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The largest lake in Africa is Lake Victoria and the longest river is the Nile River, which is also the longest river in the world. Africa is rich with varied wildlife including elephants, penguins, lions, cheetahs, seals, giraffes, gorillas, crocodiles, and hippos.
This site is a product of TSI (Technological Solutions, Inc.), Copyright 2016, All Rights Reserved. In a stunning paper in Science, researchers claim to have reversed the impact of clouds on global climate. In a paper entitled “Observational and Model Evidence for Positive Low-Level Cloud Feedback,” authors Amy C. Our principal source of data is monthly mean gridded surface-based observations of total cloud cover from the Comprehensive Ocean Atmosphere Data Set (COADS) during 1952 to 2007. Other climate variables shown are sea surface temperature (SST, in C), sea-level pressure (SLP, in D) from the Hadley center data. Acknowledging that low-level clouds are of great climatic importance because of their net cooling effect on the global climate the authors admit, “at present, the sign of the low-level cloud feedback in climate change is unknown.” This has not stopped a number of climate change alarmists in citing this paper as proof that global warming is even worse than previously though. Throw in the effects of the Pacific decadal oscillation (PDO), which affects surface waters in the Pacific Ocean, north of 20° N on a time scale of 20 to 30 years, and the interdecadal Pacific oscillation (IPO or ID), which displays similar sea-surface temperature (SST) and sea-level pressure (SLP) patterns on a cycle of 15–30 years, and there is little need to drag CO2 into the argument at all. Modelers continue to tune their software playthings to match the last century's ups and downs, all the while ignoring the fact that their models are wrong. A number of other websites and blogs have taken to replicating my posts, in part or in whole. How many times have I heard of a paper, from a blog, that claims to have discovered a novel action by natural physics.
I don't see any point in "blogging" on a paper that you can't provide full access to, as this can only reduce your uptake of the subject.
My "best estimate" of this paper is that the chosen region for observations just happened to be loaded with atmospheric "black carbon" (BC), but I'm only guessing.
This is why BC can cause "down-welling" of IR to the surface when its low-level atmosphere population is profuse! I subscribe to several of these journals and have access to the full articles and supporting materials that are published online. Purchase the PDF of the article online, anywhere from $10 to $20 US depending on the journal. Haul your carcass to your local university library where they probably have an institutional subscription and read the full text there. I think it wrong that scientific research is locked up under copyright but that is the law. Local libraries often have online subscriptions to many major journals and they can also request a copy from a regional library for you to borrow.
ISCCP data to June 2008 has been released but I've only had time to look at the global cover.
Will the "bomb" cyclone melt the North Pole pack ice and usher in the climate apocalypse? Die Lilie ist au?erdem ein ein uraltes Konigs-Symbol und spielt auch in der Heraldik eine wichtige Rolle von wechselnder Bedeutung, so kann sie z.B.
Lilien sind bei uns in der Hauptsache Blumen fur den Friedhof bzw Sargschmuck.Daher gilt sie bei uns als Toten blume woher und warum weis ich auch nicht . We supplement this with cloud-type information from COADS that has been compiled by Hahn and Warren for the period 1952 to 1997, and in particular, we examine the category of marine stratiform clouds (comprising ordinary stratocumulus, cumulus under stratocumulus, fair-weather stratus, and bad-weather stratus).

Parts A and B show the total and low-level cloud cover averaged over the NE Pacific (115° to 145°W, 15° to 25°N) respectively.
As you can see, for these data the low cloud coverage appears to be in anti-phase with the variation in surface temperature. As usual, the climate catastrophe crowd is ignoring the limited scope of the study—performed over selected, relatively short time spans in a restricted patch of one ocean. It means that there are still a lot of things to be figured out about how Earth's climate system works: in this case feedbacks unsuspected or wrongly calibrated.
It was recently reported that all the aerosol models have been significantly wrong for decades (see Warming Caused by Soot, Not CO2). ONLY, to discover that the abstract describes nothing and you need to pay to read the full claim! Because BC is the perfect solid substance to arrest most insolation (like a surface albedo) and is also the perfect infrared (IR) radiator. However, I can't really say this in all honesty, because I don't know what the "paper" said!
That, however, does not give me the legal right to make entire papers available, that would violate US law and the laws of most other countries as well. Your whining about it doesn't diminish the importance or relevance of the papers I report on so I will continue to do so, even if it offends your sense of propriety. Your post was one of many that I'd read (during that session) and found interesting to the point that I wanted to conduct further investigation myself (this can only provide a polemic of my interest here). Engineers manipulate the science to provide the "widgets" that society needs, yet they are often denied the science by a "money wall" (I'm all for "open source"). In general, the authors of a paper don't get any direct financial benefit from a journal article.
When I was at UNC my research was covered by grants from the US government and the facilities furnished by the state of North Carolina; in other words, by the public. Naturally that "looks" like positive feedback (you can easily prove this, as Spencer and Braswell 2008 did, with a rudimentary climate model.) So really DUH!
Daneben gilt sie, vor allem in der christlichen Kunst, als Symbol der Reinheit, Unschuld und Jungfraulichkeit (besonders haufig auf Mariendarstellungen, z.B. Africa stretches well south of the equator to cover more than 12 million square miles making Africa the world's second largest continent. This new study, which concentrated on a restricted area of the Pacific Ocean, claims that warming oceans reduce low cloud cover letting in more sunlight that further warm the ocean and hence provide a positive feed back that adds to global warming. Norris claim to have found this previously unsuspected positive feedback between cloud cover and global warming by studying records for a patch of the Northeast Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and and Mexico. Both COADS and adjusted ISCCP data sets trend toward more total cloud cover in the late 1990s, with the increase primarily in low-level cloud cover in the adjusted ISCCP data (bars, in B).
The researchers concluded that the changes in the area of the Pacific they studied are “part of a dominant mode of global cloud variability.” Taking their observations a step further they decided to evaluate cloud models for similar behavior. Rather, the plug for CO2 as the proximate cause comes from the computer models, whose sensitivity settings all hinge on rising carbon dioxide levels. If this new result proves to be global, another important climate regulating factor has been wrongly implemented in most every model in use. Thus, BC warms the atmospheric region that it populates, alters the Clausius-Clapeyron (C-C) relationship of the region for water saturation and so, inhibits cloud formation.
Many of the figures in Science articles have a "free for educational use" clause, but I cannot legally reproduce entire works.

Alas, the "money wall" got in the way again, but it's a 30 mile round trip to my nearest University and I can't justify on a whim, or fleeting thought, of the possibilities for an engineered outcome to make this trip. As a blogger, I think that you probably feel the same as I do (I'm sure Steve McIntyre does with his "CRU" scenario). For a journal publisher to claim ownership for the work I or my grad students did is a travesty, but you have to publish and it is often the most prestigious publications that enforce such rules.
When there are less low level clouds of course it will be warmer all other things be equal-but that doesn't correspond to the feedback necessarily!
Based on a warming episode that started in 1978, the article claims that observational analysis showed that clouds act as a positive feedback in this region on decadal time scales. Here we examine long-term cloud variations in independent cloud data sets and analyze meteorological data to provide a physical framework for interpreting these variations. The longer COADS total cloud time series indicates that a reduction in cloud cover occurred in the mid-1970s, and this earlier shift was also dominated by marine stratiform clouds (bars, A).
The leap is that the same feedback would operate in global climate change.” The study indicates an important role for marine low clouds in amplifying global warming, he says, but it doesn't prove it. If it were true that CO2 was the cause, and since CO2 levels have continued to rise, why have the SST levels fallen and not risen monotonically? Note that this doesn't make the dreaded global warming any worse or any better, it simply changes how factors in Earth's climate system interact.
Still we are told that that model results are valid, not to worry that the model's fundamental assumptions are incorrect. Moglicherweise handelt es sich dabei um die Sublimierung einer ursprunglich phallischen Bedeutung, die man der Lilie wegen der auffalligen Form ihres Stempels beima?. Africa is one of the most diverse places on the planet with a wide variety of terrain, wildlife, and climates. But a cometary on the article in the same issue of Science says that the analysis suggests—but falls short of proving—that clouds are strongly amplifying the warming. Perhaps a better explanation for the changes in sea surface temperatures is the El Nino – Southern Oscillation (ENSO).
According to that study: “Overall the results suggest that the Southern Oscillation exercises a consistently dominant influence on mean global temperature, with a maximum effect in the tropics, except for periods when equatorial volcanism causes ad hoc cooling. In fact, this report re-emphasizes the importance of low cloud cover as a cause of cooling on climate. As I have been trying to communicate through this blog, the new discoveries being made day by day are not, in and of themselves, a repudiation of global warming.
Eine Lilie, die auf Darstellungen Christi als Weltenrichter aus dessen Munde hervorkommt, ist ein Symbol der Gnade.
That mean global tropospheric temperature has for the last 50 years fallen and risen in close accord with the SOI [Southern Oscillation Index] of 5–7 months earlier shows the potential of natural forcing mechanisms to account for most of the temperature variation.” El Nino and its opposite La Nina are much more direct and influential climate forcings.
It also shows how foolish is is to accept the output of models as valid predictors of future climate variability. Instead, they are indications that climate change theory is fundamentally incomplete and so flawed that its predictions cannot be trusted.

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