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I'm not sure where to post this, but I'm curious if there's somewhere on the internet with Pro-soviet propaganda (either American or British) from World War II. It seems to me that in the realm of propaganda posters, the Western Allies did not have as many explicitly pro-Soviet themes as vice-versa though there were plenty of pictures showing all flags together, etc.
One of the Looney Tunes propaganda cartoons had Bugs Bunny dress up as Stalin to frighten Goering and Hitler. I think the trend was to refer to the country once or twice as 'The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics', and then on refer to it as 'Russia'. If America stayed out of the war for a little longer, say another year, then I'm sure we would've had more distinctly pro-Soviet propaganda in Britain. Hollywood on Trial was written as a defense of the ten indicted fellow-traveling screen writers; but as a defense it is so worthless as to amount almost to an indictment itself. No one expects them to reveal facts which they refused to divulge to the Thomas Un-American Committee, or to answer Thomas?s $64 question about membership in the Communist Party.
Third, they swear: We never put any Communist propaganda in a picture ? name one, they demand! Fourth, no matter what we believe, the Constitution protects our right to privacy; no one asks Eisenhower to swear whether he is a Democrat or Republican, why ask us? Grizzled Soviet submarine captain Demi (Ed Harris) fights crew subversion and personal pain in a losing Cold War struggle against American opponents.
Loyal first officer Alex (William Fichtner) is shoved into an unexpected mission with some mysterious new crewmen. Harris looks suitably haggard as the captain, who drinks heavily to control flashbacks and hallucinations resulting from a previous injury. I've been hanging out over at English Russia a lot recently, and I came across an archive of Russian propaganda posters. The ambitiousness of the creeping decision to bring every inch of the planet under the watchful eyes of U.S. Then, at the last moment, just before my filing deadline, Special Operations Command got back to me with an answer so incongruous, confusing, and contradictory that I was glad I had given up on SOCOM and tried to figure things out for myself. Despite the lack of official cooperation, an analysis by TomDispatch reveals SOCOM to be a command on the make with an already sprawling reach.
Since 2002, SOCOM has also been authorized to create its own Joint Task Forces, a prerogative normally limited to larger combatant commands like CENTCOM.  These include Joint Special Operations Task Force-Philippines, 500-600 personnel dedicated to supporting counterterrorist operations by Filipino allies against insurgent groups like Abu Sayyaf. According to the latest statistics made available by ISAF, from October 2012 through March 2013, U.S.
Tactical training was, however, just part of the story.  In March 2013, for example, experts from the Army’s John F.
For years, the command has claimed that divulging the names of these countries would upset foreign allies and endanger U.S.

While Congressional pushback has thus far thwarted Admiral McRaven’s efforts to create a SOCOM satellite headquarters for the more than 300 special operators working in Washington, D.C.
Cole also mentioned that her office would be training “a senior person” working for McRaven, the man about to “head the SOF element Lebanon” — possibly a reference to the shadowy SOC FWD Lebanon. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.
The Kittyhawk P-40 has remained unseen and untouched since it came down on the sand in June 1942 and has been hailed the "aviation equivalent of Tutankhamun's Tomb". Most of its cockpit instruments are intact and it still had it guns and ammunition before they were seized by the Egyptian military. The western propaganda tried to smooth over the fact that it was indeed a communist state birthed by violent revolution, and tried tying it to its heritage as the Russian Empire, the one that froze Napoleon and would do the same to Hitler. That was a weird six months between June and December 1941, when the UK and the USSR were the only two standing Allies against Germany.
But surely these rather well-known writers, adopting the role of heroic embattled martyrs for the right to believe in their own political ideology without persecution, cannot expect readers to believe that their ideology consists solely of respect for the First Amendment! Second, they set out to prove that they are every bit as jingoistic, super-patriotic and crude as J.
And in his foreword, that incomparable political muddlehead, Thomas Mann, testified that he never saw any Communist propaganda in a Hollywood film. This film too was not propaganda for a communist society or ideology: it was simply a crudely lying whitewash of a totalitarian despotism which happened to be allied with American imperialism at the moment. I'd wager that Russia has historically been the world's most prolific producer of posters like this, so there's lots to choose from and cherry-pick when looking for creepy stuff.
AID personnel were sometimes working hand-in-hand on the Village Stability Operation initiative with Special Ops forces. Here in this book they could have expressed their social philosophy without prosecutors? interruptions or distortions, and, if they are to go to jail for their ideas, at least make clear to the people what are those ideas for which they are being penalized.
But while there was not a trace of communism in these pictures, there was a ton of chauvinism, jingoism, hate incitement, anti-internationalism and flag-waving imperialist propaganda ? propaganda of a kind without which the Thomas Committee itself could not exist. And the captain has ordered a descent toward "crush depth." Yet everything is on course in Phantom, the newest model of the old submarine-from-hell picture.
NPR reserves the right to use the comments we receive, in whole or in part, and to use the commenter's name and location, in any medium. Twice and you have a pattern, which catches a Washington urge to control planet Earth, an urge that, as the twenty-first century has already shown many times over, can only be frustrated.
They were in, that is, about 60% of the nations on the planet.  “We’re deployed in a number of locations,” was as specific as Bockholt would ever get when I talked to him in the waning days of 2013.
Special Operations Command was established in 1987.  Made up of units from all the service branches, SOCOM is tasked with carrying out Washington’s most specialized and secret missions, including assassinations, counterterrorist raids, special reconnaissance, unconventional warfare, psychological operations, foreign troop training, and weapons of mass destruction counter-proliferation operations.

Special Operations forces were reportedly deployed to or involved with the militaries of 106 nations around the world during 2012-2013.
If there is today a spiritual climate of intolerance, suspicion and hate, are not these writers themselves partly responsible? Are manpower levels set to expand to 72,000 in 2014?  Is SOCOM still aiming for growth rates of 3%-5% per year?  How many training exercises did the command carry out in 2013?  Basic stuff.
And when SOCOM did finally get back to me with an eleventh hour answer, the number offered made almost no sense.
I have somebody in my headquarters at Tampa.”  Speaking at Ronald Reagan Library in November, he put the number of agencies where SOCOM is currently embedded at 38. What Robinson purports to do is show those familiar undersea events from a different vantage point. Le silence des Allemands peut se justifier par la crainte de la Gestapo, car celui qui aurait proteste publiquement se serait lui-meme retrouve dans un camp de concentration. Northern Command, or NORTHCOM (the United States, Canada, and Mexico), and starting in 2007, U.S. An opening title claims that the story was "inspired by actual events," but it actually riffs on a lone factoid: the 1968 disappearance of K-129, whose fate was the partial inspiration for such fictions as 1990's The Hunt for Red October. His version of what might have occurred is as banal as the movie's hammy performances and clunky expository dialogue. Phantom offers no more plausible a vision of the doomed K-129 than A Good Day to Die Hard does of post-meltdown Chernobyl.
He and much of his crew, including loyal first officer Alex (William Fichtner), just finished another mission on a more modern sub.
The outsiders, led by Bruni (David Duchovny), are supposedly testing a new cloaking device dubbed "phantom." But Demi and Alex suspect the men are KGB hardliners with an ulterior and malevolent motive. Let's just say that the fanatical Bruni and his like-minded cohorts want to stage an incident that could lead to World War III. Their goal is underlined by a score that's heavy on end-of-the-world throbs but accented by what just have to be balalaikas. We are talking about a 100 square kilometre area and it is extremely unlikely that we will find any remains.

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