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Already described as a broadcast-TV stab at doing a prestige-cable series, “American Crime” is produced with a stark sense of realism, from the unglamorous look of the actors to the near-absence of music. Certainly, marketing a series this downbeat and low-key — with uncomfortable issues about race woven into the fabric — asks a lot of an audience that’s been marinating in the bombast of Shonda Rhimes’ melodramas, with lead-in “Scandal” growing loopier by the moment. Ridley (who wrote the first three episodes, and directed the first couple) also drills deep into the anguish of those involved, trusting his topnotch cast to sell the emotion with looks and glances more than histrionics. The premise sounds simple enough: A man is murdered and his wife seriously injured and, we’re told initially, sexually assaulted. The investigation quickly centers on an African-American junkie, Carter (Elvis Nolasco), who is trying to support his equally strung-out girlfriend (Caitlin Gerard). Cross-cutting among the families, Ridley slowly begins peeling away layers surrounding the case, with each altering the picture of what transpired — and calling into question whether this was the sort of random crime that Barb instantly believes it to be, appearing eager to slap handcuffs on a minority perpetrator. In many respects, the notion of unfolding family secrets through the refracting prism of a crime is nothing new — the first season of “The Killing” comes to mind — but this spare approach manages to make the drama feel both fresh and, frankly, potentially not very commercial, to the extent so much of this requires spending time with characters in such an obvious state of agony. I can’t wait to see how the series will change the individual life and I hope that the writer will tie up all the loose end of the series.
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With production underway in Los Angeles on FX's newest anthology series, American Crime Story: The People V.

Selma Blair as Kris Jenner Pacific Coast News Rounding out the cast, Connie Britton, 48, will take on Jenner friend Faye Resnick, and Jordana Brewster, 35, will play Denise Brown, Nicole Brown Simpson's sister. The miniseries, based on Jeffrey Toobin's best-selling book, is being produced by Glee and American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy. Hailee Steinfeld and Bailee Madison, Plus Kelly Rowland, Tina Fey, Jesse Tyler Ferguson & More!
Telling the story from multiple perspectives, a la “Crash,” intersecting around a murder, writer-director John Ridley (“12 Years a Slave”) works to challenge perceptions and preconceived notions, as the evolving facts of the case sweep up the characters, but seldom shake their prejudices and convictions. But the plot implicates others, among them a naive Hispanic youth (Johnny Ortiz) who might have become unwittingly involved, much to the surprise of his overprotective father (Benito Martinez).
Earl Brown, Penelope Miller) of the wounded woman, who both respond differently to the tragedy; and Carter’s sister Aliyah (Regina King), a Muslim woman whose attempts to assist her brother inject an additional note of tension (and dramatically speaking, another hot-button issue) into the story. The premiere is raw and occasionally brutal, compelling viewers to see more of a gunshot wound than a lot of people can comfortably stomach. What this challenging drama dares to explore is whether that relatively narrow focus leaves much room for extending a spirit of generosity — or even a mild benefit of the doubt — to strangers.
Simpson during his 1994a€“95 trial for the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman. Vance, 55, as defense leader Johnnie Cochran, as well as Billy Magnussen as witness Kato Kaelin.

This is, in any venue, ambitious storytelling, although the rarefied air it inhabits could wind up thinning the ratings as well. Characters make stupid decisions and don’t listen to people (family) that can help them. Allowing the raw nature of emotion in every scene being interrupted every 10-12 minutes for a commercial causes it to stutter and stop and go in a painful way. Simpson, FX released the first set of cast photos exclusively to EW on Friday, giving viewers a glimpse of the cast's transformation into character for the 2016 drama.
This show will never make season 2 as only radical lefties could really believe people act like this. The Mexican-American kids who resent their father, despite the fact that he supports them in every way.

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