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The Texas-based movie theater chain Cinemark USA Inc has joined the campaign against Richmond’s Measure N, adding nearly $107,000 in non-monetary contributions against the measure between July 15-Sept. During that period, Cinemark was one of two contributors to the Community Coalition Against Beverage Taxes, which has spent $2.2 million this year in opposition to Measure N.
CCABT’s other — and largest —  contributor is the American Beverage Association, a lobby group for the beverage industry based in Washington D.C. Cinemark, which is based in Plano, Texas and owns Century Theatres, paid for anti-Measure N ads to play before movies, as well as other No on N display materials.
Richmond’s Century Hilltop 16 movie theater started playing a No on Measure N trailer about two weeks ago, General Manager Ben Suller said. The trailer begins with a man and his two teenage sons walking away from the concessions counter in the theater with drinks and popcorn in hand. The boys and father are then shown in the theater, watching the screen as text and a narrator’s voice list off reasons to oppose the beverage tax. Customers at the theater’s concessions will see anti-Measure N literature on the counters and even on the workers behind them.
Suller said he’s seen a mixture of customers’ reactions — from people throwing the papers away out of indifference to others talking about the merits of the measure while in the theater. Moritz said that because the average person goes to a theater so infrequently, the business shouldn’t be held accountable for health issues related to that person’s beverage consumption. Most of the $25,293 spent in support of Measure N came from an individual contributor from Saratoga, Calif., Tor Braham. Braham’s contribution breathed life into the Yes on N campaign, whose only other major contributors with donations of more than $1,000 were a New York-based nutrition school called the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which gave $2,000, and another individual contributor, Richard Hart of San Carlos, Calif. The CCABT’s expenditure records also show that at least $300,000 spent so far to oppose Measure N was spent outside of Richmond, mostly on legal fees and production costs for videos and other media against the measure. The issue of whether PACs and Independent Committees in Richmond should declare that special interest groups and lobby groups from outside Richmond were funding their campaigns on mailers and billboards has divided the City Council, which last month amended an ordinance to require committees to disclose where their major funding comes from. At the council meeting last week, Councilmember Jovanka Beckles said it is important for residents to know where the money behind campaigns is coming from. Coucilmember Jeff Ritterman, the architect of Measure N, said the massive influx of outside funding showed how far the beverage industry was prepared to go to defeat the measure. As soon as these corporate guys bring in their armed forces the picture of their tidal wave side will be complete. However, the People of Richmond are strong…and They have ears, eyes and an brain to think. Are you now suggesting that those that oppose your measure will force voters–at gun point–to vote their way? We can protect the health of our children and hold Chevron responsible for its negligence if we Vote Yes on N.

I recall reading how proud you were of the Battle in Seattle where violence was the order of the day for those demanding social change and we’ve seen how some RPA members behave come election season when they try to intimidate young women or how vandalism seems to follow where RPAers have visited so some of us are leery when you write such comments.
This tax should be applied across the board to all items containing sugar, perhaps cakes, pies and Mrs. Let’s just say for the sake of argument we taxed tobacco yesterday, tax sugar today, tax salts tomorrow, when we find it too be more contaminated than originally thought tax water, in the near future tax fresh air because it’s most certainly contains pollutants and get worse by the day. About UsRichmond Confidential is an online news service produced by the Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley for, and about, the people of Richmond, California. New York Daily News Stunning photos of old movie theaters Stunning photos of old movie theaters Franck Bohbot took stunning photos of old movie theaters for his series "Cinema." In honor of the upcoming Academy Awards, check out these elaborate movie houses that simply ooze old Hollywood glamour.
There’s something to be said for the comfort and anonymity of a movie theater: the big screen, the darkness, the loudness, the popcorn, candy, and soda, the relatively comfy chairs, the AC—a biggie here in Hawai‘i. The theatre—notice the two-letter reversal at the end—does not hold the same allure for the average American.
One reason many people say they’re not interested in seeing theatre is because they think it’ll be boring. I saw Flowers of Hawai‘i a few nights ago at Kumu Kahua Theatre, and all I kept thinking was, I wish every person on this island who thinks theatre is boring could see this play. I believe the reason why there is a wide gap between the number of people who attend movies and theatre performances, is because of the advertisement and familiarity of movies. Why people choose to be exploited at the movie theaters by paying $11.50 for one movie and double the amount on food is beyond me.
I am looking to get tickets for AN AMERICAN IN PARIS, curious to know if the balcony is too high, and if I were to sit in the rear mezzanine where the overhang of the balcony begins. ABA and its strategic advocacy fund has given more than $1.4 million to the CCABT this year.
The coalition spent at least $30,000 on campaign teams engaged to do canvassing work like interacting with voters and planting yard signs, more than what Yes on N has spent in total.
Reardon–Are you now suggesting that the people and businesses that oppose Measure N will now come into town armed? Is this simply the good doctor being efficient and responding to two separate platforms on one blog space, or is it a convenient way to segway from a losing N proposition in which the good doctor has become psychopathically personally involved in order not to lose face, because there is a lot of face that is going to be lost here, come November. Finally, tax my thoughts because when I breath second hand smoke, think to drink a sweetened beverage, ask for a little salt on popcorn, drink tap water, chose to live near a freeway it’s some how proven unhealthy and such thoughts need to be taxed as well. Our goal is to produce professional and engaging journalism that is useful for the citizens of this city. Many people are happy to spend a couple of hours and more than a couple of dollars on even a mediocre picture because the experience of going to the movies is so pleasant and entertaining.
Plays, musicals, improv and other staged performances don’t tend to offer the same supersized gluttony as the movies.

There was so much to enjoy, so many surprises, and a barrage of distinct, human, flawed, and fully recognizable characters. Maybe it is because movies offer the cool special effects like the allure of magic in Harry Potter that you cannot receive in a traditional theatre. Sorry, I meant the seats we are looking at are mid mezz row C on the far sides, not the balcony--do you think those will be ok? Does anyone seriously doubt that Chevron would like to extricate itself from its responsibility for the fire as cheaply as possible. Maybe such a tax should come from Contra Costa County officials that cover Richmond’s surrounding cities as well. This is funny at the same time serious, health and taxes link together but please don’t open the door on this sugar tax, Vote No on N. With 15 full time reporters, we’ll be covering education, development, politics, culture, crime—and anything that happens that people need to know about. In fact, I’ll go out on a limb and say that the majority of theatrical releases aren’t any better than the average play or musical put on stage in Hawai‘i this year. Considering how some of the RPA thugs operate, there’s no reason not to think that you meant violence.
We need you, the users of this site, to talk with us, make suggestions, point us in the direction of the truth, help us report stories of value. The amount of creativity with lighting, scene changes, staging, music, and overall composition offered the kind of experience going to the movies never could and never will.
Traditional theatre might seem too forced for some people with regards to acting and being dramatic. Sure, you could take Lee Cataluna’s excellent script and make a film, but you could never capture the inherent theatricality of this production directed by Harry Wong III, someone who understands why live theatre is better than going to the movies. You can also see the background as sets are being changed and that takes away from the escape that people want.
Comment on our stories, correct us when we make a mistake, help us understand the community you live in. Another thing that could be attributed to this is that when we students in elementary, middle, and high school we were forced to perform skits in front of the class and in my opinion, I feel like that was everyone’s least favorite thing to do. They may actually feel compelled to sit up straight, keep quiet, and observe intently so as not to miss a thing. Therefore, it just made people see acting and theatre as something negative because it made them feel uncomfortable.

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