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A place for a savvy lady to document her cinematic self-education- recording every movie I watch. Psycho is less of a horror film than a study about the nature of paranoia and fear and how that influences our actions. Psycho DVD movie video $14.05 in stock at CD Universe, Credited with inventing the genre of the modern horror film, PSYCHO has had its share of sequels.
Wittrock played the gay prostitute who was frequently patronized by the closeted Barton Scully (Beau Bridges).
Wittrock played the long-lost son of Tad Martin (as well as the culprit behind a string of break-ins) from 2009-2011.
No one can escape their awkward pasts, and the same goes for sexy, murdery television stars like Wittrock. In a move that has absolutely no chance of inciting international incidents, financially crippling cyberattacks, or the extinction of all life on earth, Lost and Hawaii Five-0 star Daniel Dae Kim has signed on to produce and star in a movie based on a book about smuggling people out of North Korea.
I'll be exploring classics, cheesy sci-fi, romantic comedies, road movies, period pieces, anime, noir, b-movies, musicals, shoot-em-ups, experimental animation, foreign thrillers, westerns, superhero blockbusters, art documentaries, and a whole lot more.
The book, Escaping North Korea, details the author’s work helping refugees make their way out of the reclusive country. But it's referenced on the internet a lot, and I had seen some commentary on how it takes a gross misogynistic book and makes a feminist film, which is interesting. A Korean-American financial planner who gave up his practice in order to found the non-profit organization Crossing Borders, Michael Kim spent several years living undercover as a martial arts student in North Korea, making contacts to serve his secret goal: helping people to escape the country.

Christian Bale stars as so-called "psycho" Patrick Bateman, a stereotypical 80s businessman who matches his douchey peers in materialism, sexism, and self-obsession as a way to hide his carnal bloodlust. Kim eventually wrote a book about his experiences and the stories of the refugees he worked with, which gained widespread attention when he promoted it on The Daily Show back in 2009.
His thirst for murder is stronger than his coke addiction, and becomes harder to control as the bodies pile higher and higher.This is kind of a weird movie, and I'm honestly still not sure how I feel about it. The killing scenes all take place in richly furnished, highly modern apartments that ache for some well-placed blood splatter.
The first time around, I'm pretty sure I stared at the screen for a good five seconds trying to process all that had just happened. Kim currently appears on Hawaii Five-0, which will soon begin filming its sixth season, and had a role in the recent Insurgent. Bateman's drawling monologues about his favorite pop singers while he prepares his victims for the kill ride the line between funny and creepy, but mostly land as just strange. I liked how much this movie hates rich white yuppies, and the whole businessman-satire thing is its strength, I think. All of Bateman's buddies are just the worst, so you can kind of see why he wants to kill everything. It represents the percentage of professional critic reviews that are positive for a given film or television show.
To me he's mainly a Hal Hartley guy so it's kind of a treat to see him venture into more mainstream films.Anyway.

Yeah I guess the main gender critique-y thing it does is personify this over the top stereotype of masculinity, and makes it ridiculous. The story deals with serious subject matter but the script doesn't take anything seriously, so it's mostly funny with an undercurrent of sicko violence. I have no idea what the book is like, in terms of tone and message, but I got the impression Mary Harron and Guinevere Turner changed these things? I don't really care, I have no intention of reading it.My thoughts are obviously scattered, sorry for the shoddy workmanship here but I've been writing papers all day and my mind is kind of shot.
Basically I liked American Psycho because it's weird and funny, but I didn't all-out love it.
The subplot with Willem Dafoe as a detective is sort of out of place, though it leads to some great moments between him and Bale.
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