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Sure, this year's Oscar-nominated films were critically acclaimed masterpieces starring Hollywood's top talent.
When George Lucas sold Lucasfilm to Disney in 2012 for $4 billion, the sale included treatments for Lucas’ "Star Wars" ideas for episodes VII, VIII, and IX. Speaking with Cinemablend at the press conference for his new animated feature, “Strange Magic,” Lucas said Disney essentially scrapped his ideas for episodes VII, VIII, and IX. Lucas has been tossing around ideas for a third "Star Wars" trilogy since the launch of the original trilogy. A Time article from March 1978 suggested Lucas had plans for up to a dozen "Star Wars" movies. The beauty of the collaboration that can continue is as we work our way through these scripts if we're sitting and saying, "Hmm, I wonder if this character can do that?" or "Does this make sense within the rules of 'Star Wars'?"… He's the keeper of the flame when it comes to that.
Imax executives declined comment ahead of next month’s fourth-quarter earnings report, but Wold wasn’t the one paying attention.
Imax stock has risen 22 percent since June, and more than 7 percent since the start of the year. The $10.5 million that Imax screens delivered on “American Sniper” was more than any R-rated movie, or any film playing on the Martin Luther King holiday weekend ever. The 11th-hour addition of an extra week to the run for HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” which lands on Jan.
The fortunes of Imax, which has a $2 billion market cap, and its stock, have in the past been closely tied to the strength or weakness of the movies in release. MKM Partners last week slapped an “outperform” rating on Imax shares and raised its price target to $36.
Kevin “Dauber” Lacz, a former Navy SEAL who served two combat deployments to Iraq was ignorant about Hollywood and the filmmaking process. That all changed, though, when he was brought onto American Sniper as the SEAL technical advisor and was then persuaded by Bradley Cooper to play himself on the big screen. In 2006, Lacz served for four years with the film’s hero Chris Kyle, played by Cooper on screen, and the two shared an unbreakable bond. As SEAL technical advisor what are some scenes you helped advise that really stood out to you?
One of them which was also my favorite scene to film and to watch back was the surf torture scene. If you’re going to go to a movie premiere, you might as well go with Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper.  Eight years ago when I was in the Navy, going through this in real life and the next thing I know I’m on the red carpet.
When the film ended with you in the footage of Chris Kyle’s actual funeral how emotional was that for you?
It’s very easy for people to just say, “Thank you for your service, good job.” Having seen this as a civilian I think it’s important that people come away from this that there is definitely a personal story in each deployment overseas. Star Trek 3 is scheduled to be a triumphant celebration of the soon-to-be 50 year old franchise's healthy run in pop culture history.
Johnny Depp has a new movie out this weekend, "Mortdecai," and it's sounding like a giant bust.
You may have seen a few TV ads or billboards for the flick like this one featuring Depp as a mustachioed Brit.
In other words, aside from "Into the Woods," it's more than likely this will be Depp's fifth box-office bomb in a row. As the plot ties itself in ever more uninteresting knots, a nagging question remains: who is ‘Mortdecai’ for? It’s hard to escape the suspicion that the only people sure to enjoy ‘Mortdecai’ are Depp, Paltrow and perhaps Tim Burton and Madonna.

The Telegraph calls the movie "psychotically unfunny" and suggests it could be in early contention for the worst film of the year. This is comfortably the actor’s worst film since Alice in Wonderland, and even dedicated fans will find their hearts shrivelling up like week-old party balloons at its all-pervading air of clenched desperation. Mortdecai, the film, is neither satire nor spoof, instead getting caught uncomfortably in a place where the butt of the joke is difficult to pinpoint. A perky but obstinately unfunny heist caper with a hero irksome enough to make any happily mustachioed man reconsider his life choices. That's not saying much, but if you're a fan of Depp, who has played numerous iterations of delightfully odd characters over the years, maybe you'll sort of appreciate his performance.
According to the release, DWA will cut the number of films it makes from three to two per year. The announcement comes after a string of box-office bombs and writedowns from the studio in the past few years including 2012's "Rise of the Guardians" and this year's "Mr. Earlier this month, DreamWorks Animation announced Bonnie Arnold and Mireille Soria will now lead the animation department as co-presidents. The company’s next film is an original animated feature titled “Home” with the voice talents of Rihanna and Jim Parsons ("The Big Bang Theory").
Under the leadership of newly appointed Co-Presidents of Feature Animation Bonnie Arnold and Mireille Soria, the studio's core feature animation production will now focus on six specific movies for the next three years - one original film and one sequel each year - including Kung Fu Panda 3 (March 18, 2016), Trolls (Nov. The sequel takes television's favorite anthropomorphic sponge and throws him onto land in CGI and 3D. Unlike the first movie, this movie doesn't feature Alec Baldwin and David Hasselhoff in cameo appearances. Analysts were taking particular note of unusual interest in six-month options at $33 as well, signaling investor confidence that the Toronto-based Canadian company’s positive recent run will get even better.
To his surprise after sending an audition shot on an iPhone, with acting aid from the film’s writer Jason Hall, Lacz was cast in the movie.
The film ends with footage of Kevin at Kyle’s memorial service where each SEAL pinned their trident onto Chris’s casket. It was the bar scene, I was already anxious that I was on camera, but more that my wife would be there watching me, and even more that my four-year old son would be running around set. I wouldn’t say that’s the guy from The Hangover. We were filming in Morocco and we’re doing a scene and he goes, “Dude isn’t this incredible?” And I said, “Yeah, it really is. I’m not going to lie, it’s tough the first time you’re in a movie, you kind of watch for yourself, but I was fortunate enough to see the movie again, the same day, and really take it all in. Some are unimaginable.  I want people to take the time and meet with those vets and come away with a different understanding of what guys go through and what they sacrificed and how that’s reflected on their home lives.
But, as anyone who's thrown a good party will tell you, such an event takes a lot of time and effort to prepare, and things can change at the blink of an eye.
And it seems the star of the film is hiding as well behind those carefully teased whiskers, apparently having tired of the whole acting thing and decided to act the fool instead. In the third installment of this franchise, no one is literally "taken." Instead, the title of the film takes a darker turn as Mills is framed for murdering his ex-wife (Janssen) and goes on a quest to find her actual killer.
Spongebob (voiced by Kenny), goes on a mission to secure a recipe from an evil pirate (Banderas). And that was after Imax leadership earned brownie points from analysts for innovation in trying a TV series on its giant screens. He notes, “Clint shot bad guys in movies and I shot bad guys in real life, so let’s go ahead and make a realistic movie.

Lacz’s relationship to Kyle as well as his work as a platoon sniper and medic to the most highly decoratedspecial operations task unit since Vietnam contributed to his skill set as the SEAL technical advisor for Eastwood’s film. I was looking at the sides to see what we were doing and there was no surf torture, which is when you link arms and walk into the water and take seats. We started shooting a little bit, and he’s on the gun and I’m coaching him through basic body positions as a sniper and he looks up at me and says, “Hey man, did you ever think about playing yourself in the movie?” I have an answer for everything, and for the first time I didn’t. Clint pulls me over and it’s raining, he’s got his boonie hat on and camouflage jacket and he asks me how Chris would have shot a guy in a vehicle.
I thought a lot about questions he’d ask and stuff he’d want to know and prepared answers for him, but Bradley is so inquisitive that he’d fire question after question and the next thing I knew I was just giving raw answers and that’s how he learned. There’s also a funny moment, from another scene when Bradley is shooting and he wanted to get fired up for the scene. I didn’t understand how they filmed it and turned it into what they did and I was amazed of how complete and real it is. As an audience member you come away with the idea that each person that goes overseas has a story, and let’s listen.
The folks at Bad Robot have actually been blinking quite a bit, recently replacing the initially hired Roberto Orci in the directors chair with Fast and Furious 6 director Justin Lin, but that's not all. It really brings that reality and anchors that film down and makes it that personal story of Chris.
I thought back to what it was like to be in all those situations, thought about all my senses and put myself back in time and just went with it. While Pegg is seen primarily as an actor in the public eye, he has quite a bit of experience in the writing department, as he co-wrote the entire Cornetto Trilogy with Edgar Wright, as well as his starring effort Run Fatboy Run. Bradley was stoked to do it, and I swear it when everyone else found out it was like you could hear actor’s spirit dying. I was explaining what exactly we were doing and I swear one guy’s nose started to run, just thinking about getting in the water.
With Pegg's background as a sci-fi fan, as well as a comedic scribe of good standing, he's a shoo-in for finessing the banter between the crew and any species they may have contact with.
Also, if there's a list of people that can be trusted with a franchise as geeky as Star Trek, then Pegg's name should be right next to Edgar Wright's. He asked me very early on, “Kevin let us know if it’s not like what it was,” that was just a man-to-man talk to make sure the film was as real to the personal story of Chris. Well, nothing so far, considering that we don't know if Pegg and Jung are going to do a full fledged re-write, or are just punching up material from the earlier script written by J.D. With a re-write, the script could be turned around in enough time for production to be right on schedule for its release date next summer. However, if the script needs a little more work than anticipated, there could be a release date bump into the Christmas 2016 season. The only real competition that stands in the way of Star Trek 3 in that slot is the first stand-alone Star Wars film, which might have a brand name attached to it, but it could still fall flat on its face.

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