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It is imperative to inculcate human values and professional ethics in all the students of professional education who would hold the positions of eminence and shall be the torch bearers of the society in the times to come.
Apart from value education, this book has included topics such as harmony in nature and society and widening the vision of students from a family order to the world family order.
Although this book has been framed in accordance with the prescribed syllabus of Punjab Technical University, it is also applicable to other universities & academic bodies that have incorporated this course as a regular part of their curriculum.
Chapters (12-15) describe the implications of 'Holistic Understanding of Harmony on Professional Ethics'.

In Chapter 16, the future road of journey towards the 'Holistic Alternatives' has been presented. Some important correlated topics and global issues have been discussed in Chapters 17 & 18. Efforts have been made to present the subject in an interesting manner to ensure that all the concepts are clarified in the minds of the students so that there is real value addition in them.
At the end of every chapter, the crux  of the topics has been summarized followed by important questions along with their solutions from the examination point of view.

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