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View DetailsFirst Aid Refill Kit Includes:1 Suture Strip Pack 3in (Wound Closure) 2 Sterile Surgical Sponge 4x4 12ply or 8 ply. International Meals Supply is unique in the civilian MRE industry in that they do not produce MREs for the U.S. IMS produces everything inside the MREStar MRE with the exception of the bakery goods (shortbread cookie). Each place sells the same civilian MRE but might offer different pricing and shipping options. A key thing that sets apart the APack MREs is the fact that they actually come with the water needed to activate the heater.

The accessory pack is more complete than others in that it contains everything you would expect – spoon, moist wipe, napkin, instant coffee, creamer, sugar, salt, and pepper. These heaters are the same as the military Flameless Ration Heaters that are activated with plain water.
The menus from MREStar appear to be set for now so every case should contain the same menus. Even though the product offering is young, it has already set itself apart because of its unique choice of entrees.
According to MREStar, the larger spoon size was actually requested by the DSCP so the food could be consumed faster by military personnel.

Four of their six entrees are completely new but even though the other two entrees have familiar names (Beef Stew, Cheese Tortellini), they definitely have improved flavor.

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