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If you decide to backpacking through the Moors in England then be sure to stick to the road and stay clear of the Moors! The movie is pretty amazing in the fact that the Special Effects Supervisor tried some things that had never been done before and the whole transformation is incredible.
Cette entree de Jacob Black a ete publiee dans Photos de Twilight Chapitre 1 Fascination le lundi 12 juillet 2010 a 9:58 et est classee dans .

There is so much to An American Werewolf that I must slot it into the #1 Spot of Werewolf Movies on the 31 Days of Scary.
David goes to a hospital to be treated and after a while starts to have strange dreams then his dead friend Jack  starts to appear to him. The patrons explain to the Yanks that they must steer clear of the Moors and stick to the Road.

David eventually figures this out and whilst involved in a love drama with his Nurse he irrevocably turns into the very thing that scratched him.

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