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I know why you’re excited today: in ten days Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln is coming out, chronicling the 16th President’s political and personal struggles. After getting this out of the way let’s get to the serious stuff: electing the best on-screen American president.
While this probably won’t be considered a cinematic masterpiece, the historic aspect of being the first African American president trumps everything. He is the go-to president for Republicans when talking about other Republicans: is he the next Reagan? If you’re talking about the quantity of films made about one president, I think Bush wins this contest hands down and with good reason.
There’s something to be said about those uninspiring names for films about presidents, but we’ll leave it to another time. While not as historic as the Obama presidential campaign, this documentary following the Clinton campaign of 1992 is definitely more exciting, and cinematically speaking, a better film. This film is definitely not about Eisenhower, but his 1961 amazing farewell speech stands at its center.
Yes, the best works about American presidents are about fictional ones, and we could do a countdown of fake presidents alone.
Cloud Atlas is coming out this week – It’s an epic, stylized and world spanning movie that looks and sounds extremely ambitious. What could have been done with the money instead: 180 pandas could have been purchased from China and be at your disposal for a period of 10 years.
What could have been done with the money instead: 53,333,333 starving children could have gotten a happy meal. What could have been done with the money instead: 15 million cashmere sweaters could have been purchased and given to homeless people who are freezing at night while they sleep in the cold.
The most obvious thing about Steven Spielberg‘s Terra Nova is that a lot of time and effort were put into creating convincing looking dinosaurs, but not nearly enough time was spent on the script. What could have been done with the money instead: 440 hospitals could have been built in Africa. What could have been done with the money instead: the money could have been used to finance a college education for 1,166 young men and women, who grew up in poor families. Once you have rejoiced at the sight of people after 10 minutes of looking at solar systems, you realize that you don’t really have much to be joyful about at all. What could have been done with the money instead: 4 million tickets could have been purchased for people who deserve to see less pretentious and more coherent movies.
The concept of a mute child (by choice?) doing the narration for the series is a bit weird. What could have been done with the money instead: 42,857 poor people, who are still using the iPhone 4s, could have gotten an iPhone 5.
This odyssey is regarded as a masterpiece by many, but also as an incredibly boring and very (very!) slow movie by a chosen few. What could have been done with the money instead: The money could have been divided between Jinni employees who have the same first name as important politicians.
American Reunion, the latest installment from the American Pie franchise, is opening in theaters this weekend. We decided to take a look at previous and upcoming reunions, sequels and remakes that came after long intervals between installments, whether on the big screen or on your TV sets. Following his 2 cinematic masterpieces, Francis Ford Coppola returns to the crime scene with The Godfather 3.
When concerns rise about John McClane’s legacy, Bruce Willis pledged that this is going to be a kick-ass movie, and he delivers. The first Bad Boys movie was a great action-comedy flick, and one of director Michael Bay’s best films (before he mangled with Transformers).
Sharon Stone returns as the murderous femme fatale, who prefers not to keep her legs crossed.
Michael Douglas returns to his infamous role as Gordon Gecko, who believes, in his own words, that “greed is good”. Overall this is an adequate film, but has a hard time filling in the gigantic shoes of the original. In Rocky Balboa, although Adrian is gone (no more ADRIAN!!!), we get to see Rocky’s relationship with his son.
So we can see that there’s no decisive conclusion regarding the fate of reunions; however, caution should be highly exercised when trying to temper with cinematic gems.
Ridley Scott goes back to his roots and revives the Alien franchise (last known traces were in 1997) – the best sci-fi horror in space, where “no one can hear you scream”. After the tremendous success of The Artist, which paid homage to an earlier era of cinema – the silent era, Oscar winner Michel Hazanavicious is planning a new movie that will show a painting for 80 minutes. After setting new negative records at last year’s Razzie awards, Adam Sandler wants to be recognized with quality this year. A new East European movie is earning a lot of praise and promises to sweep the upcoming Oscars.
OverviewIn the first American Pie movie, there was a book that chronicled the rules for losing one's virginity, and those in subsequent movies have followed its advice to the letter. Total chaos ensues when a set of college geeks threaten to put a stop to the traditional debauchery at the start of term.
The Coen Brothers - contemporary legends of film - roll out another top notch, striking, surreal delight.
Given unequivocal praise from the critics, then showered in awards (including a BAFTA and an Oscar), this stop-motion 3D animation has a lot to live up to, yet doesn't disappoint. In his first major starring role on film, Brand hits the big screen in typically flamboyant style. Glory (1989) – The true story of the first formal all-black army company during the American Civil War.
The Color Purple (1985) – Based on a book by Alice Walker, Steven Spielberg’s period drama tells the story of an impoverished and uneducated girl in the South. Sanford and Son (1972 – 1977) – This sitcom tells the misadventures of a father and son who operate a junkyard business. When We Were Kings (1996) – One of the most important African-Americans (or persons) of the 20th century is masterfully depicted in this Oscar winning documentary.
Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap (2012) – Hip Hop legend Ice-T gathers his colleagues to talk about the rise of hip hop to global domination.

On a side note, tomorrow Americans Ohioans are going to elect a president for the United States.
This documentary starts very early, at a time when this president was clearly an underdog, and traces his meteoric rise to fame. Kenneth Branagh plays FDR, the 32nd president, and possibly the most important American president of the 20th century. This HBO mini-series chronicles one the most turbulent times in US history, and Adams was right in the thick of it, serving as the first vice president, as the 2nd president, crafting the Declaration of Independence and doing other founding duties.
A charismatic James Carville and a young, baby-faced George Stephanopoulos help make politics seem as exciting as ever.
This cynical tale of a spin-doctor (Robert De Niro) and a Hollywood producer (Dustin Hoffman) fabricating a fake conflict with Albania in order to cover up a presidential sex scandal, sounds more plausible than ever; with the advancements in technology, the rise of the power of the internet and the (poor) state of journalism and the media today. Although there are a lot of events during the movie, none of them are really dramatic or engaging. Needless to say, if the pandas give birth during that period, the newborns belong to China. While Lost didn’t make sense, but at least gave you the motivation to try and make sense of it all, in FlashForward you just stop caring after a few episodes.
This movie has no character development whatsoever, it tries to raise ideas about the meaning of life, but it only succeeds in raising ideas about the meaning of being bored.
What follows the solar systems is a simple and depressing story about a family with young children, who are suffering under the hand of their abusive father. It’s an incoherent movie with an unclear message that makes you wonder why the hell they gave the movie its (unrelated) title and also why it was made in the first place.
This time, all the original cast (and I mean everyone) from the first movie has returned, so there’s a bit of nostalgia and hopefully some good laughs in it.
First of all, it was genuinely funny, and had everything its target audience (mainly teens) was looking for. Although McClane has a grown-up daughter and less (or actually no) hair, he is still the bad-ass hero who kills a lot of bad guys in innovative ways while complaining, cursing and cracking jokes.
When you’re dealing with one of the most iconic characters in film history, it is actually kind of crucial. Bad Boys 2 continues the great chemistry between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, as two partners in Miami PD who investigate a drug crime and in between just can’t shut up.
Without Michael Douglas, the producers probably thought Stone had enough star power to carry the movie. That’s what happens when you try to tamper with Gordon Gecko’s legacy – you get outmaneuvered. The sequel kept the humor and the offbeat-ness, and of course the great gunfight sequences. But like a singer who covers well-known songs, Stallone has built his comeback on his two franchises (Rocky & Rambo), which made it easier to digest. As usual, Rocky arrives as the underdog and tries to beat the odds against a stronger opponent. It’s interesting to see how Rambo had developed over the years from a tormented tragic hero into a human killing machine, as the action sequences (and the body count) keep on rising. They were both created by Darren Star, and Melrose rode Beverly’s success while being advertised as a second generation to the hit show (when they were, in fact, older). Melrose, who naturally followed 90210, got cancelled after one season; 90210 still hangs on as it’s about to embark on its 4th season. The Ewing family is back in business, with all the intrigue and manipulations that you can imagine.
While Scott returns to the director’s chair, Ellen Ripley’s (Sigourney Weaver) absence sticks out. Will she attract a new audience of hipsters to the dying franchise and manage to revive it? Now, ten years have passed since that first pact, and some teens at East Great Falls high school have discovered it. Today is also the inauguration to the second term of Barack Obama, the first African American president in US history. Even though the Union battled the Confederates to abolish slavery, racism was present in the north, south, east and west, and those black soldiers experienced it from both sides of the aisle. While suffering from the usual Spielberg sentimentality, the simple story of overcoming abuse and such a horrible destiny will uplift even the most cynical people. It’s a groundbreaking TV show, one of the first predominantly African-American shows, predating The Jeffersons and The Cosby Show. The story of Muhammad Ali’s 1974 boxing match against George Foreman in Zaire, coined “The Rumble in the Jungle”. A high school basketball prodigy, Jesus Shuttlesworth (Ray Allen) has to deal with his choice of college.
Everyone who is or was everyone (except Jay-Z, surprisingly) comes to talk about the genre that didn’t invent anything, but reinvented everything. Cheadle is great, and he successfully captures the outrageous humor of this unique character. Many of us would choose flight over fight but apparently there’s a third option – interrupt.
It was a simpler time back then, when the words ‘hope’ and ‘change’ were enough to make us believe. His presidency dealt with the Great Depression and World War II, but this film shows his struggles with Polio before he got elected, and how these shaped him as a man. Eugene Jarecki (again) does a thorough job in showing us the politics behind statements like ‘spreading democracy,’ ‘defending freedom’ and such. On the one hand you have post-Watergate Richard Nixon, who chooses Robert Frost as an interviewer thinking he can best him. Second, similar to Scream, Blair Witch Project, Saw and Shaun Of The Dead, it re-defined its own genre, and therefore had many copycats. He is getting older, while his kids are growing up into annoying supporting characters, especially Sofia Coppola (somebody mention nepotism?), who is just irritating in every scene. The villains have been upgraded to today’s standards as high-tech thieves, but they are still merciless. A fast and exciting movie, with one particularly memorable car chase through a Brazilian favela.

There’s no way to recreate the original Boondock Saints, but frankly, this is as close as you can get. The movies were always uplifting and inspirational, and Rocky 6 manages to follow that line. The 4th installment loses some of its distinguishing features, like Colonel Trautman (passed away) or even the shirtless muscles (too many tattoos; same headband though). It’s hard to compare between two series from different generations, so the jury is still out on this one. The creators added new blood to the veterans, with the young (and beautiful) next generation of the Ewings. Let’s hope that Prometheus would preserve the Alien legacy and not experiment too much with the saga, as a lot of devoted fans are standing by, ready to praise or criticize this highly anticipated movie.
Nadia komt Jim opzoeken, maar hij is bang dat hij seksueel gezien nog steeds niet helemaal klaar is voor haar. I don’t know about you, but to me, Barack Obama’s reelection victory was more impressive than his first one.
It’s a great story, and has great performances all around (Denzel Washington becoming only the second African-American Oscar winning actor). It also succeeded in not stereotyping or glorifying African-Americans and it’s still funny, after all these years. Ali’s personality alone can carry a film, but this is one of the best sports documentaries ever made. Enter his father (Denzel Washington), a convict serving 15 years in jail for his role in the death of Jesus’ mom, who is offered a commuted sentence if he can convince his estranged son to enroll to a specific college. This is an amazing story of three people who try to interrupt and disrupt the violence in inner-city Chicago.
The success of this TV movie lies in the characterization of FDR – larger than life on the one hand, and a flawed human being on the other. On the other hand, there’s Frost, a freewheeling guy, who doesn’t seem to know exactly what he’s doing, or what he wants to find out. But since then American Pie has become a franchise, with a lot of lousy films that disgraced the brand name. Actually, the best thing that came out of this film is her decision to quit acting, which led her to focus on directing films like Lost In Translation.
Rambo is less ideological here, but he still functions as a lone wolf and an actual one-man army. Unfortunately for them and everyone involved with them, it has undergone some serious wear and tear over the years. In 2008, with two unwinnable wars and right in the midst of a recession, any guy promising change (he cleverly added Hope) would have easily won. The Spike Lee touch makes this is a different kind of sports film, with much more depth and style. It’s a great example of people thinking outside the box for solving the violence problem of America from the inside. And to think, all of this would never have happened if there was no recount (thanks guys, really).
The surprising result from this great battle of wits is one of the most telling interviews in the history of television.
American Reunion, which returns to the basics, will hopefully restore the movie series’ (dubious) pride.
It’s not the definitive Rambo installment, but it’s a proper action film with heavy emphasis on the violence.
Hence, what these teens are reading is very different from the original words, with huge chunks of material missing. One thing I do know is that this little girl and most of us will be glad when the elections are over. Although Jarecki is known as a more left-leaning filmmaker, he successfully paints a non-partisan look at the actor-turned-40th-president.
99.9% of films made about Bush criticized him in one way or another, so I think I should be commended for finding one in which he is portrayed positively.
Somewhere in the middle of 2012 Obama was a shoe-in for reelection: Bin Laden got got and the Republican primaries were full of smearing, fails and some preposterous ideas.
Doing something dramatic like declaring a war (or two), abolishing slavery, dropping a nuclear bomb, and such, definitely help make your case. Suddenly Obama was the favorite, he knew that nobody cheers for the favorite and that if democrats get too comfortable they could forget to vote. All these traits, plus a good director, are essential if you want to be the greatest American president ever to be seen on screen.
Steinberg Story Jane Bartelme Co-Producer Chris Bender Co-Producer Stefanie Franke Associate Producer Adam Herz Executive Producer Craig Perry Producer Chris Weitz Executive Producer Paul Weitz Executive Producer Warren Zide Producer Mark Irwin Director of Photography Larry Madaras Editor Stuart H. Pappe Editor Joseph Middleton Casting Michelle Morris Casting Amanda Evans Art Department Coordinator Kitty Doris-Bates Art Direction Mark David Kersey Greensman John Stone Construction Coordinator France Myung Fagin Location Scout Derrick Harper Painter Richard Toyon Production Design Andy Friend Production Illustrator Karen Agresti Set Decoration Drew Kinney Set Designer Derrick Harper Standby Painter Eric J. Goldstein Camera Operator Gary Katsuya Ushino First Assistant Camera Tom Connell Grip Mark Van Loon Steadicam Operator Vivian Zink Still Photographer Alexandra Welker Costume Design David Swope Costume Supervisor Vicky Phillips Hair Department Head Wendy Martin Hairstylist Roxy D'Alonzo Makeup Artist Leslie A. Johnson Loader Cyril O'Neil Picture Car Coordinator Sarah de Sa Rego Post Production Assistant Frank Cuomo Post Production Supervisor Scott Buckwald Property Master Jeff Plauster Propmaker Rick Barker Second Unit Lonnie Johnson Set Medic Jeremiah Kent Set Production Assistant Bill Meadows Sound Recordist Alan E. Lorimer Special Effects Coordinator Ryan Keating Stand In Brad Martin Stunt Coordinator Brian Avery Stunts Keith D. Fisher Transportation Captain Don Poole Transportation Co-Captain Aaron Skalka Transportation Coordinator Daniel M. Stillman Unit Production Manager Christopher Guyer Video Assist Operator Marco Black Assistant Director Sherry Gallarneau Script Supervisor Matvey Shatz Color Timer Walter Spencer Dialogue Editor Melissa Remenarich First Assistant Editor Jeff Barco Best Boy Electric Ed Bernstein Electrician John W.
Yowler Gaffer Samantha Bahramian Lighting Technician Lon Caracappa Rigging Gaffer Randy Kutcher Rigging Grip Dena Berman Casting Associate Deborah Laub Location Manager John Catron Production Accountant Gabrielle Wallack Production Coordinator Deborah Simmrin Publicist Bob McNabb ADR & Dubbing Brent Brewington Boom Operator Marilyn Graf Foley Charles Martin Inouye Music Editor Gary Jones Music Supervisor David Lawrence Orchestrator Richard LeGrand Jr. Sound Editor Jonathon 'Earl' Stein Sound mixer Chris Carpenter Sound Re-Recording Mixer Richard LeGrand Jr.

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