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If someone is giving you spiritual value or spiritual information or mystical or esoteric or metaphysical or intellectual CURRENCY… is that a fair exchange (TO YOU) for what you can TOUCH.
And maybe this is the nature of the 8th House itself: energy exchange, no matter what is being handed over. Uranus transits in general are setting you free although it doesn’t always feel that way. Last night I had a phone call with my Scorpio friend who is going through hard times, hard transits. As a Virgo Moon (conjunct Pluto), I always want to do more or feel I should have done more or worry whether I’ve done enough.
The lower vibrations turn this overwhelming energy into trouble-making, self-sabotage, addiction to being the victim, chaos. Yesterday on the train I was rereading pieces of Howard Sasportas’ Twelve Houses book and this one passage reminded me of a relationship I had to leave a couple years ago. Then I remembered a client with Mars in her 8th House and some of her responses to relationship reminded me of myself. And of course these feelings arise whether or not the relationship is actually good for us.
Stars Today: The Moon is in Leo until almost midnight (Big City time) and then just a short void of course Moon until she enters Virgo.
I did a wee bit of astrological timing for this trip but I also wanted to leave some of it up to fate.
The 8th House, according to Jeanne Avery, is the house of “where we get our needs met” and this is a childhood house, it refers to not only now, but childhood or (in my opinion) even past lives! There are many traditional and less traditional ways to define the 8th but my main point here is: is your 8th House qi flowing?
Now even if you have a difficult or temporary qi situation in a particular house, especially the 8th House, all is not lost, but as I was saying at the start, a multi-faceted approach is often best. Not that I would refuse email and I still love doing readings by email, but I think my process is changing and I am feeling the desire to have the person THERE (phone, IM) to respond to and get feedback from in the moment.
Where your progressed Moon is will signal a change in what you need, a change in what makes you feel secure. A friend of mine once told me (sigh) that I didn’t have enough SEX on my blog and writing about 50 Shades of Grey this morning has got me thinking about it. Without some 2nd House clarity, it can be hard to make decisions because what are they based on? For me it’s not a big player (as I type this though I am disagreeing with myself!) although Pluto is prominent in my chart, in my 1st House, conjunct my Moon and well-aspected.
They get their needs met through sexual expression or sexual conquest or sexual touch or sexual situations or sexual disturbance. And I still don’t quite understand why I have drawn these 8th House Venus people to me.
Lately I’ve been reading astrologer Jeanne Avery and I LOVE the way she describes the 8th House.
I have Chiron in Aries in the 8th House… which has always made me driven (Mars) as a healer. If we do not receive, we lose the energy to give and I was thinking about my own mothering Cancerian energy.
Along these lines, I am thinking about the people in my life: those who give, those who take, and the neutrals! Dear Readers, if you’ve had a reading with me and enjoyed it, please consider writing a little testimonial for the blog. It is spring in the Big City and I feel like the New Moon in Taurus this weekend kicks off the summer energy. Mercury still needs to traverse the entire sign due to his earlier retrograde so the house(s) where Aries is active in your chart are still important. Speaking of moving, Pluto and the 8th House are like… the furniture movers of the Underworld, they move your decayed nasty sofa from the moldy basement to the first floor and you sit on it and go EW and then decide whether you gonna cling to this nasty or you gonna toss it out and mop the floor. A note about Aries, if you have them in your life: you better love them a lot, wanna be with them a lot because their theme song truly is MY WAY.
The art of finessing an Aries is a topic for another day perhaps but I was recently confronted with an Aries moment.
My astrology teacher though once mentioned that Scorpios manipulate for power and Cancers manipulate for love.

Nothing against the Moon in Capricorn but you know she will square Uranus (volatile) and conjunct Pluto (ahem) and okay okay okay think about this: later in spring and summer when the open hand that now exists between Uranus and Pluto becomes a fist and the Moon comes around to Capricorn.
And then when the faster moving planets enter Cancer, we’ll get Grand Crosses during Capricorn Moon time. Triangles, love and otherwise, are Pluto’s domain and I keep hearing about them or stepping in them.
Stray thoughts on the Venus in Gemini transit because I was responding to one of the comments and thought I’d bring the topic here to the main page. Months ago, when he expressed interest in dating me again, I pulled a few cards: one for him, one for me, and one for the energy between us. And I wrote two blog posts not even trying to address it, but sharing some personal details, mostly Sun signs.
And then there’s our friend Pluto, also important when considering how important sex is to the individual. In my earlier post I had written that I have a Moon Pluto conjunction in my 1st House and trying to explain to my boyfriend my experience of sex.
Yeah I can spend a long time talking about what something IS NOT in order to get at what it IS. But you can see, from all these keywords, what the 8th House is about — what we share with others, what we receive from others, that which is often hidden, serious, taboo, sometimes tragic.
And much of this money stuff has to do with the 8th house being the 2nd House to the 7th i.e. There’s no reason, no order to them that can easily be determined but I note what shows up.
But if we follow the logic that the North Node is hard to get to then… there is a Pisces piece of the puzzle that continually eludes me (and others with this placement!) and how does one truly get there?
And how easy or hard is it for you to engage with others, to hand over your energy or allow yourself to be penetrated? Think of the 8th House as… a different kind of prison than the 12th House but a prison nonetheless. Also don’t forget my collaborative LOVE reading with the lovely and talented Matthew Currie. It’s tricky to tell someone with a stellium in the 8th House that although they are not responsible for their childhood traumas, that they must now take possession. I am wondering if Saturn retrograde (structures dissolving) through my 3rd House (writing, communications) will see my writing get even more associative than it is now. Virgo wants us to pay attention and pick apart and find some sense… in regards to wherever the dreamy Pisces planets are in your chart. Understand this and stop trying to fill your holes with… food, drugs, shopping, people.
I have a piece of paper from the funeral parlor with the dates for 20 years and last night when I was home (and not on the train) I *finally* remembered to go look and I’m so glad I did and this is probably why it kept showing up in my brain. There’s a a big fat aura around this house and it is one of the houses associated with mystery and the occult but also very practical things (like taxes) and frightening things (trauma, violence) and unfathomable things (death).
The wisdom you derive from such a process is not based on self-discovery alone, but due to the back and forth between you and your shrink.
Maybe 90% and the other night I was in an IM with someone and the immediacy was so… it just made sense, especially for the Tarot I was doing.
I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the Full Moon in Pisces but not scheduling these until later in the week, starting Wednesday. The 8th House for me is not where I find my needs get met (Jeanne Avery’s lovely phrase for the 8th House). Well, the Moon is still Void of Course now in Pisces but enters Aries a little before noon Big City time. An Aries Moon telling me something that rubbed me the wrong way and I took the wrong approach.
Not the manipulation stuff, but the energy of Aries in your life today so please revisit your chart and your Aries House because that’s where it’s hot and fast and bright! Manipulation, sorcery, shrewdery (I made up that word), all kinds of yuck, some of it mine!
Either due to our Mars opposition or for some other reason but I couldn’t explain what I meant. Some of my services include Intuitive Readings with messages from your Angels, Tarot Readings, Angelic Candle Vigils, Divinations, Energy Work and More.

Or unclench from these no-win, juicy dramarama relationships that so clearly feed them but keep them so stuck. Neptune is you loving God, something you cannot touch, loving everyone (animal, vegetable, mineral) who has ever existed.
Avoid triggering situations and people Keep your mind on the love stuff (Leo is generous) but don’t look for any ego fluffing or thank you notes.
I’m traveling between the New and Full Moon, between the new seed and the revelation. The fast moving planets will be in my 7th and 8th Houses (dealings with others), with Mars in confident forceful Aries awfully close to my natal 8th House Chiron. Because this house IS flowing on its own, naturally, but then life and our experiences clog it up and we are born with planets there or not there. But it’s one place to start if you are having trouble calling in or attracting what you need. But that I believe I can help non-vanilla folks with their relationships (using Astrology) and need to start marketing myself that way.
Also would be awesome for you to describe what makes readings with me special, different than other astrologers. Life will be back to normal for me on Thursday, back to finish readings in progress and to schedule new ones.
How it wasn’t about money, that I needed a safety net from someone who had more than me. Just give without expecting anything back (Pisces) and you’ll get through the next 48 hours just fine.
The most important bit of timing though was to avoid my period as well as PMS (Please Goddess keep my cycle regular because I would prefer this adventure to be blood and crazy free.
I tend to open windows every day even for a little while no matter how chilly for air circulation, makes things smell better even if there is no bad smell. Of course good aspects like sextiles and trines cause flow and the harder aspects cause stagnation. The ideal of Libra that is: gentle, cooperative, sweet, eyelash batting, and let the Aries believe they were going to get what they wanted until I figured out what I wanted.
And you know what they say about the Nodes: leave the South, join the North (to be overly simple).
Joe Pitt, an attorney who is Mormon and Republican, is pushed by right-wing fixer Roy Cohn toward a job at the Justice Department. Sometimes, after my roommate and I would go for a walk, she’d say: well, that was good!
Two Wild Cards on the topic of your choice  (and truth is I’m pulling more than two cards for each topic). Both Pitt and Cohn are in the closet: Pitt out of shame and religious turmoil, Cohn to preserve his power and access. The Moon makes edgy itchy aspects to both Mars and Mercury (retrograde) in Pisces and then opposes Venus in Aquarius.
Which THEN reminded me of the Creation Story (which is also related to the 8th House when you think about it).
Like the way a powerful fan will suck in dust or pieces of paper that wind up sticking to the outside of the grate.
We sat down, ordered, he let me complain about something for a minute or two and then he told me. The 8th House, on the other hand, is so deeply in the experience, it could benefit from some Virgoan distance, don’t you think? Maybe you need to clean the house more often or hire someone to clean the house because they need the money. Imagine the potential next moment of this card, using our imaginative forces (as Edgar Cayce, Pisces, would say): he sets down the burden.

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