the house WAS. In real life, Cox was a close friend and one-time roommate (when they were young actors) of Marlon Brando. Bruce’s BookBruce's first book takes the best of his A Dad's Point-of-View columns and other writings, plus brand new material, and puts it all together. SpongeBob may have a higher critic approval rate, but American Sniper was nominated for the Oscar 2015 Best Picture award.
They share many similarities: the protagonists wear military uniforms, SpongeBob and Chris Kyle both experience anxiety-induced mental breakdowns, there are tense scenes with narrow escapes from rioting citizens, the protagonists come under fire multiple times and both movies spread propaganda, which will be discussed in more detail later. This was alarmingly similar to an equally-moving scene in Sponge out of Water when Patrick consoles SpongeBob, who has just been grievously injured by a cannonball. Initially, it seemed as though this scene could not be matched by anything in the entirety of SpongeBob.
After Bikini Bottom has reached an anarchic state from the disappearance of the Krabby Patty Secret Formula™, it is believed that SpongeBob and Plankton took the formula and hid, thus making the two notorious criminals and traitors in the eyes of the public.
Of course, one stars a talking sponge and the other a human, but it does go somewhat deeper than that: Sponge out of Water takes place under the sea while American Sniper is mostly set in Iraq, SpongeBob lives in a pineapple and Chris Kyle lives in a house, and SpongeBob wears cubical pants as opposed to Kyle’s more cylindrical trousers. On the one hand, American Sniper presents an entirely ‘MURICAN message — Chris Kyle rarely questions the morality of killing civilians or enemy soldiers so long as it is to protect US soldiers. While SpongeBob had a mere four deaths, Chris Kyle killed more than 160 enemies, although fewer were shown on camera.

The most likely reason for its higher ratings though is probably the inclusion of a rap battle between a time travelling-dolphin named Bubbles and various talking seagulls. As a youngster, I was an avid reader (still am) and I also used to enjoy coloring, playing with toy soldiers, and cavorting outdoors in the yard and local parks.
I no longer recall anything about it other than the moon-faced, velvet-voiced grandmotherly host, Miss Frances, and her famous hand bell. Michael Gallant (Buster Crabbe, star of Captain Gallant of the French Foreign Legion)…Superman…Sky King (Kirby Grant)…how I wished I could have ridden (on horse or camel!), driven or flown at their sides on their adventures. I remember Beany and Cecil, Crusader Rabbit, Heckle and Jeckle and the wacky menagerie of Warner Bros. From about age six, and even during the sullen my-parents-are-creeps years in junior high, I watched The Ed Sullivan Show with Mom and Dad every Sunday night. My father completely disassembled it before it reached room temperature when it was delivered. The jai alai players always seemed to me to be pot-bellied and middle-aged, yet they could hurl the ball with lightning speed and hop around the court like jackrabbits.
Obviously, with such high endorsements for both movies, conclusively naming the superior film, and therefore which one you should rather see, is a difficult act.
These scenes in both movies are tear-jerkers, so be sure to bring a bulk package with a minimum of three tissue boxes along to the theater. As a result of this, SpongeBob’s closest confidant and life partner Patrick Star turns on him, and even purposefully attempts to ensnare him by sitting on him.
On the other hand, SpongeBob directly contradicts American views by attempting to brainwash children into accepting communism. American Sniper did have more violence, but Sponge out of Water captured the spirit of war more accurately through the inclusion of friendly fire, which did not make an appearance in American Sniper.
American Sniper was a close second, but considering the absence of poop jokes and anthropomorphic sea creatures, it can subsequently be inferred that SpongeBob was the better film. Seven channels: a gold mine of viewing opportunity during an era when even big cities elsewhere in the country had only three or four.
I also recall sitting in my dad’s lap while briefly watching a segment of one 1956 national convention—Republican? In 2005, reading the newspaper, I came across the obit for a relatively obscure actor in his eighties named John Bromfield.
The rule until I was 10 or 11 was to be in my pajamas with my teeth brushed, so that I could go straight from Ed’s sign-off to bed. We take it for granted now that if an event is grand, ominous or important enough, every outlet covers it and little else is on live TV. My parents did not purchase a color TV until the mid-1970s and I was a college graduate out on my own. First, my parents did NOT allow me to watch television during the school week either, so when the weekend came along, I was dying.
He was a maintenance machinest, adept at repairing any kind of factory equipment, often fabricating his own parts from raw stock.
Thusly, The Featherduster decided that an in-depth, side-by-side comparison between the two would be necessary to inform the public of which is the objectively better movie.
Plankton was forcibly strapped to a desk, bound by scotch tape and subjected to psychological torment in the form of one of SpongeBob’s most audibly abrasive giggles.
In American Sniper, as a result of Chris Kyle’s war involvement, he becomes disillusioned with his life on the homefront, and can no longer cope with that peaceful existence.
What’s more, SpongeBob had a much more callous attitude about death when compared to American Sniper. I’ve heard it said that no technology has penetrated our society so quickly and so fully as did television. My parents sometimes reminded me to go outside for some fresh air or go over to a friend’s house to play, but they never had to remind me to watch television. I cupped my left elbow with my right palm, held my left palm up to my left check and exclaimed, “Well!” I cracked up my dad, who would ask me to “do your Jack Benny” when friends or relatives visited.

I was indifferent to the ballet excerpts and opera singers, but if I could just gut it out, I would be rewarded with a short set by Topo Gigio (the “Italian Mouse”), or comedians Alan King, Jack Carter, a young George Carlin or a young Richard Pryor, all of whom I loved. One morning in early autumn I asked my mother if she thought a president would ever be assassinated again. We waited impatiently as he examined each part attempting to divine its purpose and function. While the torture in the two scenes use entirely different methods, the horror evoked in each is proportionate. Subsequently, the relationship between him and his wife is worsened by his lack of mental presence, even when he is physically present. But is the entire system of capitalism, the very basis of our economy, not based on competition in the marketplace? Both Plankton and SpongeBob himself watch stoically as a man plummets to his death after pleading with them for help. I could take or leave the Hanna-Barbara gang (Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear, Quick Draw McGraw) and actively disliked the MGM cartoon characters (for example, Tom and Jerry) and—I’m a terrible American for saying so—the Disney cartoon crew. I can so fondly remember sitting in my grandfather’s lap and or “TV chair” and watching certain shows with relish. Everyone I knew watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon and, as Professor Weber so vividly described, everyone I knew spent four days glued to his or her televisions when John F. Only when he was satisfied was it reassembled and we were allowed to watch it for the first time. However, both SpongeBob and Patrick as well as Chris Kyle and Taya Kyle are harmoniously, spiritually reunited by the ends of the films. I can, however, still picture in memory the cavernous convention space with tiny people packed into it, the humming background noise in the event hall punctuated now and then by a broadcaster’s terse comment. For my money, the bland and effete Mickey Mouse, the ridiculous Goofy and the idiotic Chip ‘n’ Dale were outclassed by Mr. My favorite such occasions were when a sports star might rise awkwardly to his feet and wave. Commercials advertised it (in black and white); and at the homes of a couple of affluent friends of the family, actually seen it in operation. Tears formed and rolled down my cheeks—Sheriff Frank Morgan had been, after my dad, my earliest adult male hero.
Although it was thrilling to see a show in color by happenstance in an electronics store or elsewhere, I don’t recall coveting color broadcasting, or whining to Mom and Dad, “Why can’t we get a color TV?” I was happy with my portable Zenith, its 13-inch screen providing me with as much joy as I could bear. The only possible answer is a secret communist plot to brainwash young and impressionable children.
These differing reactions show how SpongeBob attempts to demonstrate that death is OK and not something to worry about, whereas American Sniper presents death in a fearful fashion. Broadcasters described the lines of people viewing the casket, the rider less cavalry horse with boots jammed backward into the stirrups, the widow and the saluting three-year-old son, the trumpeter playing “Taps” standing alone on a hillside at Arlington.
I learned from him how to use the tube tester at the neighborhood drug store (not allowed on Sundays due to the Blue Laws).
SpongeBob’s attitude towards death is clearly far more beneficial to mental and emotional health. Title, Johnny Unites, and others in my pantheon of sports heroes the nights they were called out by dour Ed. No mere hare, but musician, boulevardier, opera star, ballet dancer, quick-change artist, hunter, servant, sheikh, aviator, Formula I racer, target, patriot and War Bond salesman, drag queen and female impersonator (his Carmen Miranda was better than my Jack Benny).

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