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The sad, bad and lunatic revelations that are cascading down now are like a wall of mud and sludge crashing through a broken dam.
The initial project has been so badly conceived it has finally popped open like rotten fruit.
The budgetary mess, the overshoot, the pollution caused, the too big, too fast, too wide carriages, spending all the money upfront (to try and make sure no-one will ever pull out because of the money we have spent) , all these are just symptoms of the underlying disease. The enormous debt proposed (with enormous interest charges) is not just a danger, it represents huge resources that will not be available to do other good things, some apparent now but many that may not be apparent for a decade; good things that may provide immeasurably more benefit to the city than a road train built on the mirage of last century's hopes, dreams and crazy debt fuelled spending. Why do you all insist on hiding behind pseudonyms are you worried that your spite and distaste for actually a glorious concept admittedly handed to an inept contractor and delivered by a somewhat inexperienced management team is likely to turn out to be a successful transport solution?
As for the sell on of additional rolling stock - would you rather the initial investment was left to gather dust and no attempt was made to recoup the cost? I don't propose to start a frankly pointless 'to and fro' comment arguement but mearly to wake you up to the possibility that many of us can not wait for the Tram system to be up and running and believe hole heartedly that the benefits will be appraent for many years to come. All of us on this forum seek to be knowledgeable and safe with our Doubleguns we ask questions, we get barrel walls measured, we adhere to advice of what you that have the knowledge recommend.
Probably not what you were looking for but at the local gun club a friend was shooting an off-brand European semi-auto and had a barrel burst.
I've seen one, and I've seen the results (to the shooter) of another one.The one I saw was a Fox 20ga. Last night a cigar,bottle of wine,aged port and I got together.Damn if I wasn't the odd man out.
Interesting to see two examples above where the rupture is at or near the rib to barrel solder joint.
Originally Posted By: wannagohuntingWhat is the problem with compression formed hulls?Thanks Nothing, when used properly.
I'd hope everyone pays attention to what Lagopus has posted about that rifle failure.I'll relate a similar tale that involved an individual shooting a factory 12 ga. The agency breached a dam at Coloradoa€™s a€?Gold Kinga€™ mine (which had been abandoned for nearly a century) and sent toxic sludge containing lead, arsenic and other heavy metals flowing into the Animas River. The EPA didna€™t even reveal the spill until a day after the incident, and initially downplayed and grossly underestimated the damage. City officials stopped pumping water from the Animas into the reservoir that provides drinking water for Durangoa€™s 17,000 residents and officials say about 1,000 residential water wells could become contaminated. The river is closed indefinitely, and the county sheriff is warning river visitors to stay out of the water.
NO ONE at the EPA will be held responsible, just like any other government agency run by appointed cronies.

The government uses us, rips us off; bureaucrats laugh about it and nothing ever gets better. The only way to lose your job in govt is to kill everyone (including yourself); while we all sit around and watch the destruction. More than 40 percent of small-business owners say that ObamaCare has caused them to freeze hiring, while nearly a fifth say that it has caused them to cut existing workers. Just 9% of the 603 employers surveyed by Gallup said Obamacare will be good for their business, compared to 48% who said it will be bad. In addition to these results, 18% of small-business owners say they have already cut their workers’ hours back to part-time levels in anticipation of ObamaCare’s effects. Double Guns, Double barreled shotguns, SxS, Side-by-side, and Over & Under O&U, Drillings, Combination guns, Double rifles, Hunting Guns, Cape guns, Game guns.
During WWII when ammunition and meat were equally scarce it was employed for deer shooting with home bodged cartridges loaded with ball bearings; you can see the score marks to this day. As I said we on this site attempt to use caution and adhere to certain limitations on loads for old guns.I have done not too intelligent things. I am amazed how casual many shooters I am familiar with treat the ammunition they put into them. And it is always a shock to see the corrosion accumulated in the dead space between the ribs.Which reinforces my dislike for ribs, yet again. As recommended, he should have the barrels wall thickness checked especially in the critical areas and shoot low pressure low velocity loads that are under 8,000 psi.For us that own old sxs it is almost imperative to reload your own to say within this range. The contaminated water has spread to New Mexico, Arizona and Utah, while EPA officials were forced to concede that more than 3 million gallons so far have been released into the river. The yellow plume has traveled down to New Mexico a€” where officials in several municipalities have stopped pumping river water into drinking water systems, fearing contamination. How to Create a Safe Room in Your House or Apartment Date Of Destruction September 23- 2015 -Watch as the elite gradually disappear to their cities underground Gerald Celente: Global Economic Meltdown a€“ Big Crash of Economy Not All Chickens Are The Same! For every one of us that follows this advice there must be dozens who are in total ignorance of any guidelines for shooting safe loads in old guns.I seldom see displays or testimonies of blown apart barrels excepting an occasional one with what appear to have had obstructions. He asked me about shooting it and I told him all the usual precautions and warned him to use low pressure only, and suggested powders and loads.
But, when you're trying to build a low pressure load it is just easier to begin with another type, like the ribbed hulls with a fiber base wad, or even paper hulls. It would be nice if they stated how many rounds they put through your barrels for this testing.
Government blunders, corruption, and even crime has not been held truly accountable since I cannot even remember whena€¦ apparently untouchable.
It is about a 7? lb gun with 30" barrels so walls are not extra thin, haven't actually measured them.

The barrel turned loose about six inches ahead of the chamber and peeled the rib up at about 90 degrees.
Given all the same other components, a compression formed hull will almost always deliver higher pressures.
Knowing his penchant for them, I suggested otherwise but, alas and alack, he did not listen. He said the reloading manuals had about a 20% fudge factor, and he wanted to use up the Unique. I'd be willing to bet it was above the max load recommended for modern guns, and I also knew he was going to be using compression formed hulls, which I also advised him against. He may have had a hot enough load to blow up the Boswell even if they had not been in AAs, we'll never know, but they certainly did not help the pressure situation any.
It is quite likely that the powder in that cartridge had become 'dust' and as such had zero deterrent and an exponetially increased surface area. One side of the crack was still inward into the bore but the other side had been lifted outward leaving a substantial gap between the two.
No one was injured, but the escaping gas hit another shooter standing beside the box pulling the targets.
I sent some to Tom Armbrust this spring loaded in Gold STSs that went 1180 fps at 5100 psi. FWIW, The dif in defs between burning and detonation in the simplest of terms is the speed or burning rate, if you will.I've not ever witnessed a blown barrel per se, but I have two double guns with minor swells or bulges toward the muzzle that were likely the result of some sort of obstruction. The two edges of the crack meshed back together to the extent it took very careful examination to even see the crack was there. Neither swell is noticable when shooting the guns, but both are when looking inside the barrels or along the affected barrel's outside.
Through all of this the crack did not open back up at all nor was there even a smudge of powder visible on the outside.
Bonking them and causing a distortion or dent is another matter altogether.With apologies for the tangent, but perhaps its within the limits of acceptable thread drift. I have never, incidentally fired this gun from my shoulder, just because I know that its pre-cracked.

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