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Home Reviews All Reviews Theatrical Release Video-On-Demand Home Video Features All Features Exposition One Year Later Career View Encore! Harron gives the film an almost Kubrickian coldness and detachment that perfectly suits the material, particularly Christian Bale’s brilliant performance, which alternates between clammy coldness and manic excitability. American Psycho is a film of gleaming, impossibly perfect surfaces, devoid of comfort or warmth.

This relentless emphasis on appearance renders the bursts of extreme violence all the more shocking. After so much hermetic deadness, it’s a relief to see him doing something explosive and cathartic. It makes me re-think The Shining, where Kubrick created the exact same contrast between endlessly building, breathless, icy tension, and a maniac busting loose with an axe.

I like it, and I like it a little more each time, but those stylistic qualities make it a tough nut to crack.

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