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Watch the moment terrified climbers scramble for cover, as Nepal earthquake death toll passes 3,800: latest Earthquakes, along with floods, have the capacity to kill more people than any other kind of natural disaster. Science is still unable to predict earthquakes with any accuracy, and the nature of the quake and the damage it causes will depend on numerous factors, such as the depth of the quake (in this case it was shallow, meaning more ground shaking) and the nature of the rocks.
Big data has become a topic of great interest in the insurance industry over the past few years.
As risk advisors, WillisWire bloggers tend to think less of ghouls and goblins during the Halloween season than of the frightening real risks our clients face. I remember back to the simple days of being a hobo, or a clown or our favorite cartoon character for Halloween, wearing those claustrophobic plastic masks that never kept the eyeholes where you could see (Casper the Friendly Ghost- three years in a row).  The sad thing is that in some parts of our world we are seeing the actual horrendous effect Ebola can have on the human body. What has been striking in the more exposed regions of the world is the speed, fluidity and spread of threats to people. From an energy industry perspective, the dual geo-political threat of disruption to oil supplies from both Russia and the Middle East is in many ways the ultimate scary risk. Perhaps the scariest risk we face on a daily basis is the potential for a possible natural disaster at any time. It’s October and you know what that means: Millions of consumers nationwide will be making a trek to their local retailers to purchase costumes, decorations, and Halloween treats. Today’s technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) companies are fast expanding in a complex and often violent world. With regulators, prosecutors and legislators getting more aggressive, directors of large corporations may be feeling that they really are out to get them. Most companies believe their internal controls and procedures are adequate and will reduce the likelihood of fraud occurring. Following the European Commission’s fine of EUR 302 million upon 11 producers of underground and submarine high-voltage power cables for operating a cartel, the private equity sector discovered that, just like parents worldwide, they would not only be held responsible for their own compliance behaviour but their portfolio company offspring too. Perhaps the scariest call of the year didn’t come from outside hackers threatening an attack, law enforcement informing you of your breach, or even the credit card firms implicating you in a massive theft of data. 2015 will be the deadline for most employers to finally be in full (or mostly full) compliance with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).
Technological evolution sometimes ends up looking like a futuristic movie, but this could be more present-tense than we realize. The threats of hackers break boundaries, and geographical distances today are no longer obstacles. Which of these was the scariest risk of 2014?  Weigh in in our poll–or in the Comments section below. Giftwrapped in an emotional father-son and family bonding story that hooks you on the sensitivity graph, Godzilla doesn’t give anybody time to be endearing or sarcastic or human in any way. In the opening credits, director Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla pays homage to the first 1954 released Godzilla film by re-establishing the fact that the monster is a product of the man-made nuclear disaster at Hiroshima.
What follows is: In 1999, in the Philippines, at the site of a mining disaster, Japanese scientist Serizawa (Ken Wantanabe) and his cohort Graham (Sally Hawkins) are among those who are baffled with the discovery of radiation in the gigantic fossils. Simultaneously, on the Japanese coast of Janjira, American scientist Joe Brody (Bryan Cranston), who is working at the local nuclear power plant suspects that the increasingly strong tremors are officially blamed on earthquakes. Fifteen years later, Joe and Sandra’s only child, Ford (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) has grown up to become a bomb diffusing expert for the US Navy.
Once this 300 foot creature makes an appearance, all hell breaks loose and the thrill begins, with not one but two of them to entertain us, with fire in their belly and strong desire to mate. Despite the result being obvious and the logical explanation absurd, the emotional quotient between the human characters is engrossing. Bipasha Basu & Karan Singh Grover wedding: No reception for the Btown's lovey-dovey couple! This is a list of 10 of the worst disasters in our history, however the devastation caused by these disasters have been as a direct result of man-made accomplishments. The deadliest aviation accident in history occurred at 5:07pm on March 27th 1977, and came about as a result of a bomb explosion in Gran Canaria airport.
It appears that the flight crew meant that they were actually beginning their take-off, while the controller took it to mean they were in take-off position, awaiting final clearance. Located in Liaoning China, the Benxihu iron and coal mine was not a nice place to work at the best of times.
On April 26th 1942 a build-up of gas caused an explosion in one of the shafts, resulting in mammoth flames bursting from the entrance. The shockwaves caused stoves, fires and lamps to fall within structures, spreading fire throughout the community, trapping those who had survived the explosion within their homes. When people think of ocean liners sinking they instantly think of the Titanic, however this was not the deadliest disaster of its kind – in fact it has the 5th largest amount of casualties. The Dona Paz collided with an oil tanker MT Vector, which was carrying 8,800 barrels of gasoline.
Although official manifests showed there were 1,583 passengers on board, anonymous officials’ testimonies back up passenger accounts that the vessel was carrying around 3000-4000 passengers and they were sleeping in corridors in cots with up to four people in each. The official Death toll was 1,749 but a more realistic estimate of deaths, and one that the World Almanac records as the deadliest peace time maritime disaster of the 20th century, records 4,341 fatalities. During the Second World War, 5,000 bombing runs were conducted by the Japanese Army and Navy on the Chinese capital of Chongqing, in all, 11,500 bombs were dropped. Between the 2nd and 3rd of December 1984 the Union Carbide pesticide plant in Bhopal India leaked Methyl Isocyanate (MIC). Initial exposure to MIC results in coughing, vomiting, eye-irritation and a sense of suffocation. The dam was constructed to withstand 300mm of rainfall per day (a phenomenon occurring once every 1000 years), however in August 1975, resulting from Typhoon Nina, the province experienced 1060mm of rainfall in 24 hours (annually the area averages 800mm) . The surge of water resulted in waves 10km wide and 7m high traveling at 50kmph, destroying a stretch of land 55km long by 15km wide, and creating lakes up to 12,000 square kilometers. Official estimates from China indicate approximately 26,000 people died as a result of the initial flood with up to 145,000 succumbing to subsequent epidemic and famine. I have included this as a bonus, as although it was a result of a natural disaster, it is considered the worst rail disaster in history.
I have included this as a bonus as it is not on the same scale as the rest of the list but it is my local city, so I decided to briefly mention it. With two years left, it is highly unlikely that Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 5a – in the clunky verbiage of the UN: “Reduce by three quarters, between 1990 and 2015, the maternal mortality ratio” – will be met worldwide.
But, substantial progress has been made, which in human terms, means that hundreds of thousands of maternal deaths have been prevented. Scan the list of countries and it becomes clear that the MMR problem is clustered in Africa, with few exceptions. Treatment of pre-eclampsia and eclampsia involves the injection of magnesium sulphate, a cheap compound (in the West, the non-pharmaceutical preparation is known as Epsom salt).
Prevention of puerperal fever*, or sepsis more generally, is a matter of maintaining proper sanitation before, during, and after a birth.
The complex task of reducing maternal mortality demands a multifactorial solution that draws on a wide coalition of government departments and private organizations; and each country has to find a solution that meshes with its own cultural and structural realities.
Establish or strengthen monitoring systems to highlight successes and areas of opportunity.
The imminent failure to reach the goal of reducing the MMR by 75% by 2015 shouldn’t obscure the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of mothers alive who, without the focus on maternal mortality, may not be otherwise. Mike Miesen is a Business Strategy Analyst at Gradian Health Systems, a non-profit social enterprise dedicated to increasing access to safe surgery. If a piece of equipment breaks in a hospital and there’s no one to fix it, does it make a sound? No, in the sense that audacious goals spur innovative thinking, government action, and aid flows towards a specific purpose. In this week's episode, Brendan, Carly, and guest host Jennifer Ambrose discuss badges of ill-health among aid workers, road safety for development, and whether snark is effective. Our mission is to provide professional, educational, and support services to individuals, communities, and organisations committed to global development. The fact that the Kathmandu region sits on very solid baserock will have mitigated the worst effects of this quake, geologists said.
The current Ebola outbreak is receiving a high degree of media attention—not as much focused on prevention as many would hope to see—but as expected mostly on headline grabbing events. In Mexico and Venezuela, for example, we have noted a continued increase in ‘express kidnaps’ in which local staff—as well as expatriates—are held for a shorter time and at a greater risk of violence. Clearly, the main impact on the energy industry would be on those companies from the affected regions that rely on a smooth flow of exports to the rest of the world, as their revenue streams would be severely disrupted.
Who would have thought flooding in the desert was a problem, but Tropical Storm Norbert made Arizonans question their possible need for flood insurance. But unbeknownst to consumers and retailers, everyone could be in for quite a headache (unfortunately this one won’t be sugar induced). With operations and supply chain dependencies in frontier and emerging markets, their growth is often exponential, and further opportunities abound. It’s a tool for employers–for communicating with customers, creating an employment brand, and executing their recruiting strategies.
Perhaps as a director you already have the company’s lawyer’s telephone number on your speed dial in case of need.
However, many companies continually grow and change, forgetting to test and adjust internal controls along the way.
In this case, the parent companies of the producers involved were held liable because they were considered to “exercise a decisive influence over them”. It came from… INSIDE YOUR BUILDING!  No, not a gruesome creature hiding under the stairwell, but from your own directors in the board room. The good news is that a properly drafted A&E professional liability (PL) insurance policy should cover the design firm for everything it does as a design professional. Employers have to know which employees are full-time versus part-time and make the appropriate offers of coverage. That can be daunting because if employers do not make the offer of qualifying coverage available to at least 70% (95 % in 2016) of all full-time employees—those who work an average of 30 hours per week or more—they will be subject to potential penalties of $2,000, multiplied by all their full-time employees. In this evolution, we must always have on our radar the constant hacker attacks and their continuous improvement. 2013 saw an increase of 62% of violations over the previous year, which marked the year as the Year of Mega Breach.

Several planes were diverted to Tenerife North Airport, Los Rodeos, including KLM Flight 4805 and Pan Am Flight 1736, both Boeing 747s.
During the Second World War, Japanese forces invaded Liaoning and took control of the colliery, here they forced the miners to work in deplorable conditions: the laborers were regularly beaten, food was scarce and Typhoid and Cholera flourished. The Japanese guards quarantined the site, preventing friends and family from assisting by erecting electric fences around the perimeter.
As the Norwegian vessel Imo attempted to leave the channel it collided with the Mont-Blanc, a French Cargo vessel carrying 2,300 tons of wet and dry picric acid, 200 tons of TNT, 10 tons of gun cotton and 35 tons of benzoyl – a highly explosive mixture.
The Church of the Company of Jesus was celebrating the Feast of Immaculate Conception when one of the many gas lamps adorning the scene ignited a veil draping from a wall. This is more than likely due to the fact that only one of the 21 bodies recovered after the accident was listed on the manifest. Unlike today’s bombing sorties that concentrate on tactical targets, the bombing runs on Chongqing were seen as a terror campaign, targeting residential areas, hospitals and schools.
Locals awoke in a panic when experiencing these symptoms and began to run from the plant, the increase in breath only hastened their unfortunate fate. It was constructed to control flooding in the Huai River Basin in Henan province, China, and provided 18GW of power to the region. Nina had destroyed much of the communications network in the area and requests to open the dam did not reach the engineers based there.
It occurred during the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004, It was not as a result of a train crash, but none the less accounts for the highest number of fatalities of any rail disaster in the history of locomotive travel. The main stand at the Bradford City Football Club, Valley Parade was made of wood and by 1985 had not been changed in 74 years.
It’s worth taking a step back to understand the scope and scale of the problem, and to think through the interventions that have been successful in myriad developing and developed countries. In 2010, an estimated 287,000 mothers died from pregnancy-related causes, or 210 deaths per 100,000 live births; it’s an almost 50 percent reduction from 1990, when an estimated 543,000 mothers died, or 400 per 100,000 live births.
A Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) found that women who received AMTSL experienced PPH 6.8% of the time vs. If a mother develops sepsis, a full course of antibiotics can be administered as treatment.
It’s in the diffusion of pharmaceuticals, health care workers, and knowledge through health systems, and in improving those systems holistically. Unfortunately, it may take more than 20 or 25 years to build out this basic scaffolding on which to build sustainable change. Instead, I expect it to lead to hope, passion, and continuing progress in the post-2015 environment, because even the MDG still leaves far too many women vulnerable and at-risk of preventable death. We want those committed to getting development right to have the tools, resources, and knowledge that will enable them to contribute to social change through positive and empowering actions.
The health care industry has witnessed the emergence of many “scares” over recent decades and has gone on to develop safe practices and response plans and effective medicines.
In the Middle East, the advance of the so-called Islamic State (IS) triggered evacuations at short notice and has highlighted the perils of becoming hostage to the organisation and the vulnerability of supply chains.
However, the higher oil prices that would undoubtedly result from any geo-political escalation from these regions would also mean much higher utilisation rates for most of the world’s remaining energy industry infrastructure; history tells us that when rigs, platforms, pipelines and refineries are operating at full stretch, losses tend to be both more frequent and more severe. The global terror threat has decided that the high profile of the aviation industry makes it a target that can be struck at any time, as evidenced by flight MH17. Oklahoma had three times the number of earthquakes this year as last, and the state’s Insurance Commissioner, John Doak, advised homeowners in Oklahoma begin to examine the available options for earthquake insurance. With the casual swipe of a credit card, consumers instantly grant a retailer access to their private personal and financial information.
However, exposure to natural catastrophe when combined with weak government, corruption and political or ideologically-driven violence could produce catastrophic shocks to installations and staff, not to mention to critical suppliers or customers, and therefore impact share price. It is also increasingly popular with employees, who interact with their personal and professional networks before, during, and after work hours—saying who knows what. One client of mine relied on internal control procedures that were in place when the department had only four employees.
Investment companies were held to have the same responsibility to ensure “a compliance culture” as any parent company. 2014 saw technology failures and cyber risks become a Top 3 boardroom issue in most organizations.
The scary news is that, by contract (or the actions of an employee on the job site), a design firm can find itself over and above the standard of care and possibly in an uninsured position. This is true even if those employees have qualifying coverage. That can indeed be pretty scary. In addition, each of the eight major data breaches that occurred in 2013 resulted in a loss of tens of millions of data records. When Ford arrives to bring him back home, he realises that his father has not left his past behind. Also, the fear element in the humans witnessing the monsters fighting each other seemed too synthetic and difficult to relate to. I have deliberately not included tragedies that are a direct result of acts of war as they would account for the whole list.
This unscheduled surge in air activity meant that many aircraft were forced to park on the taxiway, causing blockages and complicating matters even further. As the KLM flight increased speed for takeoff, the two crews eventually saw one another and the Pan Am captain applied full power and attempted to veer sharply onto the fourth exit.
The collision occurred at 8:44am, when both vessels made a series of ill judged manoeuvres, the sparks generated by the massive amounts of steal rubbing against one another ignited benzene on board the Mont-Blanc and started a fire. A helpful onlooker leapt into action and attempted to extinguish the fire by using another cloth, but instead spread the fire to the wooden roof. The MV Dona Paz was en route to Manila in the Philippines; it was officially carrying its maximum passenger manifest of 1,583 passengers and 58 crew.
2000 were reported missing by friends and family and were believed to have been on the vessel, none of these were on the manifest. During a particular aggressive bombing run on June 5th 1941, thousands of residents fled into bomb shelters. Acute symptoms include burning in the respiratory tract and eyes, breathlessness, stomach pain and death was caused by choking and circulatory collapse. A local entrepreneur known as Atilius built a wooden amphitheater on the cheap to celebrate the end of Emperor Tiberius ban on Gladiatorial Games, the construction was rushed in order to meet deadlines. Smaller dams upstream began to break resulting in water at the Banqiao reaching 0.3m higher than the wave protection wall. As the tsunami hit the village of Peraliya in Sri Lanka, water surged around the halted train. The stand was due to be replaced after the last game of the season against Lincoln City on 11th May 1985, this was because of health and safety concerns over the amount of litter that had fallen between the gaps in the stand and its potential as a fire hazard. According to the World Bank, the country with the highest MMR in 2010 was Chad, the lowest Estonia, at 1,100 and 2 per 100,000 live births respectively. And really, if goals are always met or exceeded, that’s an indication that the goals may not be as audacious as they should be, right?
Think back to when HIV, Pandemic Flu, SARS, MERS and the real threat of drug resistant organisms all emerged, there was initial panic by many. In North Africa and the Sahel the proliferation of Islamic extremism, whether under the flag of IS, al-Qaeda or groups such as Nigeria’s Boko Haram or Somalia’s al-Shabaab has presented an extended terror threat in countries already prone to political and criminal violence. Furthermore, the pressure on many energy companies’ global supply chains would become more intense, while the chances of a cyber-attack on western energy company infrastructure would also increase. California is no stranger to wildfires, and some residents have taken advantage of the additional coverage of Wildfire Defense Strategies. The retailer processes the information, the consumer’s account is debited, and Susie gets her Elsa princess costume. Terrorist attack and cyber vulnerability are very real perils that may occur in the threat matrix and demand a high-level of preparation and management if complex crises are not to spiral out of control.
As the use of social media becomes more prevalent, employers should consider implementing a social media policy for their organization.
So when you receive your request for attendance at a regulatory investigation you dial the number and duly receive legal advice to prepare you for your ordeal. When the department grew to over 45 employees, the control procedure of having a supervisor approve all overtime hours was no longer adequate. Not only does the board want to review the defenses, mitigation plans, and auditing that has been completed, they also asked about insurance coverage.
All A&E PL policies exclude liability assumed under contract—unless the firm would have been liable in the absence of that contract.
To contextualize, in 1996 the Superior Electoral Court-TSE (organ responsible for elections in Brazil) implemented an electronic voting system. The alternative is to be protected, not only in systems upgrading and improvement, but also in corporate assets and possible damage that companies can suffer. He has holed himself in the tiny apartment, crammed with would-be evidence of a government cover-up of what really happened at Janjira. So as to not bore the reader too much I have varied the content as much as possible, and I have not concentrated on one specific type of accident, e.g.
This situation could have been manageable, however a dense fog formed over the airport, greatly reducing visibility.
The KLM captain attempted a steep climb, scraping the plane’s tail along the runway for 65 feet. Many of workers were unidentifiable from burns suffered during the explosion but most had died from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by the isolation of ventilation after the initial explosion. Devastatingly, the doors had been closed to allow the church to reach maximum capacity, as they opened inwards, and as the panicking worshipers pushed towards the exit, the doors could not be opened. The lights onboard the Dona extinguished and as there were no life jackets on board the vessel (or they were locked away), the passengers were forced to jump overboard into shark-infested waters. The sortie lasted over 3 hours, and the large number of personnel squeezed into the shelters resulted in over 2,500 (some estimate 4,000) people suffocating whilst waiting for the bombings to end.
The cold winter meant that Londoners were forced to burn more coal that they would normally; this coal emitted a larger amount of Sulphur Dioxide in comparison to coal used today. 170,000 people were treated for symptoms of MIC poisoning, mass funerals and cremations were held with bodies disposed of in the Narmada River.

The amphitheater seated 50,000 and almost inevitably, during the opening ceremony it collapsed, killing 20,000 blood-thirsty spectators.
78,800 tons of water per second burst from Banqiao, the total water released from the failure of all 62 dams was 15.783 billion tons. The passengers climbed on top of the train to avoid drowning inside, others used the train as a shield to protect them against the incoming torrent of water. Just before half time a fire broke out in the main stand and within minutes had engulfed the entire stand. And keep in mind, that’s only if the mother has a trained health care worker by her side, which in sub-Saharan Africa puts her in the minority, with only about 46% of births attended by skilled health personnel in 2008.
Our industry has made tremendous strides in preparedness and response but we can never sit back and say “we are ready”.
With al-Qaeda and IS jihadist groups now competing in South and SE Asia, alongside a Maoist Insurgency in India and secessionist conflicts in the Philippines, organisations intent on fulfilling a duty of care are presented with growing global challenges to staff safety and security. There is therefore no doubt that the energy insurance markets are watching the unfolding situation in these regions with a considerable degree of apprehension.
There is recognition that aviation will potentially be a catalyst for the spread of the deadly virus. Natural disasters cannot be avoided, but at least policy coverage is available to assist with the devastation left behind. To avoid liability when creating a social media policy, employers should understand the current status of what the law is and the legal limitations to ensure their policy is legally compliant.
What you may not appreciate, though, is that the company’s lawyer is not necessarily also your lawyer.
Unfortunately the supervisor and many staff employees discovered this gap in controls and colluded to falsify time records indicating that employees worked significant overtime hours. Under the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and UK Bribery Act, private equity firms can be held liable for the actions of their portfolio companies even if the corrupt acts occurred before the acquisition. It’s important to recognize this relationship between a design firm’s PL insurance coverage and its standard of care. Today the system operates in 100% of the Brazilian territory and has been proven quite effective.
Hacker attacks are not exclusive of government agencies; in Brazil the biggest targets are our financial institutions, e-commerce clients, etc. The two above-mentioned aircraft taxied onto the only runway in order to position themselves for takeoff, the dense fog meant that neither aircraft nor the control tower were visible. It left the ground, but its underside struck the Pam Am plane’s upper fuselage, ripping it apart. The Japanese kept very mum about the accident, initially dedicating few words and reporting the death toll at 34. Hundreds gathered on the shores to witness the huge flaming vessel approach the shoreline, as the Mont-Blanc grounded, it ignited munitions on the pier. As the panic increased, the people at the front of the mass were crushed to death and eventually a wall of bodies accumulated in front of the door, making it nigh on impossible to reach freedom. It was eight hours before authorities were notified of the accident, and it took a further eight hours to organize a search and rescue operation. A museum has now been set up near the entrance to the tunnel and in remembrance of the victims, an air raid siren is sounded every year on June 5th. Independent organizations record 8,000 dead in the immediate days following the incident, and a further 8,000 have died since (other estimates put it at around 30,000). This is by far the worst stadium disaster in history and resulted in the Roman Senate passing laws that only citizens with wealth exceeding 400,000 sesterces would be allowed to host gladiatorial games and that all amphitheaters were to be erected on sound foundation. They did not know however that this first wave was small in comparison to the 18 foot wave that followed. A video can be seen which demonstrates how quickly fire can spread, I have been told that the man who is walking around on fire only died because of internal injuries that he received resulting from other fans trying to extinguish him. In Libya and Yemen we observe parlous state fragility in the wake of the ‘Arab Spring’; in Kashmir and Pakistan, violent contest over older rifts. Finally as the search for the missing flight MH370 continues we continue to be reminded that a fear of the unknown that can result from day-to-day activities.
Speak with your insurance representative to inquire how your current policy responds to natural disasters and what other coverage options are available to you.
Yet, imagine this: Thousands of miles away, a sophisticated hacker has gained access to the retailer’s computer network through one of the retailer’s low-level contractors. Spoofing was explicitly banned by Section 747 of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act, which describes spoofing as a disruptive practice. The employees and the supervisor would split the additional wages and defrauded the company for over $1 million in wages and variable benefits. If a firm agrees contractually to accept risk over and above the standard of care, such as providing a warranty or guarantee, it very well won’t have insurance—which is in nobody’s best interest. However, as reported, in the weeks leading to this year’s elections, the Electoral Court computers suffered hacker attacks. The speed with which they act and the impacts they can cause companies, businesses and their clients in risk situations is a scary scenario. If you feel something is missing it is probably because I have seen it on a list before and wanted original content. The control tower gave a clearance to the KLM flight which specified the aircraft’s departure route and gave instructions of what to do after take-off, however it was not a specific clearance for actual take-off. The KLM plane stalled and came down some 500 feet further on, then slid a further 1000 feet. Later reports, including one carried out by the Soviet Union, reported that the death toll was around 1,549, including 31 Japanese, one third of the total work force. The event lead to the clean air act of 1956 and is considered one of the worst pollution events in history.
From crime, to riots to kidnap the threats to unwary travellers and expatriates are rising in many places. One remote link between the retailer’s computer system and the contractor’s system—for something as seemingly innocuous as electronic billing—grants a hacker unfettered access to credit and debit card information, names, email addresses, mailing addresses, and phone numbers for 110 million consumers. The “trick” behind spoofing is to convince the market that there is substantial demand for a specific security by placing numerous orders that flash on screens around the globe, but then canceling those orders before anyone has a chance to execute at the displayed price. This may sound like a technical distinction that doesn’t matter very much but it really does. Simply adding an additional control to have a second approver outside of the department would have either caught or deterred the collusion all together or would have identified the collusion earlier and significantly reduced the loss. When researching I came across hundreds of accidents that I have never heard of, so, depending on how this list is received I may write a follow-up.
The collision left a total of 583 dead, this included all 248 onboard the KLM flight and 335 of the 396 passengers and crew on the Pan Am flight. Between 2,000-3,000 people were killed, mostly women, entire families were wiped out and the damage to the bodies made most unidentifiable – meaning they had to be buried in mass graves. To this day groundwater and soil in areas even 3km away from the factory contains almost 40 times more pesticides than Indian standards. Those that sheltered behind the carriage were crushed against trees and houses, those inside drowned as they were unable to escape through the doors as the train was so heavily packed with people. It is suspected that a fan dropped a cigarette or match between the gaps in the stand igniting the litter beneath. Getting back to Halloween costumes, I hope this year a few will choose to dress as scientists working on a successful Ebola vaccine. Looking ahead, it is crucial that risk managers ensure that political, security and cultural awareness inform their regional and country assessments and mitigation measures, particularly where state governance is weak or absent. With $148 million in uninsured breach-related costs, lost profits, and irreparable loss to reputation, some retailers and their vendors know exactly how scary a data breach can be and the importance of strategizing risk transfer for cyber risk.
The “treat” for the deceitful trader is a quick profit when other traders move the price in his favor based on the misinformation that his spoofing has produced. Imagine just how scary it would be if the company were later to decide to waive privilege in the legal advice you had received and share that advice with the very regulators or prosecutors who are out to get you.
Private equity firms should also pay more attention to compliance warranties when negotiating share purchase agreements and carefully consider the compliance systems and controls of the target. Churches, houses, schools, factories, docks and ships were destroyed in the swath of the blast.
The soil and water also contain toxic metals like lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium and chromium. It was several hours before people realized the train was missing and days before assistance arrived; many of the initial survivors died during the following day. Companies in every industry need to carefully evaluate their relevant exposure and take proactive steps to maximize insurance availability.
The terrifying results are that the Department of Justice and Attorneys General will now be looking over the shoulders of traders to determine if they had the requisite intent to commit spoofing when they placed and subsequently canceled their orders. That means another reporting and compliance mandate that employers have to deal with that might just catch them unprepared. Children who had stopped on their way to school, workmen lining the windows of factories, families in their homes, sailors in their ships – died instantly.
The results of this event can be seen today as Chilean fire brigades are composed of volunteers that were formed in the aftermath of the tragedy. The estimated death toll was at least 1,700 and probably in excess of 2,000, however only 900 bodies were officially recovered.
A post-acquisition review should be held and any identified problems should be swiftly resolved. They need to get their payroll and administrative providers on board NOW to make sure that information will be compiled in a timely fashion to make the filings available next year.
Injuries were frightful, blindness from splintering glass added to the shock and bewilderment.
Private equity investors are starting to realize that case law on parental liability doesn’t distinguish between financial and other investors – and that the price tag can be huge.

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