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I never thought I’d ever see the day when I would “review” a film called 18 Year Old Virgin.
Clearly 18 Year Old Virgin is not a pornography title then for I would not be writing this and would in fact be trying to find a new box of Kleenex. Okay, when reading the synopsis, you’d think (except for the last sentence) that it reads like a pornography film as well.
The Asylum’s biggest mistake here is that they covered a genre which could reveal them to be a master studio. With so much potential and most of it flushed away, this is probably the least entertaining Asylum movie. Thank you for checking out our first of many gadget, mobile and Smartphone reviews that ushers in a new dynamic tangent for 4 out of 10.
I cannot be the only individual in the world that expects dancing broomsticks in the upcoming Disney film The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.
Throughout the movie, one of the best romantic songs ever created, 'Open Arms' by 'Journey' is played at least four times. Do you know any interesting trivia about the instrumental score music used in The Last American Virgin?

In fact she does this so well, I would hire her as Bambi’s mum in the inevitable stage show of the popular Disney classic.
I have to take a pause for a second to ask myself where were all the highly forgettable men in the film.
Although his girlfriend appears to be ready to go all the way, he leaves nothing to chance. Surely there would be room for a Stifler equivalent or even the stupidly oversensitive one in American Pie? It is not as amusing (despite having no fallback on the “budget factor”), it has a title very much like a porn film (which I might add, disappoints on that level also) and for a comedy, there is perhaps only 30% of which you could laugh too.
You could argue that this is good or bad, but with the ability to make a film that is tight on budget yet good on entertainment, this movie fails.
The rest of the time you sit there hoping that Snakes on a Train 2 is being put into production sometime soon. I am bothered by this as there was absolutely no reason why 18 Year Old Virgin couldn’t have been excellent. She is accompanied by a friend who says the word “awesome” forty too many times and in what must be the lamest excuse to become an instant slut, sets about trying to shag everyone.

There is a childhood friend (yawn) and a polished “jock” (yawn) and an amusing turn by a VERY drunk kid (funny, but yawn); there seemed like an imbalance in favour of the girls. Good actors don’t have to cost millions (I know many who would work for free), good writers aren’t always expensive and there are some directors out there who are keen just to show what they can do.
This, believe it or not, is a shame as there were some scenes in 18Year Old Virgin that made me laugh like the immature child I really am!
If you had another character to bring some unfortunate attention too; one that perhaps was far too cocky all of the time, this may have been better.
Sadly, in making a film that should’ve crossed financial boundaries it is clear that The Asylum has forgotten that.
Either bring us back the mockbusters as they should be (deliberately and entertainingly cheap) or at least put some effort in the construction of your next movie!

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