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Moviesnowshowing is a Web site where you can see the latest Movies, Trailers, Celebrities and many more.. In the time it took to write all of this, a few of these films did see a release, so some you can check out now! Twenty-something sisters Kate and Lisa are gorgeous, fun loving and ready for the holiday of a lifetime in Mexico.
When the opportunity to go cage diving to view Great White sharks presents itself, thrill-seeking Kate jumps at the chance while Lisa takes some convincing. But what should have been the trip to end all trips soon becomes a living nightmare when the shark cage breaks free and sinks and they find themselves trapped at the bottom of the ocean. Bumbling thieves steal top secret Government formulas and hide them in a toy store chemistry set, which is sold and given to a 12 year old boy for his birthday. Tars sez: One theme this year seems to be talking dog Home Alone movies, but Abner the Invisible Dog ups the ante by also giving the dog the power to turn invisible.
11-year old inventor, James Miller, has only one friend in the world, his beloved golden retriever Rex.
Tars sez: Looks like this was made with the budget of the pocket change found in the couch, but they did well for having almost no budget. The Anguish Garden is the world’s most prolific fetish and body art club and its owner, Master Diablo, is throwing a grand ball for his latest art acquisition, an ancient Sumerian statue. After “Nut House Nuts Inc.” harvest the forest for their own commercial gain, recently escaped con-squirrel ‘Frankie’ must perform the heist of the century – breaking into the high-security packaging plant and salvaging all the nuts.
Tars sez: A hyper neo-noir, Apocalypse Kiss deals with jealous killers, a Dick Tracy detective character, and dangerous women. The filming of a hit reality TV show goes horribly wrong when a group of small town cops respond to a call that brings a whole new meaning to the phrase domestic disturbance. After a failed attempt to propose to his girlfriend, Alan Jones is beaten to within an inch of his life by a street gang and taken to a mysterious lab where Dr.
The experiments lead to a hole being ripped in space and time, manifesting an Army of Frankensteins from hundreds of parallel universes and sending them all back to the 19th century, directly into the heart of a bloody battle between the North and South.
Johnny Solo, a small time hood with his hands in everything, believes he’s hit the jackpot when he learns the identity of mafia legend Carlo Manfredi’s illegitimate child. When American soldiers inadvertently steal Attila the Hun’s secret wishes, the wrath of the barbarian is awakened, and the mummified warrior will stop at nothing to kill the intruders. Five friends head out for a week getaway to a secluded cabin just outside of the Six Rivers National Forest. An elite special ops team get caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse with a mutant predator, in this tense action thriller. When an elite team of private military operatives receive a lucrative contract for a new mission, they think it will be a simple in-and-out operation. Unique to this mission, the team are assigned a female psychic operative, Lisa Westbrook (Kristina Anapau), to help locate the target deep within the maze of the underground complex. Upon arrival, however, the team is ambushed by a bloodthirsty, extra-dimensional creature, that has brutally mutilated the on-site security and staff.
Tars sez: One common themes on the few creature features films that are coming out is that elite teams are fighting the monsters.
A group of special-ops soldiers are sent to a Siberian military lab on a secret rescue mission. Tars sez: All we got on Blitzkrieg is concept art of an Abomination from Warcraft III with a bunch of guns all over him. Blood Shed is the story of six beautiful travelers who head to the mountains for a getaway weekend, only to be terrorized by a homicidal war veteran, who has been programmed to kill without remorse. Based on the true events of a loner who moves into a storage facility inhabited by a community of squatters until they are locked in for the night with a deranged female who hunts them down in search of her lost child. Tars sez: I thought it was funny there was two films called Blood Shed, of all the double movie names, that two companies would come up with the same pun title was sort of LOL.
A 24 year old stripper, begins to have vivid and unexplainable dreams after she is exposed to an unknown chemical agent. Escorting the fiery young Annie Blake and her gang to the sheriff in Blood Gulch, bountry hunter Dalton discovers the remains of a horrific massacre and rescues its sole survivor, a preacher.
A teen seductress pulls three other privileged Malibu kids into her devious scheme, and unforeseen consequences force the group to face their own fears and mortality. Tars sez: A sexy girl who is dangerous does dangerous stuff and morons who go along with it because she’s sexy pay the price! It’s 1753, a string of violent deaths of English soldiers rattle the government in Virginia. A young girl has a one-night stand with a random stranger and contracts, what she thinks is, a sexually-transmitted disease – but is actually something much worse. When a mysterious virus borne from chicken nuggets hits an isolated elementary school transforming the pre-adolescent children into a feral swarm of mindless cannibals, an unlikely hero must lead a motley band of teachers in the fight of their lives against them.
Tars sez: Honestly, this film sounds dumb and just something made as a dare to try to make a film where they could kill a bunch of children. Five young teenagers hoping to witness Pagan activity camp in the woods on Halloween but discover they are part of the ritual when a mysterious biker hunts them down.
An elite security team assigned the task of protecting the last known woman who can become pregnant, find themselves caught in an endless claustrophobic underground tunnel system. An office comedy about two best friend finance grads who embark on a crazy mission to stop an investment bank from closing a crooked deal involving student loans. Six friends get more than they bargained for when their shuttle craft crashes on an uncharted planet.
Tars sez: Aliens vs creepy rapist guys in power armor, and six friends are trapped in the middle. THE LOCH NESS MONSTER, OGOPOGO, THE WHITE RIVER MONSTER, LUKWATA – these mythical creatures have captured the imaginations of people the world over…and also tested their fears.
2002 – Afghanistan, American troops KIER THAN and CASTOR POLLUX investigate the disappearance of a squadron of SEALS over a reservoir near the Afghan border. Present Day, Southern California – Castor and Kier – back at home and now involved in various miscreant activities in the region – witness what to many may be an unexplained phenomena – the mass of water that the town which they call home is located on is experiencing the drastic dying off of its marine life.
However, Castor and Kier know what is actually going on – they know that this great serpent has returned to their home, and now must prepare the town for their “offering”.
Led by our heroine a few scientists are sealed inside an Eco Station -a self-sufficient environment deep in the desert. A chemical process, triggered somewhere in the world, got out of control and changed the molecular composition of H2O as we know it.
A young boy named Roscoe finds a portal to another world where he is taught magic by an elder demon known as Dimwos. DEVIL’S CROSSING tells the tale of a post-Apocalyptic Earth, after Nuclear War has devastated the planet.

A Wizard of Oz type story of prehistoric creatures and ancient magic – a coming of age journey for a modern day 13 year old boy, Lucas, who finds a crystal that creates a distortion in the fabric of time and space and a transports him to a strange island littered with the ghost ships, lost planes and fantastic creatures from throughout history.
Tars sez: I very much suggest checking out the trailer on the Official Site link, and watch as not very god CGI dragons attack some cosplayers in the woods! Take a journey into darkness- the darkness of ancient evil, the darkness of human greed, and the darkness of perversion of Empress Vampire. Sol, a bold fugitive lost in a dangerous post-apocalyptic desert world, searches for a missing woman named Catherine and her illusive captor, the Nomad King. Steven spent his entire life being the good son, dedicated all his time to the family business, The Long Pig Restaurant, known in the underground world for cannibalistic cuisine. Continuing the hunt for their Sensei, the trail leads the boys to The Long Pig, where they grusomely witness their Master being chopped up and marinated for the evening’s meal. In the vein of Grind House cinema, EVIL FEED is an over the top, laugh out loud, action gore flick that’s guaranteed to make you cringe. Tars sez: Director Kimani Ray Smith is a stunt man, and stunts are on full display here with all the action sequences. Dosthana is the trusted source and it's aim is to get the Listings, Movies, Mobiles etc information at one place for global audience.
Distributors and production companies with movies starring Paul Walker are scrambling to figure out how best to proceed in light of the star’s tragic death in a car crash Saturday.
In one of the action scenes in Brick Mansions, Walker is driving at high speed and crashes through a big glass building in a van in an effort to dodge his pursuers. Fast And Furious 7, meanwhile, is about halfway through its production in Atlanta, and more filming was planned for the Middle East early next year, sources said. Walker’s next film is the Peter Safran-produced Hours, which will be released December 13. Once the mourning subsides, and the need to rekindle his life in our minds increases so that he lives on, the demand for his movies will go up and everything will be back on schedule.
Everything can be on schedule, Distributors and production companies can make a difference by donating half of the profits to the charities he started. If anyone at Uni actually has a heart, they’d axe Fast 7 altogether, then they could reboot the franchise. This will be proven when Universal undoubtedly releases fast 7 and it becomes the highest grossing film of the franchise. Now here come all the clever people who will try to make the point that Warners didn’t decide to do the same when Heath died. I would feel completely uncomfortable watching Paul Walker in a movie about street racing, when the dude actually died in a fucking car wreck! He liked fast cars and he liked making movies about fast cars and his fans loved him best in these movies. I find it incredibly insensitive that not even a day has passed and such headlines are what are they gonna do about the Fast 7 Franchise (thanks usatoday!).
And you are Santa and live in the North Pole and certainly don’t work in the entertainer industry. So sad about the loss of this wonderful and kind human being, may Paul’s soul rest in peace and I hope that some of the profits goes towards his charity.
YOUR DUMB IT WASNT HIS PASSION HE WANTED TO QUIT SO HE COULD SPEND TIME WITH HIS DAUGHTER, PLUS HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY KNOW WHAT HE WANTS IF HE IS DEAD YOU IGNORANT TURD. What happened is tragic without a doubt but I’m a huge fan of Walker and although he died in those circumstances I still want to watch the movies he was working on in his honer. I totally agree with you a 100% I would rather not see Paul Walker racing looking all happy in fast 7 because that will just remind the viewers of his tragic death .. She played the lead and title character in All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, which debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2006.
After some not so gentle persuading, Lisa finally agrees and the girls soon find themselves two hours off the coast of Huatulco and about to come face to face with nature’s fiercest predator. With less than an hour of oxygen left in their tanks, they must work out how to get back to the boat above them through 47 meters of shark-infested waters. The boy experiments using the vials and when the family dog licks the concoctions, one makes it TALK and the other makes it invisible! But when a strange capsule lands in his backyard and a robot dog emerges, his life will never be the same. The party is just a ruse for the ancient rite that will awaken the soul of Lilith, demon seductress, trapped within.
High concept 3D family action adventure film from the talent behind the box office sensation Shrek, Valiant and Space Chimps to name but a few. When two nomadic lovers, Katia and Gladys enter the city the death count rises and are being credited as Red Harvest killings.
Tanner Finski and his kid genius assistant perform horrible experiments on him hoping to re-animate a Frankenstein. Double-crossing everyone he works with, he’s decides to sell his information to a tabloid reporter. Brown, this prequel is a terrifying introduction to the classic man versus mythical beast series set in the small town of Boggy Creek. A wealthy and powerful venture capitalist (Eric Roberts) has called in the Blackjacks to retrieve his top scientist from a secret energy research facility.
With their advanced tactical training rendered all but useless, the Blackjacks are forced to rely on their psychic guide and utilize a new brand of cognitive warfare if there is any chance of making it out alive. On arrival they discover the remnants of a classified Russian program to develop super-soldiers. The chemical is an experiment her father is conducting in effort to re-animate his wife, but the drug has unimaginable consequences and his hope of regaining his wife turns into a nightmare of biblical proportions.
Before long the group are fighting for their lives against the zombie horde that walks the desert plains eating all flesh in their path.
Needing a speedy resolve they quickly dispatch a young major to the frontier to investigate these crimes, his name: George Washington.
The team soon learns – the real horror is not only the unstoppable force chasing them, but also the ever growing smaller tunnel itself.
The disappearance is attributed to a “serpent beast” which is said to re-appear every thirty years in various areas of the planet to feed. He soon encounters a girl called Kate who claims to have arrived on the Island from the 1950’s, and her pet Mimos a feathered micro raptor with a talent for mimicry. With enemies at every turn, Sol’s only chance of finding Catherine is with the help of a rogue and mysterious wanderer, Cleo. When Steven hears that his father would rather sell the business to a stranger than pass it down to his own son, Steven has no choice but to chop off his head. Calling on the help of his students, they set out to find their Sensei, kicking ass and taking names.

Under pressure to save Jenna, our heroes get captured and are forced to fight for their lives in the Pit of Gore. Unlike many sites Dosthana uses the latest technology to full fill the reader ease and usability. Walker had finished his looping on the film only three days ago, so all postproduction involving him is complete.
Marketing materials have already gone out, so it’s not clear how the producers might adapt over the final two weeks before release. Executives at Universal and other studios and production companies who have films coming out with Paul are likely chomping at the bit to get them released. Gandolfini had a few movies in the can when he passed and none of his recent releases have set the world on fire.
THE ONLY THING WE SHOULD DO IS FORCE UNI AND WARNER TO GIVE HALF THE PROCEEDS TO ROWW BY NOT PAYING TO SEE ANY WALKER MOVIES…AT LEAST UNTIL AN AGREEMENT CAN BE STRICKEN ON IT. No matter what Universal does now, I will not attend and would rather send my MONEY to Paul’s charity. The Hollywood Sign is a trademark and intellectual property of Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. When the parents are away and the boy and dog are home alone, the thieves break in and get more than they bargained for. The robot identifies himself as RoboRex, and tells James that he has come from the future to stop an evil man named Dr. Fully loaded with drugs, sex and shotgun shells, this tale of bloody vengeance roars louder than a ’67 hot rod. When she awakes, she will bring hell to earth and Diablo aims to be there to pick over the remains. John has produced some of the most successful animated films of all time including our favourite ogre Shrek. Obsessive compulsive Adrian, the actual Red Harvest Killer, becomes furious that the sexy serial killing duo are grabbing media attention under his alias. To make matter worse, not only has he lost all contact with the labs, his highly-valued scientist holds the key to an unprecedented alternate fuel source.
Bombshell Bloodbath is Italian style zombie splatter film influenced by Lucio Fulci and Umberto Lenzi.
Mina’s real father is a ruthless Afghan warlord her mother once had an affair with and now he wants her back. And just as Casper has his Lion Cub with him, she has also brought along a stuffed animal, Miss Rabbit, who constantly comes alive, and from that day on Casper and Emma become best friends.
Local legend blames the deaths on a beast that roams the forest, but Washington, aided by his friend, Iroquois scout Madiwa, believes his detecting skills will lead to a simpler explanation.
Though their initial instinct is to brush off the story and investigate further, they have a special connection to this “beast”. Together Lucas and Kate struggle to find their way off the island, encountering danger and adventure in the form of all manner of creatures including a primitive tribe of cannibals, a huge albino sabre tooth tiger, a fierce feathered T-Rex and giant carnivorous plants and insects. With his father’s head safely displayed in a cabinet, Steven and his nymphomaniac girlfriend have big plans for The Long Pig. Asked how it might handle marketing, EuropaCorp, which is financing the $20 million film, said it was too early to say.
Brick Mansions is currently scheduled for a February 2014 release domestically via Relativity, which declined comment.
I’d also go as far as to say that any cast member who chooses not to continue on with the film should have the option to walk away, regardless of contractual obligation.
Numerous times in the past actors have passed away with movies they were in yet to be released. Dan Krech has over twenty years experience of working in animation in Canada (Veggie Tales, Dinosaur Revolution for Discovery, Fish ‘n Chips) and in 2012 established a new animation studio, “Buffalo Media” with Phyllis Laing and Ken Zorniak.
Not only does Adrian attempt to reclaim his rightful reputation but he also decides to cleverly aid his detective counterpart through the case.
As soon as he arrives he’s plunged into a world he was never prepared to face before with interesting characters and sinister players. This is a fantastic big-screen PG-13 motion picture for kids and family with creatures that a modern audience have never seen before.
11 MONTHS LATER— It’s not post-apocalyptic, it IS apocalyptic as the Earth’s “figure 8” revolution between two stars and our now three moons has literally ripped the planet open from the inside out… the horrific explanation is simply incredulous… The Earth has been sucked through a wormhole in our solar system and has been warped to the other end of our universe! She awakes in a holding cell at The Long Pig Restaurant only to discover what Steven serves for dinner… her father. We would be proud to implement any suggestions you have of your choice, you can have your ideas sent through contact us form.
Of course, making $$$ is more important to people in Hollywood than life itself, so I won’t be holding my breath. I think that Paul racing in the movies will just demonstrate that is what he really loved both in character and in real life. With the help of Rex and RoboRex, James embarks on a heroic and heart warming adventure to save the future! All the while, killers and victims alike are unaware the world is about to reach an abrupt catastrophic ending.
Dark secrets, freemason workings and supernatural occurrences quickly change Washington’s view of the world, which in his eyes, will never be the same. In order to survive, she must fight her way out of the restaurant or become the next main course. This cannot be possible with the support, sharing and regular feedback of the users coming to the site and engaging the activity. But first, she must prepare herself physically, mentally and with enough ammunition to take out an army. Paul would want the film finished, he would want his fans to see him on screen enjoying him doing what he loved.
Name* Mail* Notify me of followup comments via e-mailEnter your information to the left to post a comment.Want a personal pic? I want to see them and that would give me the ultimate closure on his death because he died doing what he loved.

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