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The 20 films listed below don’t include any of the 1930s classics like Dracula, Frankenstein, or The Invisible Man. And for another sidebar, check out my post ranking all the Nightmare and Halloween sequels, here. Romero as one of the top three splatter directors in history, based on the sequel to this film, 1978’s Dawn of the Dead, and the two sequels after that, Land of the Dead (2005) and Day of the Dead (1985), as well as a slew of other damn good horror efforts from the well-known Creepshow (1982) to the lesser-known (The Dark Half (1993), Monkey Shines (1988), Martin (1977)).
Descent is a great movie, but I guess on balance it just didn’t stick with me the way the 20 on this list did.
Steven King didn’t have much to do with The Shining and even resented that version, opting to buy back the rights and making his own version years later.
Anything touched by Rob Zombie immediately stops being scary and just enters absurd gore territory, for me.
I’m with you on most of these picks, other than Evil Dead, which makes me laugh more than it makes me jump. Great list, but the only one I disagree with is Dawn of the Dear (2004) In my opinion that movie was hilarious. These movies were good, but it seems that the criteria here is to stick with movies that are well-known. Last evening I was standing for a while in the darkest corner of my balcony -dumbstruck with my eyes completely gouged out in fear.
BTW: I really wonder how on earth these aforesaid movies can sit in the same league with The Shining, Salem’s Lot, Silence of Lambs, Ringu etc…gosh! SHUT DA HELL UP U GET HATEN BC SHE CAN GET A MAN AN U CNTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In All American Zombie Drugs we all have the chance to see a band of drugged out losers dance with lawn mowers, hump the air and create the zombie apocalypse in their bath tub. In All American Zombie Drugs, drugs are a staple of life for a band of losers, including Sebastian (Beau Nelson), Vinny (Wolfgang Weber), Melissa (Natalie Irby) and Kara (Susan Graham). Although there are a few zombie appearances in All American Zombie Drugs, this is definitely not a zombie movie, or even a horror movie.
All American Zombie Drugs plays like a mindless teen comedy with a heavy drug theme; think a€?Saved by the Bella€? on crack. I believe that the humor in the film is supposed to throw you off for the true horror and pathos that will occur later in the film. At least he did make his own version – I assume he had to purchase the film rights back from someone. Other movies worthy of this list are Dee Snyder’s Strangeland, The Entity, Friday the 13th, and Predator. House of 1000 Corpses: The name must have hinted to the fleapit that had arranged the premier show and some thousand spin-head gore champs who had devoured that shit in that show. The Evil Dead: The director dead, the actors dead, the spot boys dead, the cameraman dead, the light man dead and finally we, the ill fated audience dead.

Night of the Living Dead: Another all dead and all cock-a-hoop nonsense…a meaningless death orgy. Carrie: Sissy, even Jim Carrey is scarier than that lunatic, outrageous, socially outcast poor girl. Poltergeist: It’s hard to believe that the same man, who gave us the gloom portrayal of Nazi Zeitgeist in Schindler’s List, also gave us this freak, even though as a co-author. The Thing: I Just saw this thing wondering why this thing, The Thing, should not be renamed as ‘A Huge Mound of Shit’. The only good thing about the film is that it proves that not only the Americans, but the British may also fall in the same manner, though fewer times. Anyway, friends how about ranking Cast Away as the sixth best scariest one that really cast a spell on us, a psychological fear of loosing the beloved ones, a fear of getting doomed all of a sudden…a superlative treatment definitely. Ita€™s not known exactly how they have survived as long as they have, with nothing but a steady stream of hallucinogens to keep them sedentary and happy but no discernable sources of income. Clearly the thought process was that any film with the words a€?All Americana€?, a€?zombiea€? and a€?drugsa€? in the title would automatically be appealing to horror fans. The characters are goofy and ridiculous, especially the guy who does interpretive dance with a lawn mower or goes into uncontrollable humping motions every time he gets high or falls asleep. We do not sell or trade email addresses in any way, and they are not used for advertising purposes. One of the few black and white films that can still create tension and fear in viewers is this filming of Shirley Jackson’s novel, in which the best actor is .
You are supposed to begin viewing the living dead as pathetic, shambling shades of their former mall-addicted selves, just as the characters in the film do, to make you forget that they will devour you with the slightest slip-up.
I will never find myself in deep outer space, but I can still gather immense chills from Alien, nor will I ever work as an analyst for the FBI, but I can imagine myself down in that dark cell corridor with Lecter.
Dawn of the Dead should have been top 10 as well and some of these movies aren’t even scary. Myers, was doing all the time masquerading & busy in meaningless weird activities that led to a stashed slasher for the dunderhead gore champs. Anyway, the idea behind the purported legend of chanting his name is totally copied from the Persian legend Aladdin. Did all those little human looking creatures brush their eyes with toothpaste by mistake…otherwise how their eyeballs were shining so brightly…really a point to ponder?
If it’s truly based on the notorious Ed Gein, then I’d definitely see either Psycho or Silence of the Lambs… far more superior in all respects.
It may rank the thirteenth, the fourteenth, fifteenth, sixteenth…anywhere but shud never be missed out in any list of twenty worst scary movies of all time, a cliche of sex equaling carnage. Being a shitting prototype of the worse Halloween, it seriously puts a question mark on the reputation of Michael Myers being the funniest character of all time… until the emergence of Fred Krueger.
The result of this thinking is a high level of promotion to horror sites, and delivery of screeners and publicity materials to ensure that the target audience knows as much as possible about the filma€™s existence.

There is something kind of appealing about seeing the kids from a€?Saved by the Bella€™ doing drugs and dancing around with lawn equipment, but thata€™s not enough to spend an hour and a half with this particular disc playing.
When a film works well is when you are able to identify with one of the main characters and begin to understand what they are feeling in that situation. 1 spot, if there was not one The Ring.Few months back, I was almost on the verge of destroying the same TV set after that bizarre demon from the hell had been cast with all its Stygian gloom looming large on my blue screen. Actually the scariest thing about this sh**ingly funny movie is that a whole generation bragged it to be one of the scariest movies of all time, let alone that comment in many other blogs by many spin-head gore-champs that it has clearly stood the taste of time as the scariest one. Is there nobody worth his salt, who can perish these movies for ever from the history of films & get my crush on him?
This is a mournful movie at its best, depicting how insane the society is to an individual with slightest weirdness that bars the social order. Being a film of zero originality, it shud be perished for one single reason…tampering with a beautiful story The Forbidden by Clive Barker.
It’s a classic example of how a mediocre film maker can transform a superb social subtext for the adolescents into a nonsensical typo of slasher sub genre. Well, they could be better because our hero Vinny has begun having delusions of zombie mayhem every time hea€™s high as a kite. Yet, the performers themselves are pretty well groomed and in good shape with clean clothes and clear skin. Just wait, though, until you get to the big twist endinga€¦ it just may be that this film didna€™t actually have a point at all.
This is a good mediocre film, but describing it as a horror movie is by itself a horror story. No trouble though, really, because the visions pass and the next high is right around the corner. Nice packaging and titillating movie titles are one thing, but what about the substance of the film? Suddenly, inspiration hits; why not become drug dealers themselves, and profit as well as partake? I am not a spelunker nor a woman, but I can easily imagine myself in similar situations where such horrors would be at hand. Unfortunately they were duped by their supplier and get stuck with some fake drugs and very unhappy street customersa€¦ but there is a silver lining to this fiasco when they find a recipe on the Internet to make their own recreational concoction and all seems wella€¦ until they realize that their home brew kills the user and turns them into a zombie themselves. Neil Marshall does this exceedingly well in The Descent, perhaps better than anyone else has in the past 20 years.

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