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After succeeding on a special mission in Iraq, four American soldiers may face a court martial for losing important evidence. The movie American Ultra is based on the real life CIA project MKULTRA, which aims to create mind controlled slaves.
American Ultra is an odd movie. While the story revolves around the horrific experiments the CIA conducts on its own population, it is told in a humorous matter, turning the whole subject into a joke. Take a look at the movie poster above: An MK slave and a CIA handler wearing cool shades, holding weapons and looking bad-ass. DELTA is known as “killer” programming and was originally developed for training special agents or elite soldiers (i.e. Products of that program become literal killing machines, trained in various forms of combat and some even develop extra-sensory perception (ESP). Deltas will be trained in hand to hand combat–and know certain vulnerable places to kill people including breaking the neck.
Although the repercussions of their actions are very real, slaves are not able to distinguish reality from fiction.
Although Delta programming is horrific and is used to carry on political assassinations and even mass shootings (yes, you’ve read that right), American Ultra turns it into a fun, quirky, teenage-stoner-friendly thing. The hero of the movie is Mike Howell (played by Jesse Eisenberg), a stereotypical stoner who is prone to panic attacks. A couple of times during the movie, Mike stares at the ring he wants to give his girlfriend and zones out.
Mike wants to take his girlfriend on a trip, but his programming doesn’t allow him to do so. At the airport, Mike gets a heavy panic attack, making him physically unable to board the plane. Mike’s main escape from his day-to-day routine (which is all setup for him by the CIA) is drawing comics.
Although he has not been triggered for years, Mike is nevertheless under constant surveillance by the CIA.
While all of these point towards oppressive police-state nightmare, the movie serves the viewers, a fun, PG-13 version of the CIA.
Newly promoted CIA agent Adrian Yates wants to kill Mike using other MK slaves because he keeps wanting to skip town. Also, he is very sassy.
In this scene, Lasseter tells Mike the words that trigger his Delta alter persona – unlocking his cool superhero powers and enabling him to kick ass.

She then goes into a rant explaining why he is a special snowflake and why she cares about him.
An Illuminati Grande Dame will assist the programmers to insure that the proper script is given to the child and that a psychotic break doesn’t occur causing the victim to lose their mind. The Mothers of Darkness alters are an important balancing point to prevent the sadistic male programmers from killing more of the children they are working on. In short, the entire CIA and the MKULTRA program are sanitized and represented by friendly people. The life of Lasseter is spared because she convinces her boss that Mike is a great asset that should be used by the CIA instead of being killed. As soon as Mike is triggered by his Mother-of-Darkness, he turns into a whiny superhero who is able to use any common object as a weapon.
Mike ultimately kills everybody in his path in a variety of hilarious ways (killing people is also very cool). After winning everything, Mike proposes to his girlfriend (handler) in front of a bunch of cops pointing their guns at them.
We quickly realize that they are both on a CIA mission and that Mike is sent to kill people.
American Ultra is based on the real-life program MKULTRA program, which sought to turn unwilling civilians into mind-control slaves. American Ultra is yet another attempt by mass media at making mind control a cool, glamorous and, yes, even a rebellious thing. Chris2 months 26 days agoNotice the familiar shape in the pic of the two characters laying on the ground after being tasered? To view video captures of scenes which did not air in the original release of The Outsiders click here. Not only that, the movie portrays CIA mind control as something that is cool and edgy – although it is the exact opposite of all of these things. Is there anything LESS rebellious than a slave who has completely lost their free will and a CIA handler?
Although the program is officially said to have been halted, some whistleblowers claim that the program secretly carried on using other names such as Monarch Mind control (read my article about it here). They are programmed to see themselves in fairy tales, they are programmed not to see their handlers or anybody’s else’s face for that matter.
He lives with his girlfriend Phoebe Larson (played by Kristen Stewart), whom he wants to marry more than anything else in the world.

His love for his girlfriend is a little obsessive, almost as if he was … programmed to love his handler. Here, he is sending a frowny-face selfie to his boyfriend because he wants to be at home with him and their little doggy. Since Lasseter erased his memory and literally created a new persona, Mike instinctively believes that this CIA agent is his mother. Although MK handlers are usually sadistic, inhumane, MK slaves themselves, the movie portrays the handler as a cute young girl. Also, the many illegal, anti-democratic, freedom-impeding, police-state tactics of the agency are portrayed as if they were almost normal – just everyday business.
At the end of the movie, Mike and Phoebe are both in a posh hotel in the Philippines, look nice and classy. Although mind control uses the most atrocious torture techniques known in history and indulges in the ungodly task of turning a human being into a mindless slave, American Ultra sanitizes the entire process. Subject underwent 6 months of treatment using heavy doses of LSD, electroshock and sensory deprivation. Based on sexual abuse, trauma, torture, confinement, intoxication, hypnotism, brainwashing and other devious methods, mind control literally destroys the life of the slave at the hands of cold, heartless sadistic handlers. I was recruiting people for a program called Wisemen, which was basically designed to take third strike misdemeanor offenders and offer them the opportunity to volunteer … to be an experiment. If the CIA has no issues in brainwashing Americans into a state of mental slavery, do you think they have issues with attempting to brainwash the public with their subversive messages?
This is another case of media double-speak and, if you’ve been reading Vigilant Citizen, you know that making mind control cool and acceptable is an important part of the Agenda.
The slaves are then programmed to perform various tasks such as becoming sex slaves, drug mules or, like in the case of American Ultra, trained killers. The programming to activate them will be triggered if a mission is given or if certain parts of the deeper parts of the system are tampered with.
MKULTRA is about brainwashing individuals, American Ultra is about brainwashing the American public.

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