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People are upset and want to know who is responsible for this drastic change that has effected so many top income earners. One moment your doing great enjoying the income from this MLM and the next you get an email that says your no longer needed.
Unfortunately the news that Thrive North American Power has swept the rug from underneath its distributors and there will be no more marketing arm. One day your on top making residuals in this business and then all of a sudden your get the rug swept right underneath your feet leaving you questioning why did this happen? Early this afternoon I was reviewing my Facebook news feed and noticed one of my dear friends who is a top income producer at the top of the company posted on his wall how sad he was that North American Power is letting go of their distributors as they feel there will be no need for them any longer. We have a few friends in North American Power who were doing quite well and one of them today I reached out to him to express my concern for his well being. These distributors don't need to be treated like that, they are people that are the victims and deserve much more respect.
Then immediately within seconds I seen a influx "Join My Business or My Energy Program Is Better" type of comments in stream of replies to dignified representatives of NAP.
In the last post I written about the news of Virdian Energy getting sued along with North American Power I wanted to know the reasons why this has happened, I mean I thought they were doing great so far.
Therefore I did some digging and found this Google Hangout broadcast of the Tom Chenault Show with guests like Rod Cook, Troy Dooley, and other experts on the panel discussing the reasons as of what caused the shutdown.
North American Power is one of the nation’s fastest-growing energy suppliers, recently earning a spot on FORBES list of America’s Most Promising Companies.
Here is thing I feel really bad for the reps and what they have to go through because they actually did alot of hard work just to build a team and with that comes alot of trust. I'm sure there was alot of convincing and explaining to get these people signed up and it just saddens me and Ace to see them all go through this. I mean who could blame them, they believed in the company's vision but more importantly they believed in me.
We all have a part to play when it comes to running a business and living a great life so look at this as a life lesson and follow your heart, follow your passion, and more importantly just listen to your "Gut Instinct" it will guide you in the right direction. If you received value from this post, please take a moment to leave us a comment below and share this post with your friends! PS: We always love hearing your thoughts and opinions, or about how our content has inspired you! I had reached the director level at NAP using an AW certificate ($20 per month) to start my business.
As far as Skin Cream coming to Thrive I haven’t heard anything about that but my best guess it might since most of these companies are tapping into the Anti-aging and Skincare niche as an addition to boost their sales. Will EPA’s Clean Power Plan be mired in legal wrangling if Interstate Power Compact is successful? A Texas think tank has launched an interesting end run around the Environmental Protection Agency that could hobble the Obama Administration’s key climate change strategy, the Clean Power Plan.
The Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Fueling Freedom Project announced this week the launch of the Interstate Power Compact, an agreement between participating states to prevent the federal overreach of the Clean Power Plan.

The Foundation says that the Clean Power Plan rule, already the subject of litigation, is widely opposed by many state environmental agencies, governors, and attorneys general. The Interstate Power Compact is a powerful tool to protect Texas and all states from the EPA’s unconstitutional and overreaching proposed federal carbon rule, so-called the Clean Power Plan, says Doug Domenech, director of the Foundation’s Fueling Freedom Project. The interstate compact is a powerful Constitutional device that permits states to maintain their sovereignty by allowing them to act collectively outside the confines of federal legislation or regulation,” said Domenech. An AC power plug is a portable electrical connector which consists at the minimum of two metal contact prongs designed to make contact with matching points connected to a power supply, usually contained in a protected electrical outlet.
AC power plugs, and the outlets they plug into, conform to the electrical codes of the nation they're located in, which vary greatly from one nation to another, and considerable debate exists as to the efficacy of each.
Even within a country, AC electrical plugs differ based on the size of the load they're designed to transmit. Electrical outlets for larger loads, typically 220 – 240 volts, have a different number and alignment of slots, and the AC power plugs for those devices, such as electric dryers and stoves, have larger and heavier prongs shaped and oriented to fit the outlets. One of the main drawbacks of the American plug-and-outlet system is that the design makes it possible for the prongs to become energized — carry current — before the plug is completely inserted into the outlet and the face of the grip comes in contact with the outlet's faceplate.
Electrical outlets in North America and some parts of South America will accommodate the standard US AC power plugs, called the Type A and Type B plugs. Worldwide, a dozen different types of plugs are used with corresponding electrical outlets.
Due to the multiplicity of AC power plug designs worldwide, and the fact that an AC power plug will fit only those outlets specifically designed for it, travelers must always find out about the outlets wherever they're traveling to and acquire adapters for those devices, such as computers and shavers, they'll be bringing with them.
I'm glad this article mentioned shock and fire hazards associated with American AC power plugs. When we moved into our first rental home, I discovered that all of the electrical outlets weren't designed for polarized or grounded power plugs.
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For what rational reasons they just cut off all their distributors and axed off it's network marketing arm.
The company also has a commitment to philanthropy, sustainability and economic independence. Now they have a bad taste in their mouth about MLM and I have to be honest I'm not saying all MLM's are bad but it did put a bad taste in my mouth also and that is why I turned to affiliate marketing on the internet. My residuals aren’t that great at this time and even less because I have to continue paying $20 a month to get them.
This is the rare purple maca, which is the most powerful type, along with purple corn and yacon root, all from the Andes mountains. The US Energy Information Administration estimates the Clean Power Plan will shutter dozens of coal-fired power plants over the next 25 years and accelerate the transition to cleaner fuels, mostly natural gas, solar, and wind. It claims experts predict that the carbon rule will significantly increase the cost of electricity hurting consumers—especially low-income families—businesses, and communities.

Except for the actual metal contacts, an AC power plug is protected by an insulated grip that's designed for ease of insertion into, or extraction from, a power outlet. They all have at least two prongs — one, called “live” or “hot,” and a second prong, usually called “neutral” or “cold.” Many have a third prong, which conducts current only in the case of insulation failure in the device. The “standard” AC power plug in the United States is designed for household current, which is up to 15 amps at 125 volts. I have always dreaded the idea of plugging up an unfamiliar appliance into a standard electrical outlet.
My landlord said he didn't have the money to hire an electrician, so he gave me a dozen or so AC power plug adapters with non-polarized prongs instead. I will be using this ppt design to enhance the creation of a virtual field trip to Pearl Harbor I am creating. I will use this ppt design for a class project regarding the TRICARE military insurance for my Reimbursement and Coding course. To me it is not worth staying in for the residual compared to the chance to make more elsewhere in the energy industry. These powerful plants and vegetables are kept in a raw state to preserve their valuable enzymes and other nutrients. 2016 - The American Energy News : The American Energy News on Texas oil and gas production statistics for Jan.
These prongs fit into the slots on the electrical outlet and make contact with metal elements inside the outlet that are wired into corresponding components of the electrical system. I had to put them on every electrical device we had, until I decided it was better to get some grounded power strips and plug just about everything in them.
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This configuration ensures that a polarized AC power plug, with a wider neutral blade, can only be inserted in the outlet the proper way, ensuring the proper flow of electricity inside the device. On top of that, and it may be because they have such big hearts, those up line reps are trying find something else they can push that won’t compete with the energy sector.

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