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Les autorites indonesiennes ont elargi la zone rouge autour d’un volcan apres des eruptions plus importantes que prevu. Au total, plus de 50 eruptions ont projete de la lave et des gaz jusqu’a cinq kilometres a la ronde et jusqu’a quatre kilometres dans l’atmosphere, en fin de semaine. On ne rapporte pas de victimes pour l’instant, mais la zone rouge au sud-est du volcan est passee de cinq a sept kilometres.
Dans les dernieres semaines, plus de 20 000 personnes ont ete evacuees des villages environnants.
En 2010, le volcan s’est reveille apres quatre siecles, tuant deux personnes et prenant les scientifiques par surprise. Le Sinabung est l’un des quelque 130 volcans actifs en Indonesie, un pays qui fait partie de la « ceinture de feu », une serie de volcans autour de l’ocean Pacifique. La ceinture de feu du Pacifique est un alignement de volcans qui borde l’ocean Pacifique sur la majorite de son pourtour, soit environ 40 000 kilometres.
Cet alignement de volcans coincide avec un ensemble de limites de plaques tectoniques et de failles. La ceinture de feu compte 452 volcans, soit 75 % des volcans emerges de la planete, qu’ils soient actifs ou eteints. Le jeu de ces plaques tectoniques est aussi a l’origine de frequents seismes (90 % des tremblements de terre et 80 % des plus grands tremblements). Les volcans de la ceinture de feu du Pacifique sont donc principalement des volcans de subduction, qui s’organisent en arcs volcaniques continentaux (chaines ou cordilleres volcaniques) pour les volcans de marge continentale (Amerique), ou en arcs volcaniques insulaires.
La ceinture de feu du Pacifique fait partie des trois zones d’activite sismique les plus importantes de la planete, avec la dorsale medio-atlantique et la ceinture alpine. N ° 1 Mont Lokon, qui est situe en Indonesie, est entre en eruption plus de 800 fois depuis Juillet.
N° 2 Une « alerte orange » a ete emise pour les villes et les villages a proximite du volcan Tungurahua en Equateur.  Mardi dernier, il est entre en eruption projetant de la lave jusqu’a un demi-mile au-dessus de son cratere. N ° 3 Des coulee de lave jaillissent toujours du volcan Tolbachik qui est situe sur la peninsule du Kamchatka, en Siberie.
N ° 5 Mardi, un panache de cendres de plus de 2,5 kilometres de haut s’est eleve du volcan Paluweh en Indonesie.
N ° 6 Mardi dernier, on comptait une moyenne d’environ 4 seismes par heure au volcan Popocatepetl au Mexique. N ° 7 Des scientifiques ont recemment decouvert « l’un des plus etranges volcans du monde » sur le plancher oceanique au large de la cote de Baja, au Mexique. N ° 9 Les scientifiques mettent en garde qu’il y a une tres dangereuse accumulation de magma sous un grand nombre des 110 volcans actifs du Japon. N ° 11 Un seisme de magnitude-6.0  a frappe la region de Nouvelle-Bretagne en Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinee, ce samedi. N ° 14 Il y a eu une augmentation substantielle de l’activite sismique dans la region de la caldeira de Long Valley en Californie, et les autorites nous disent qu’il y a bien des mouvements de magma dans cette zone.
N ° 15 Recemment sur une periode de cinq semaines, plus de 170 tremblements de terre importants ont ete detectes dans une ville au Chili.
Oui, le supervolcan dormant sous le parc de Yellowstone constitue reellement un danger pour la civilisation.
Les scientifiques ont analyse le magma de la caldeira de Yellowstone , qui contient entre 200 et 600 kilometres cubes de roche en fusion, afin de voir comment il reagit aux changements de pression et de temperature. Prevenir une eruption de supervolcan n’est actuellement pas possible, mais les scientifiques tentent de mettre au point des methodes de surveillance de la pression du magma souterrain afin de predire si celle-ci est imminente. De toute maniere, meme s’ils pouvaient prevoir un eventuel reveil de cette super caldeira, selon vous, alerteraient-ils la population de cette imminence? Et l’activite volcanique oceanique est-elle responsable en partie du rechauffement et de l’acidification des oceans? Ce que tout cela m’inspire, c’est que l’on aurait aujourd’hui bien besoin d’une bonne catastrophe planetaire, …juste histoire d’en calmer un bon nombre quoi ! Watching mainstream media and reading travel warnings is not the best way to gauge the risk of living in a new place. When I first arrived in Morocco for a year of studying abroad, I felt uncomfortable walking in the streets because in Moroccan culture, staring generally isn’t seen as rude. For expats, planning to move to a new host country takes a considerable amount of effort and research. As an expat, will you be on par economically with a large sector of the local population, or will you be part of a small group on a completely different socioeconomic plane than most locals? In some cities, expats live in guarded compounds, shop in completely different stores, and aren’t able to have too much interaction with the local population due to such a large income gap. If the attacks seem completely random or are targeted at foreigners, you will be more at risk than if the attacks are targeted at government and military institutions that you aren’t likely to set foot in. We often think of other people as the greatest risk in a new environment, but we should take natural risks into account as well.
As a foreigner, I didn’t feel that I was any less safe living in Lahore than a local. The biggest threat to me was the 120-degree heat, but I also took precautions such as following the local news, speaking Urdu when out shopping rather than English, and wearing local clothing. I can think of four specific times when I felt unsafe (aside from driving in the car) during my three years in Pakistan: when I felt my classroom shake from a bomb blast, when I had rocks thrown at me while driving through North West Frontier Province, when my car was stolen from my work place and showed up the next morning in front of my garage, and when I had to drive to the India border the day after Benazir Bhutto was assassinated. I lived through one of the deadliest riots in modern Chinese history, and somehow not once were my wife and I afraid for our lives. In my experience, while the US embassy does its best to keep US citizens informed and to protect us and our interests overseas, in true crisis situations, like the three I mentioned above, the US embassy is very reluctant to order evacuations. It is much less expensive to evacuate yourself and your family before the situation becomes a crisis. The EU country embassies are usually quicker to decide to get their citizens out than the US, perhaps because the US community is sometimes among the largest, and therefore the most expensive to evacuate. After saying all that, I live in Nairobi now, sometimes considered the second most dangerous city in the world after Joberg, and I love it. While I still think the violence is overstated on websites and in the news, I finally decided it was time to get out.
AdvertiseMatador specializes in building native content + high impact display for some of the world's biggest brands and destinations. Malnourished children presented at a clinic in North Korea during a guided tour of a disaster-hit province. Or had they been assembled here for our benefit, infant imposters wheeled in to add poignancy to North Korea’s appeal for food aid? Western nutrition experts who have worked in the country for years assured me that such extreme stunting was absolutely the norm. In any other country, it never would have occurred to me to question the word of doctors as we visited room after room of children with gaunt faces, emaciated limbs and weeping skin infections. And although government authorities gave us unprecedented access to hospitals, schools, orphanages and collective farms, our journey into North Korea’s bread basket was tightly controlled.

Our trip marked the first time a major Western news organisation had been allowed to document hunger and suffering in rural North Korea, where the Wood Food Programme estimates 6 million people need food assistance and a third of children are malnourished or stunted. We wrote back, declining to give a donation but saying we’d be happy to come and report on the hunger crisis.
We asked around and learned that Medecins Sans Frontieres was keen to explore the possibility of working in North Korea again.
That’s how we found ourselves on a ground-breaking – if at times surreal – reporting trip to the North Korean countryside.
Journalists are used to relying on “fixers” to help them get interviews, provide translations and explain the lay of the land.
When we interviewed farmers, doctors and flood survivors, we were inevitably surrounded by a gaggle of officials who took notes on everything asked and everything said. To be fair to our hosts, they did try to accommodate many of our requests, showing a surprising degree of flexibility in a country where everything has to be approved in advance by officials higher up the chain. To be sure, we saw plenty of evidence of devastation caused by the heaviest summer rains in years, two typhoons and successive inundations: broken bridges, crumpled houses, ruined maize crops. But the floods were only the latest natural shock in a saga of chronic food shortages that are as much political as they are rooted in natural disasters. Experts say North Korea’s hunger crisis has its roots in years of farm mismanagement as well as slumping aid and trade amid the fallout of Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programmes. Skeptics say Pyongyang may be stockpiling food to give out at next year’s 100th birthday celebrations of “Eternal President” Kim Il-sung. Looking over the dozens of images we took of sick and malnourished children, I felt a twinge of guilt for even doubting the doctors and nurses who were evidently doing their best with almost no medicines and little food in the larder. We welcome comments that advance the story through relevant opinion, anecdotes, links and data. However, the North Korean government chooses to be a military state, antagonistic to its own neighbors and then has the audacity to ask for assistance.
Yes, we are all responsible for not allowing any of the world’s children to go hungry.
Simultaneously, China can also persuade North Korea to use their resources to feed their own people instead of being a global military threat. A country whose nutjob dictator makes his living off of nuclear blackmail is a cancer that needs to be isolated as completely as possible. In the very near future, their Million Man Army will be nothing but a bunch of stunted soliders. I agree to Shutterstock's Website Terms, Privacy Policy, Licensing Terms and to receive emails that I can opt out of at any time.
All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time.
Lundi dernier les cendres volcaniques provenant du volcan ont atteint une hauteur de 10.000 pieds. Fuji (situe pas trop loin de Tokyo, Japon) est en sommeil depuis environ 300 ans, mais ces derniers mois il  a eu des signes croissants d’activite. Les scientifiques ont une nouvelle fois analyse la roche en fusion dans ce supervolcan et en ont conclu qu’une eruption est non seulement possible, mais pourrait aussi debuter sans aucun signe exterieur avant-coureur. Celui-ci a provoque un hiver volcanique (pluie de cendres enrobant le globe et empechant les rayons du soleil de passer) qui a empeche tout ensoleillement pendant six a huit ans, et a engendre une periode de refroidissement global d’une duree de mille ans. A l’aide de rayons X puissants, les chercheurs ont constate que la densite du magma diminuait de maniere significative en cas de temperatures et de pressions elevees.
Quitte a creer un mouvement de panique rarement egale sur la planete dans toute l’histoire de l’humanite? Car tout ces phenomene naturels sont bien plus vieux que vos livres pour enfants et autres messies biblique. The natural disaster section contains information about: droughtfiresfloodsstorms and severe weather eventspests such as plague locusts and micesupport for community recovery Coping with the Vagaries of the Weather During the Early Colonial Days Natural disasters have struck agriculture in a number of ways since colonisation.
Everywhere I went, I saw uniformed, stone faced men holding large guns, and during the Danish cartoonist riots I saw Army Rangers and riot squads patrolling the streets. When trying to decide whether a specific country or city is a good fit for you or if it is simply too risky, there are a number of factors you can look at to calculate risk.
Is it mostly people involved with the drug trade or other illegal activities who are victims, or is the general population affected as well? When my husband and I lived in Pakistan, we were firmly grounded in the upper middle class and lived among Pakistanis. Being seen as part of an economic elite could make you more vulnerable to theft, violent crime or terrorist attacks. If these types of attacks happen in your host country, find out where they normally take place and if specific groups or institutions are targeted.
Is the area prone to flooding or other natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes or tsunamis? Most attacks there are targeted against the military, the police and government officers, and I avoided calling attention to myself while traveling, going out on strike days and eating at fancy five-star hotels. I was concerned people would be out rioting, but it turned out many took the national day of mourning to play cricket instead.
A couple of thoughts from many years of expat living and three times evacuated or escaped from dangerous situations (Iraq, Rwanda, Albania). You’re right, if we can feel comfortable in our surroundings and have local knowledge, it makes it much easier to adapt. Were the 28 orphans in the primary school clinic really so stunted by years of hunger that they had the bodies of toddlers, as the authorities claimed?
The official answered that we could only do that if we brought an aid agency willing to donate food or money. The international medical charity had pulled out in the late 1990s following a disagreement over the monitoring of aid. But in this case, our fixers were also our government “guides”, “minders” and “controllers”. After much to-ing and fro-ing, we were allowed to train our cameras on men, women and children sowing late crops in an already-harvested field. The narrative presented to us with solemn repetition was a story of a proud but disaster-prone country forced to reach out for aid after floods compounded catastrophic damage to crops caused by a savage winter. Fears that aid could be diverted to feed North Korea’s million-strong army have also made donors wary. Others say North Korea may be hoarding food ahead of a possible underground nuclear test, which would likely provoke another round of sanctions. If you see a comment that you believe is irrelevant or inappropriate, you can flag it to our editors by using the report abuse links.
China uses them to provoke and side-track India while they build up their own manufacturing and economic might. However, in the case of North Korea being the puppet of China, and China being one of the richest country in the world, it is time they stepped up to the plate and do the right thing.

Every Chinese is strongly object to N.Korea having nuclear weapons or even war in the Korean Peninsula. Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections. Our Standard license allows you to use images for anything, except large print runs over 500,000+ or for merchandising. Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased. Une etude recente a constate qu’une « chambre magmatique sous la montagne subi une pression immense », et un eminent scientifique estime que le mont. Une eruption tellement puissante qu’elle pourrait aneantir la civilisation telle que nous la connaissons. Il faudrait en effet au moins une dizaine d’annees pour que la pression du magma augmente au point de provoquer une eruption. Depassant meme ce qu’on connu les eschatologues les plus convaincus qui eux speculaient sur le 21 decembre 2012 et qui se fiaient aux signes de la fin des temps. They can be very local and wreak enormous damage to a few farms in a small area or extend across the whole State.
The rupture caused massive waves, or tsunamis, that hurtled away from the epicenter, reaching shores as far away as Africa. Added an additional note where some of the government pledges will come from, and at what expense.
After a while, I realized that big guns are part of everyday life, and that even tiny shoe stores will hire armed guards to watch over their stores after dark. If it is susceptible to a certain type of natural disaster, will you able to find housing that can withstand a catastrophic event? I spoke a couple times to the church women, and it was very strange to be escorted everywhere by multiple armed guards. I can picture a lot of prospective expats emailing this to their worried mothers before going to live abroad. I think you have as much chance been killed in America or Europe as what you have in many, Dangerous places! Of course, there could be no relief programme without a proper needs assessment, they said — a message we relayed to the North Korean authorities. Meanwhile, a botched currency devaluation and rising global commodities prices have slashed commercial food imports. I hope the international society can do as more as you can to help the evil government in your eyes and understand their policy if possible, and at last , no war please. If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription.
For example a quote from the Bureau of Meteorology website provides incite into the early weather disasters in South Australia. Some 230,000 people were killed and the livelihoods of millions were destroyed in over 10 countries. In some areas of the world, elections and changes in power can lead to rioting, looting and chaos. Is it mostly locals or foreigners who are kidnapped or taken hostage, and where do these abductions usually take place? I figure that where ever you are planning to relocate you do your homework first – essential.
No photographing portraits of North Korea’s “Great Leaders”, which festooned walls and billboards everywhere we went. From the very beginning of the colony, the summer heat was a great concern to the new settlers, and heat exhaustion was common.
This has been one of the biggest natural disasters in recent human history.Please note, this page cannot aim to provide up to date detailed coverage of events as they unfold, as it is beyond my scope and ability. If you end up living in a capital city, you may be more affected by governmental issues in your everyday life.
The hot summer of 1850-51 caused a severe water shortage that badly disrupted the shipment of wheat and copper ore. The drought continued until the end of April when 33 mm (1.5 inches) of rain fell in Adelaide. Rich countries, the World Bank and the IMF have already indicated that there will be some early discussions and meetings to see how to deal with this, at least preempting any early criticism.Back to topWill the world keep its promised pledges?Charities and the United Nations are also warning that based on previous experiences, large pledges of donations can often be reduced later. This was followed by 163mm (6.5 inches) in May and by the beginning of spring, Adelaide had recorded 20 inches since the break of the drought in April. The rain was heavier in the hills and to the south of Adelaide, resulting in flooded creeks and boggy roads.
The United Nations estimates that some 5 million lives have also been affected.There is now great concern that disease will result from poor sanitation and lack of clean water.
To add to the misery of the weather, unemployment also was running high at the time and many left SA for the Victorian goldfields.
In addition, it is feared that there will be a proliferation of endemic disesases as a result of the stagnant pools of water that have been created.
It is feared that these will claim just as many lives as the waves did.This disaster also has to be taken in the context of on-going problems.
Failure of the opening rains followed by a below average spring results in dramatically reduced crop yields and pasture growth leading to low yields and shortage of feed for livestock forcing up the price of how and feed grains. Some regions, such as north eastern Sri Lanka, or Aceh in Indonesia, have seen violent conflicts for many years, as separatist rebels struggle with the government.
For example, the United Nations reports that many landmines have been dislodged by the tsunamis in Sri Lanka. State and Federal government assistance to farmers has been provided during most major droughts. The humanitarian emergency in Afghanistan attracted more than $700m of pledges, but less than half that has been sent. Livestock feeding and management advice has been provided to help farmers make optimum use of scarce on farm feed reserves and expensive purchased feeds. In the program on January 6, 2005, former UK government minister for development, Claire Short, noted that a lot of pledged money from governments is old money already assigned for other projects, which will now be redirected to this. Severe unseasonal frosts can also be devastating for grain growers and horticultural industries.
Community Recovery Over the last century, the Department of Agriculture has played a key role in coordinating community and Government responses to natural disasters, providing technical advice to farmers on how to deal with particular abnormal circumstances, and supported communities during the recovery phase.

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