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Gone is the Dude’s young pouty expressions that seemed more at home on a male model trying to sell me some piss-smelling cologne that plagued his performance in American Ninja.
Steve really makes the most of his scenes as the Dude’s partner in delivering ass whippings, going through his fight scenes with so much enthusiasm it was like he was doing his impression of guy in an old school kung fu movie!
The Dude is now is a Sergeant along with Steve and they’ve been dispatched to the island where the Marines guarding the embassy there are disappearing.
The Dude’s investigation, which consists of getting into bar fights at the same bar a couple of times, leads him to hook up with a woman whose father is a scientist working for the Lion.

As is to be expected, the Dude is nonplussed by the prospect of mad scientist shenanigans and the distinct possibility of facing hundreds of ninjas and armed guards. Meanwhile back at the embassy, Wild Bill (as the CO is called) is launching an unofficial invasion using about twenty guys and two rubber rafts. With the American Ninja himself being less morose and more likable this time around (he even ends up smiling and winking at a little kid at the end of the movie), the familiar (to cut-rate action movie fans) Philippine locations switched for less familiar South African locations, the over-the-top evil genius experimenting on people story, and all manner of stunt work (a ninja is dragged by a truck for miles!), American Ninja 2 easily realizes the potential in engagingly silly martial arts entertainment promised by its predecessor.
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