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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The K-Mart website is one of my favorite sources for obtaining early images of new LEGO sets for my LEGO blog, so them posting new toy photos early (and often before they’re allowed to do so) is nothing new. K-Mart is among my least-favorite stores to visit, on account of the fact that the majority of the ones I’ve been in in my life have been dirty cesspits that never restock.
First up, we’ll take a look at the Marvel Legends Captain America Super Soldier movie figure.
Finally, we’ve got the good-looking Black Widow Marvel Legends Infinite Series figure. The best part, however, is that she includes an alternate head with her hair from The Avengers, enabling collectors to finally complete their Wal-Mart exclusive Marvel Legends Avengers movie figures from 2012!
Now that you’ve seen these unexpectedly early super hi-res images, how do you like Hasbro’s attempt at Captain America The Winter Soldier Marvel Legends movie figures, Marvel fans? As a male in my early 20s, I think I know where the American action heroes are going: into extinction.

Mick Joest — EditorMick started out as a loyal reader of Geektyrant before emailing Joey one day about the potential of writing for Geektyrant. What is a bit of a switch is that this time, they’ve gone ahead and posted the first official packaged images of the 2014 Captain America: The Winter Soldier Marvel Legends movie figures!
That said, I do love that you can almost always count on the K-Mart webmasters to leak photos of new toys, regardless of whether or not they have permission to do so.
While I was anticipating purchasing the Marvel Select Captain America movie figure, I’ll be getting this one as well for the Mandroid leg. I’ll need to purchase this Marvel Legends Black Widow figure twice over for just that purpose.
If you do not have an FFL (Federal Firearms License) then you must find one in your area to do the transfer for you, and you must enter their address as the shipping address on your order. The 100% American-made, Ruger American Rifle® is the latest engineering innovation from America's leading firearms manufacturer. For everyone else, you had to look to the commercials, and for fans of comic book super heroes in particular, there were a couple of goodies during the Big Game. The level of detail on this Super Soldier Captain America figure is really strong, and I love the blue shield and alternate hands.

Offered in short- and long-action calibers, the Ruger American Rifle® combines the rugged reliability of Ruger's past with the award-winning ingenuity featured in so many of Ruger's new products. Life got easier and we got soft, so we stuck to using phrases like 'creme de la creme' and started groups like Bronies to find outlets for our odd repressed male thoughts.
How do we survive in this brave new world where women have to deal with a less than Adonis kind of man?
I'd like to say that this might shame some of us into changing for the better to usher in an ultra badass new generation of action film stars, but I'm not even convincing myself right now! Of course he’s not exactly solo seeing as both Black Widow and the Falcon are along for the ride this time. The trailer sees all three heroes put through their physical paces, especially Falcon, who gets grounded the hard way by the Winter Soldier—though in awesome fashion, he pops right up and keeps on fighting. Along with the action scenes, there are also glimpses of some of the dramatic themes, with Cap and Black Widow about to uncover a dead body and Nick Fury challenging Steve on who’s calling the shots.

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