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Chris Kyle is an American war hero, a mediocre cowboy in the literal sense from Texas, USA, he wants something to do with his life, he is a man of morals and his fibre is 100% US of A.
It is not the effect you would expect from someone who does four tours of duty, it is something different, he is affected mostly because he cannot help his fellow soldiers more. Eastwood delivers another solid movie, it is a brilliantly packaged movie from go to woe and has that Eastwood patriotic feel to it plus a nice love of guns all thrown in with a brilliant biopic. The strongest part about this movie is Bradley Cooper, he is superb and I would go so far as to say his best performance. Speaking of best performances, Sienna Miller blew me away in this movie, I have never been a huge fan, but her portrayal of Taya Kyle is brilliant. There are some other decent performances in the movie but they are all backseat performances to Cooper and Miller. The structure of the movie is well paced and has everything you expect from this kind of movie, I loved that they did the Navy Seal training really quick, it was a step to where the story took place and we have seen enough yelling at and the bell to quit in movies, the war time stuff is great and action packed, but for a sniper I expected more sniping, I found that while he was listed as a sniper we saw him on the ground more as a soldier staying with his fellow marines. Two major negatives for me, in one scene Kyle is on the phone to Taya and a battle ensues and he drops the phone, it devastates Taya and she does not know whether he is dead or alive, at the end of the battle there was nothing to indicate he wanted or needed to call his wife and reassure her – this I felt was a weak part of the story. If you love a good war movie, love Eastwood movies, love Bradley Cooper or just want to see a decent biopic of a war hero – then this is one for you. The portrayal of war vets is secondary storytelling, they are not lead characters and nor is the movie a documentary on war vets, they are his chorus if you will, his ensemble there to assist his character story. It is a brilliant biopic and it is a huge action movie, it may be resonating through time but this is not a documentary and the general public don’t give a fuck about the political importance, they want a good movie, that it is. It takes only the briefest of perusals through a history book to realize that the USA was forged, expanded, and maintained in violent conflict. Each of these bastard children seams to produce it’s own conflict as pundits and talking heads debate its merits or lack thereof. No one doubts their courage, but they seem to have a habit of dying without accomplishing much. After the movie, I stopped off at my local watering hole to knock down a few beers and write out a few quick impressions, while the flirty bartender did her best to distract me.
American Sniper is visually dull, as if it was filmed by first-year film students under strict orders to master the basics before trying anything fancy. In this case, I see no point when the cynosure is on the stress induced on the home life of a warrior. Kyle and his compatriots don’t show us the very real bonds that men in these situations cement.
Both settings then result in a stilted, bone-jarring ride to nowhere, like driving through an endless construction zone in a Porsche—bumpy, boring and never getting out of first gear, despite the promise of 430 horsepower. Bradley was almost unrecognisable, not because of his pant choice, but because the 39-year-old has been working out round the clock to gain a staggering 40 pounds of muscle.His co-star Eric Close, told E!
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It always helps if they have a great director, a sublime actor, and a screenplay that is award worthy.

He is very humble but incredibly brave, a true hero of the war and a man who had close on a six figure bounty on his head from Iraqi insurgents who referred to him as Devil of Ramadi. He owned the rights to this movie, is one of the producers and was prepping the movie to be made starring Chris Pratt but in the end could not give it up.
She is such a chameleon in looks – you can hardly recognise her and the woman seems incapable of aging. I found the boy and the Butcher scene disturbing more so of the fact that we simply hear him stop crying and yelling…made its point effectively.
I totally agree with Eastwood being a fine director and coopers performance but a bit more insight in the review would have been helpful – what about the 2 dimensional portrayal of war vets in the film? A major war is fought every twenty years or so with innumerable smaller conflicts and interventions seasoned throughout.
It is no coincidence then, that the two of these hobbies often mate and produce offspring—the war movie.
Experts and amateurs lock horns, in a contest to out-pun, out-analogy, and out-spin the other.
War movies are difficult for me to watch as I am myself a combat veteran of the United States Marine Corps. If you don’t want to take my word for it, check out a bit of their history here, here and here.
When it first came out, I really had no intention of seeing it, but the ensuing shitstorm piqued my curiosity. I had to search hard for something positive to say about this flick and here it is—despite all the hoopla, it is surprisingly neutral in tone. Considering the subject matter (urban warfare, military vehicles, and men), it is a bit inexplicable that everything is rendered so unappealing to the eye. Possibly, but the camera fails to capture anything of the moment, nor convey anything like tension or drama.
They saw fit to add one though and apparently there was a writers strike in progress and an uncredited 10-year-old with a box of crayons scribbled it out. There is one detail though that surprised me, and one that can save your life if you ever find yourself under fire. We see his desire to be with his family and also with his team in action, yet what we never really see from either perspective is—Why? They instead progress through their lines quickly and stiffly, saying what they think and feel instead of showing us.
It is not really the act of killing, nor even the action per se, it is belonging to a group of your absolute best friends combined with having a clear mission in life all while testing yourself to the limit. We recommend you use it when communicating with fellow "thought criminals." You'll receive no more than one message a day concerning relevant news and articles. And so it is with AMERICAN SNIPER, a Clint Eastwood film starring a much heavier Bradley Cooper about an American war hero and patriot. He completely immersed himself in the role putting on over 20kgs, sticking to an incredible weights and diet regime, taking daily vocal coaching lessons and studying Kyle to the core.

If it can be said that he has any goals in life at all, it is to impart just a small bit of his hard earned wisdom. I further acknowledge that it is probable, likely even, that some of my Marine brothers returned home because he was watching their six. A piece of the petrified forest could have been broken off to replace Bradley Cooper and no one would know the difference. AMERICAN SNIPER is out Thursday 22nd January in Australia from Roadshow Films (although some seeks on this weekend), it runs for 132mins and is rated MA15+. What we get from this is viewing Chris Kyle in the movie, Cooper completely disappears, it is truly remarkable. When talking about the real Chris Kyle, one has to consider some wacky stuff, but credit where it is due. Sienna Miller, as Chris Kyle’s wife Taya, does add a touch of realism with her constant nagging and moaning.
I get that Eastwood was attempting to portray the toll that war takes on the family, but my question is: why would Chris have ever fallen for her in the first place?
Stanley Kubrick did just fine without one in Full Metal Jacket and in fact the lack of a specific antagonist kept the focus on the men, where it was supposed to be. Kyle states openly (there is no subtlety in the dialogue, at all) a desire to protect his fellow warriors…fine, but what is missing here is any sense of the camaraderie that every man has experienced while off to war. That is why men such as Chief Petty Officer Chris Kyle will leave the comforts of home and hearth to fight and risk everything on the field of battle. He ventured into a war to make change, he just didn’t realise how the war would change him. Everyone in the military, in the Inner West and those of high patriotism will love this movie. I am glad it got nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars (and Brad’s Best Actor Nom was a pleasant surprise too).
I came away from Saving Private Ryan laughing, while my girlfriend at the time was in tears.
She does very well indeed portraying the standard, self-absorbed and even more deadly American Wife. We will never know how many lives were saved because of my unit’s strict adherence to that. I thoroughly enjoyed it for a war movie, it has strong messages about the effects of war and also a great insight into war in the are. I think this would do very well at the box office and probably a movie that is much more universal compared to the other nominated films (although haven’t seen Foxcatcher and The Theory of Everything yet). It also manages to see beyond a biopic patriotism and gives us a huge action movie with a nemesis and hero.

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