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GRAND RAPIDS – Rob Bliss' Grand Rapids Lip Dub video of Don McLean's "American Pie" now is up and online on YouTube. The nine-minute video, premiered at four screenings Wednesday at Celebration Cinema North, was posted shortly after 4 p.m.
The project, filmed Sunday in downtown Grand Rapids, featured familiar faces, including entertainers, political figures, media celebrities surrounded by hundreds of football players, musicians, cheerleaders, police and firefighters, swing dancers, kayakers and more. A lip dub video is filmed with people lip syncing to previously recorded music, but it's filmed in one continuous take with people continually entering and leaving the picture.
Five takes were filmed Sunday by Bliss, 22, who has earned a following with nearly 5,000 Facebook fans.He and his team chose the fifth and final take.
Several media celebrities, Grand Rapids movers and shakers and organizations participated in the Grand Rapids Lip Dub.
Coreografia Para aula de Ritmos - Five More Hours - Chris BrownCoreografia autoral da musica Five More Hours do cantor Chris Brown. American pie presenta band camp (american pie 4) (2005, American pie presenta band camp (american pie 4) dirigida por steve rash. American pie (film series) - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, American pie is a series of sex comedy films conceived by adam herz. Ver american pie presenta band camp (american pie 4) (2005, American pie: band camp (2005) espanol, latino matt, el hermano pequeno de stifler, es condenado a pasar un verano en el inmundo campamento de la banda de. American pie presents - band camp (2005) - rotten tomatoes, The latest critic user reviews, photos cast info american pie presents - band camp. American pie (1999) - imdb, With jason biggs, chris klein, thomas ian nicholas, alyson hannigan.

American pie presents band camp (2005) trailer - youtube, Part american reunion celebration, check trailers movies american pie series.
It’s been proven that Americans don’t have time to sit down and eat and would rather wait in a long line of cars to pick up a dozen burgers and fries to feed their hungry hordes. Brands like Jack in the Box, Burger King, Sonic and McDonalds are deeply rooted in the cultural fabric of America. At fast food restaurants, you can purchase anything from cheeseburgers to ice cream sundaes to chicken nuggets to chili cheese fries. The one thing you can’t buy at fast food restaurants is alcohol-fueled cocktails.To say that Americans love fast food is a serious understatement. It seems like a new concept, but Americans haven’t been able to sit still and wait for a home-cooked meal in over seventy years.
It’s a lot easier (albeit not remotely as healthy) to swing through a drive-through on the way home from work to pick up a bucket of cheeseburgers than it is to make a meal for an entire from scratch.If you only order from the value menu at most fast food restaurants, you can feed a family of five for around $15 dollars. But what good does that do when your throat is as dry as a desert from lack of alcohol mixed drink magic?As much as we love fast food, the lack of alcohol is glaring. Maybe it’s because most people venture to places like Taco Bell and Wendy’s after they have already imbibed a handful of wobbly pops or jungle juice. Lets face it, some fast food is only tolerable after you have had a few alcoholic beverages before hand. But, wouldn’t a Big Mac taste at least a little bit better with a frosty beer or a delicious mixed drink?What would be a better accompaniment to a spicy chicken sandwich or a handful of French fries than a tasty, refreshing cocktail? She imagines a world where cocktails are on the menu alongside your deep-fried favorites at a trio of popular fast food chains.She designed a few cocktails for CraveOnline, using ingredients from popular fast food chains.

The process of creating fast food cocktails is pretty much the same as regular cocktails except she reverses the usual process. Too much or too little of any one thing and the cocktail (or table scape) will be off balance.”In the case of Fast Food Cocktails, you work almost in reverse. You start with the ingredients available like an apple pie, ketchup packet or fruit bowl and decide what spirits, modifiers, acids and fats work well with them to create a tasty, complex cocktail.
Bourbon4 oz Whataburger Strawberry Milkshake2 oz Simply OJ.5 oz Maple Syrup cupEgg WhiteReverse Dry Shake.
2 coffee stir strawsSonic Mint Julep for 21 Small Sweetened Iced Tea1 Extra Cup3 Sonic Mints4 ounces Maker’s Mark 46Order a small iced tea, which is already sweetened, and an extra cup. Take 3 mints and crush them, putting them in the bottom of the extra cup, then add 4 ounces ( this is for 2 ) of Makers 46 and stir. Now dump the contents of the other cup, ice and all into the cup with the crushed mints, being sure to mound it with plenty of ice. Sonic Mint Julep!!Chick-fil-A Sangria Recipe1 Chick-fil-A Fruit Bowl1 Small Chick fil A Lemonade4 oz Rose Wine2 oz Kappa Pisco1 oz Grand MarnierRemove some fruit for your garnishes, and allow the rest to marinate in the refrigerator, covered, until ready to serve.
You can get a second fruit bowl to have as a refill if you are serving guests other than yourself.

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