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Over a decade has passed and the gang return to East Great Falls, Michigan, for the weekend. The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall And Felt Superbad About It DVD features side-splitting bonus material including “Being Jonah Hill,” an uproarious “making of” featurette, behind-the-scenes footage, cast interviews and more!
SEE I thought the title was pretty hilarious too but I’m always so hit or miss with how much I like spoofs.

They will discover how their lives have developed as they gather for their high school reunion. Get down and dirty with a horror-filled trip to get a chest wax, baby mama drama and one middle-aged man who really needs to get laid when the comedy mash-up The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall And Felt Superbad About It debuts on DVD June 8 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. How has life treated Michelle, Jim, Heather, Oz, Kevin, Vicky, Finch, Stifler, and Stifler's mom In the summer of 1999, it was four boys on a quest to lose their virginity.

The wildest parody ever, it’s laugh-out-loud insanity when “MADtv” cast alumnus Bryan Callen (Bad Santa) and Noureen DeWulf (Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past) “come together” in this hilariously raunchy farce featuring favorite characters from Judd Apatow’s hit films.

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