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I absolutely love how, toward the end of the very bad day, the family pulls together to support one another. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY will be in theaters this Friday, October 10th. As he struggles through all the things that tweens have to deal with like girls, bullies, homework, and trying to fit in, it seems everyone else in his family is gliding through life with no bumps in the road whatsoever.
Alexander’s teenage brother is prepping for his driving test, his teen sister is busy with drama class and plays, Alexander is going through his first crush, while the baby of the family keeps mom and dad on their toes. His older brother has a beautiful girlfriend, his sister makes lead role in plays, mom and dad are getting amazing opportunities at work, and poor Alexander is struggling to keep up with his friends.

Kids will learn how important the family unit is, all while laughing and enjoying a film together with their own family! It will lead to a great discussion afterward on bad days, strong families, and so much more. All of this while mom and dad hold down full time jobs and play taxi, teachers, husband and wife, housekeeper, etc. Everyday struggles, puberty, sibling rivalry, and school bullying can make kids feel exhausted, defeated, and jealous of others that seem to have it all. Alexander tries to tell his happy family about the misadventures of his disastrous day, he gets no sympathy whatsoever and wonders why he is the only one that ever has bad days.

I KNOW my kids will relate to Alexanders misadventures and will feel a little comforted knowing they are not alone. Alexander starts to think the gum in his hair, or the funny pics of him that were posted for everyone to see, is nothing compared to what his family is going through.

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