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Once again, I want to say thank you to our fans for supporting Troma Entertainment for over 35 years! A point that i’ve made in emails to you, though, Lloyd, is that Troma movies succeed because they are Troma movies.
I originally did not like the idea of a remake but you have persuaded me to encourage the idea and if its going to make money for troma to make more movies of the future then i say LET THE FILM BE MADE!
And, for your information, the remakes of LAst HOuse on The Left and Dawn Of The Dead suck ass.
The original version of TOXIC AVENGER is NOT going to disappear just because it’s going to be remade.
So I’m glad to hear this news, it reassures me that Troma will live on and I can sleep better at night knowing that. I am the first in line to bash remakes, but I’ve also been saying since I first heard of the Toxic remake that I approve of it, if it can help Troma financially. Troma has been a major inspiration for me to work in film (currently working on several screenplays).
Anything that makes Troma more money to stay in business and keep on making great movies is a good thing.
I’m with you no matter what route you take because if Troma needs the money, you gotta do what you gotta do as Toxie needs to eat. A main stream remake of the Toxic Avenger only proves the artistic value and insight of the original. Make a new Toxic Avenger movie to get that check, If Troma went out of business I would cry for weeks. On a sidenote it took you over ten years to realize that Torgel IS Melvin please don’t let it take that long to realize Cohen IS Toxie!!! The English-speaking audience, about 70 percent of whom had Asian features, laughed and sniffled their way through the two-hour movie starring Korean heartthrob Hyun Bin and Chinese actress Tang Wei.A a€?Seven years ago I was here having dinner at Uraeok and was looking for a project that would bring together Asian casts that can work in the American market. Remakes are what they are and if it will enable me to get a Toxie part 5 directed by you then I am all for it.
I posted the news on my website, as a longtime devotee to Troma, but I totally understood why you made the choice to do a Toxie big Hollywood remake and I also contend it could very well be a good movie. Most folks don’t even know that the MALTESE FALCON with Humphrey Bogart and Peter Lorre IS A REMAKE. Lloyd, you are a hero and inspiration to all of us (real) independent filmmakers and I commend the decisions you have made to help us have another 35 years of true independence… Fuck Hollywood! Toxie is a wonderful character and as a fan I am very happy that he will be introduced to a whole new generation. Kaufman, I have tons of respect for you and what Troma does, but I even found myself slightly wincing at the idea of a PG-13 remake of The Toxic Avenger. So, if something like this brings in more fans to the Troma team, it is definitely worth it. It will also expose a new generation as well as those who were living under rocks in ’83 to this ground breaking film and its original creator.

Toxie is getting on in years Cohen could easily play him again in Toxic Twins….either that or keep your word and have Joe Fleishaker play him!!!! Creator of the Toxic Avenger, and President and Co-Founder of Troma Studios, the world's longest running Independent film company. Sure, you can name a handful that you consider better, but I can think of several dozen that were worse than the original. But he clearly intends to pump any money he makes into strengthening his company which has struggled to stay afloat since it was formed.
When I watch a Troma movie it makes me feel good inside but I dont think it will be the same.
Anyway congrats, I myself want to make a few films for the Troma empire, until then all the best and congrats. However, I completely understand your reasons and I am slightly relieved to see the movie has your blessing. I can’t wait for a fifth toxic crusader movie which is plus for all of us troma fans.
I think it was a very good idea to produce this kind of international movie,a€? Lee Joo-ick, CEO of Boram Entertainment, the producer of the movie, said after the screening. Of course, I will admit to some prejudice, I have always hated all remakes, feeling that remakes are only done by people who lack creativity and originality.
Lloyd could make big mainstream movies, I don’t have any doubts about that, but he has been fighting it for many years to be able to do what he loves.
The screening was part of the 2011 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, established in 1983.
The royalties he makes from one big-budget remake will be enough to fund 10 future Troma projects.
Also, once we got over the initial shock of seeing so many zeros in front of the decimal point of the figures being discussed, we realized that real Troma fans, the ones who made Toxie into a household word and had stood by us through thick and thin, would hate us forever if such a film were ever made.
This may not look commercially viable on paper but neither does Michael Bay remaking Rosemary’s Baby either. See, only Hayfever-prone Jimmy at the back there has his in the air.Now if they would just hurry up and establish a colony on Mars like in Total Recall (are we on target for that flick's 2084 deadline?
Yoon Shinae, executive director of festival organizer Visual Communications, told The Korea Herald that she expects more Korean movies to participate in the festival in future.
Korean films in top formIt has just been a dream for a long time, for Korean filmmakers to take their works to Hollywood. You just cant get sick perverted going to hell in a handbasket 4 laughing at entertainment anymore. Park Chan-wook, director of a€?Oldboy,a€? will start shooting his new movie a€?Stokera€? in the U.S.
British actor Colin Firth and Hollywood actresses Nicole Kidman and Mia Wasikowska will be starring in the movie planned for release in 2012. Korean graphic artist Hyung Min-wooa€™s popular comic series a€?Priesta€? has been made into a 3-D Hollywood movie of the same name.

Directed by Scott Stewart, the science fiction thriller about an alternative world ravaged by war between men and vampires was released in the U.S. Other movies that have recently excited Korean movie insiders include a€?Hello Ghost,a€? a 2010 movie which will be remade in Hollywood by Chris Columbus, director of the Home Alone movies and the first two Harry Potter films, and Dream Works animation film a€?Kung Fu Panda 2a€? whose director, Jennifer Yuh, is a Korean-American. The movie theater is located in a small shopping mall, a€?Madang the Courtyard,a€? in Korea Town, which houses Korean restaurants, shops and beauty salons. We want that 50-50 mix,a€? said Martin Kim, Marketing Manager at CJ Entertainment America.Hosting the film festival was another way to get closer to the international audience. Korean drinks in its caf, like a€?misutgaru,a€? or mixed grain powder, smoothies are popular among non-Korean visitors too.
It was released in 58 theaters in North America earlier this year but the number dropped to one theater within only 15 days. Besides, comedy seems to be the most difficult genre for people from other cultures to understand,a€? said Koo Kyoung-bon, director of Korea Creative Content Agency USA. But although there are many directors who say that they want to try out here, not many actually make the movies to do so,a€? added Koo.
Some also mention that the haughty manners of some Korean directors are a big obstacle for bringing Korean movies to Hollywood. But they (famous Korean directors) are used to getting all the privileges in Korea and if we try to bring them in that way, not many investors can afford the money. So it is hard to convince them to come here without getting the privileges,a€? said an official at a top U.S. Hwang Soo-jin, manager of KOFIC USA, said that many show weakness when it comes to actually dealing and looking at legal procedures.
So when she came to the office last year, she decided to a€?promote Korean involvement in U.S. But Koreans simply boast that they have the money but never really show how smartly it could be used. We find appropriate business matches for them,a€? said Hwang Soo-jin, manager of KOFIC USA. Although one of the biggest purposes of the theater is to provide English-language subtitles for Korean films and widen the audience for Korean films, there were times when it screened them without subtitles. When that does not work out, then they send it here, but by then, the movie is already down in theaters in Korea. I hope that a proper venue could be prepared so that anyone in showbiz who is interested in Korean and U.S.

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