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A wealthy New York investment banking executive hides his alternate psychopathic ego from his co-workers and friends as he escalates deeper into his illogical, gratuitous fantasies.
American Psycho 2000 Harron would then edit the takes together, giving the audience an unsure vibe of what Detective Kimball thought of Bateman.
American Psycho 2000 Initially, she considered various actors for the role of Patrick Bateman, including Billy Crudup (who was offered the part but turned it down), Ben Chaplin, Robert Sean Leonard, Johnathon Schaech, Jonny Lee Miller, and Jared Leto.
American Psycho 2000 The producers tried to talk Harron into casting Edward Norton, but she refused, and was ultimately allowed to cast Bale, but only on the proviso that she cast at least two other big name actors in supporting roles. American Psycho 2000 To this end, Harron hired Willem Dafoe to play Kimball and Reese Witherspoon to play Evelyn. American Psycho 2000 However, after they had agreed to appear, Lions Gate told Harron they were going to make an offer to Leonardo DiCaprio to play Bateman.

American Psycho 2000 Harron told them if they did, she would leave the project, which is exactly what happened. American Psycho 2000 Oliver Stone was subsequently hired to replace Harron, working from a script by Matt Markwalder. American Psycho 2000 Stone was set to cast James Woods as Kimball, Cameron Diaz as Evelyn, Elizabeth Berkley as Courtney and Chloe Sevigny as Jean.
American Psycho 2000 However, DiCaprio left the project to shoot The Beach (2000) instead, and as the budget began to get out of control, Stone also left, prompting Lions Gate to rehire Harron, who returned to her original castings decisions, and decided to keep Sevigny on the project.
American Psycho 2000 Steinem had spoken out about the novel several times and was against the film version in any incarnation. American Psycho 2000 Her involvement is rendered especially interesting insofar as she would soon become Christian Bale’s stepmother.

American Psycho 2000 At the wrap party, when he began to speak in his own British accent, many of the crew thought he was speaking that way as an accent for another film – they had thought he was American throughout the entire shoot. American Psycho 2000 As his life progresses his hatred for the world becomes more and more intense.

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