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Afro-Asians are people of mixed Asian, particularly Southern or East Asian ancestry and Black. Shaffer Smith Chimere popularly known by his stage name as Ne-Yo, is an American R&B and pop singer, record producer, songwriter, actor, songwriter and occasional rapper.
Denise Lawton Marie, born in May 2, 1978 is an actress and a model popular as Denyce Lawton. Maggie Q., star of the TV series Nikita, and Mililani High graduate, has made an appeal on behalf of less fortunate animals set to be killed Christmas Eve Day at the Hawaiian Humane Society pound. Animal Haven, an O`ahu based animal advocacy and rescue organization, sent out formal pleas for "clemency" for the animals on death row at the pound that are due to be killed before Christmas. The organization is making a last ditch effort to save the animals after Bill 57 - a Honolulu Council bill, which would have opened the doors for the adoption of death row animals, was defeated in committee last year due to the opposition by limited occupancy pounds.
The letter to the President cited his yearly pardoning of turkeys at Thanksgiving and urges him to start a new tradition of pardoning pound animals for Christmas. It's very sad that the pound is determined to kill these innocent death row animals so they can get home early and enjoy a Christmas that these animals will not live to see. The Hawaiian "Humane" Society believes that there are no bad homes in Heaven, and that killing the animals is the least they can do. We can all watch as Mayor Caldwell and Governor Abercrombie circumvent normal procurement practices by leasing 3 acres of prime real estate in town to the Hawaiian Humane Society for a dollar a year for 55 years without ever conducting a competitive bid.
Disclaimer: I'm President of Animal Haven and I will likely not be having a happy holiday season.
UPDATE: Dog The Bounty Hunter Has Vowed To Track Down The Man Who Brutally Beat Porn Star Christy MackA porn star has tweeted pictures of the terrible injuries she claims she suffered at the hands of her former boyfriend.

So not only have I called you a tool; made ad hominem remarks about your make-up, your ass, and the yule log nestled therein, I've also said that the phrase Happy Holidays isn't a threat to anyone -- except you -- which means I've somehow denigrated Christmas according to your paranoid, borderline personality standards. And make up your mind quickly because as soon as I click "post" I'm walking into the yard next door and farting on a giant inflatable lawn eyesore that kind of looks like Santa Claus. His mother is of mixed Chinese American and African-American descent while his father is African-American; both of them were musicians. It's all about money, power, and control while the animals remain only a resource to be exploited. Christy Mack was hospitalised in Las Vegas on Friday, after suffering numerous broken bones, a ruptured liver and cuts from a kitchen knife. From now until the 25th, I'm going to take several seconds out of each day to personally fart on something featuring the phrase "Merry Christmas." That's right, Bill. His father, Earl Woods was of mixed ethnicity specifically a quarter Chinese, a quarter American Indian and half African-American. Since his first appearance, Ne-Yo has had 5 top ten songs on Billboard Hot 100 as the leading artist and 2 number-one albums on Billboard 200. She survived a military life with the family abroad in countries like Korea, Germany and Japan.
Her paternal side grandmother was believed to be of Chinese ancestry, with a family name Ming as reported by the Independent, a British newspaper.
Her ex partner Jon Koppenhaver is the prime suspect and is now wanted by police, TMZ writes. His mother Kultida is of mixed ethnicity as well, she is a quarter Chinese, a quarter Dutch and a half Thai.

Her family moved to the US, they lived in Neptune, New Jersey, and then went to Washington D.C. Porn star Christy Mack sustained serious injuries in the attack Koppenhaver is a mixed martial arts fighter who is known in the ring as War Machine.
Koppenhaver pleaded guilty to the misdemeanour charge and was ordered to complete a course of counselling, it reports. She claimed Koppenhaver arrived at her house on Friday, where he found her with one other “fully clothed and unarmed” person in her Las Vegas home. By the same token, if my kid's public school organizes a Holiday Concert, it doesn't mean they hate Christmas; it simply means they want to hold a pageant for all of their students -- not just the Christian ones, you tool! Among her injuries were 18 broken bones around her eyes and a ruptured liver“My speech is slurred from my swelling and lack of teeth. He has beaten me many time before, but never this badly.”Mack says the was also attacked with a kitchen knife Mack also claims Koppenhaver attempted to rape her but was unable to carry out the act.
She was able to run out the house, naked and bloody, to neighbours who took her to hospital. Koppenhaver remains at large and Mack says there is a $10,000 reward being offered for his capture. Meanwhile the fighter has apparently been tweeting from his verified account since the incident.

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