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May 9 is National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day, a great day to check on and freshen up your peta€™s emergency kit. Remember to check the contents of the kit every six months to make sure the supplies are fresh and up to date.
We all hope that wea€™ll never need our disaster kits, but being prepared is so important a€“ so dona€™t forget your pets! In honor of National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day on May 8th, we thought we'd take a few moments to share our top tips, so you can be ready and able to protect your pet in a disaster. Keep a pet travel bag ready including pet dishes, plastic bags for clean-up, food and water for several days, and extra leashes and harnesses.
Having the same person every month is a big help, because that person knows the kinds of things we need for our dog. Three other things I love are: your friendliness toward us and Misty, familiarity with Misty, and how delighted she is when she preens for us afterward! What I like best about Awesome Doggies is the convenience, less stress on Bobcat, having the same groomer for him over the past few years and a groomer who is great with cats and has cats of her own. National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day 2016 is on Sunday, May 8, 2016: Just wanted to share with you all?
National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day - What should be done to improve foster care and adoption? MISSOURI, OKLAHOMA, GEORGIA TORNADOES: Buffy lies on the floor of the wreckage of her family's home near Racine, Missouri. Tornadoes strike midwest and southeast states over Mother’s Day holiday, leaving at least 23 dead.
National Weather Service estimates at least 8 tornadoes spawned in Oklahoma along six storm tracks, killing 7 people. JOPLIN HUMANE SOCIETY AIDS ANIMAL TORNADO VICTIMS — Joplin Humane Society is the nearest local facility for Seneca, Missouri tornado victims. Joplin Humane Society can board animals and provide supplies for those who’ve found animals but have no pet supplies. Chris Broughton-Bossong, Nicholas Gilman, and translator Collete with a table of vets during the training.

The Veterinary Training and Animal Welfare Center with the logos of the groups that made it possible.
Chris and Agrinome Lyonel Valbrun, General Director, Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Rural Development. One aspect of HSI’s long-term commitment to Haiti is to provide a series of disaster response and preparedness trainings for veterinarians in the country. Often, disasters are thought of as only including cataclysmic natural events that cannot be foreseen or avoided. Contributions to Humane Society International are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law in your country. Right now Project Nursery is giving away three JHill Design tiles to one of their lucky readers. I think one of those tiles with an “M” on it, (for Melissa) would be so much fun! When your post headline popped up on my RSS feed, I didn't expect to find much of interest, since I am a kid-free zone ??But I just love these colorful prints and would be tempted in any case. Even if you dona€™t have to evacuate in the case of a disaster, you may not have power or water. Put a note on the outside to remind you to grab anything you dona€™t have a back-up supply of, such as current medications. Earthquakes, wildfires, and severe weather are all possible dangers faced in this area of the United States. This will help reunite you with your pet if they become lost or separated from you in the course of a disaster or emergency.
Just like people, pets can become afraid and even panic in a crisis, making even usually calm animals difficult to control. Remember, by law, Red Cross shelters do not accept house pets unless they are Service Animals.
We had taken the corgies to three different groomers and weren't happy with any of them, even the service provided by our vet. After having experienced all the pampering you provide, our minds are at ease and we're thrilled with the experience.

Cost became no problem because my pets seemed comfortable with the service, haircuts were fabulous and my time saved with less stress to my pets was immeasurable.
The tornado flattened the town before it struck 15 miles away near Seneca, Missouri and killed at least three people there. Joplin, Missouri reports many animals dead, with survivors first emerging from rubble three to four days after the storm. In Seneca and Racine, 10 of the dead are killed when a twister hits ground in a rural area about 8 miles north of Seneca, continuing east, says Keith Stammer, director of Jasper County Emergency Management. In offering such sessions, our goal is to facilitate greater local capability and cooperation among vets in areas that are prone to flooding, hurricanes, fires and earthquakes. The vibrant prints, bold letters and sweet animal designs would look fabulous in a nursery room. When disaster strikes, you want to be prepared for all members of your family, including your pets. Susie Stonner, a Missouri Emergency Management spokeswoman, says it is unclear how many homes are damaged or destroyed.
The small town of Kite is destroyed by the storm, says Caroline Pope, a Johnson County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson. Our training will enable veterinarians throughout Haiti to respond to the needs of their fellow citizens. Donations made from the UK: HSI UK is registered in England and Wales as charity number 1098925, company number 4610194. I didn't want to drop him off at a pet grooming store front since he would have been stressed out by the other pets, mainly dogs. Also, Bobcat doesn't like to be in his carrier and taking him to a groomer would require more time in the carrier and a car ride. Assessing the natural predispositions of an area and the needs of local residents and animal inhabitants can prevent tremendous suffering and unnecessary loss of life when the unthinkable does occur.

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