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Meet the experts of Forge Survival Supply, Joel Stevens, Mike Kozeliski, Jimmy Campbell, and Mark Puhaly.
July 20, 2012 by Roger Lawson II 13 Comments This finale of the first season of I Must Break You is brought to you by my good friend and one of the most unique people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, Lady Leigh Peele. When people want to lose fat, there are a variety of folks they can go to, but when they want to lose fat FOR-EV-ER, learning all about what goes into the whole process, they go see Leigh. Leigh knows I’m kinda sorta really obsessed with zombies, so she was kind enough to put together a challenge that would not only test me physically, but ensure that I would be one of the last fitness writers standing in the wake of the inevitable zombie uprising. There wasn’t a chain link fence around, so I subbed in epic rope climbs, proving that if my life depended on climbing a rope to escape it would be game over for The Rog.
I also opted for head smashes over nut crunchers for the simple fact that zombies aren’t going around trying to fornicate with people.
After 3 rounds of this, there may have been  a few times that I contemplated laying on the ground, closing my eyes, and letting the horde of shuffling killers take me – who would’ve thought fighting for your life could be so exhausting? Astonished by the sky-high Nielsen ratings for the show Doomsday Preppers, the crew of tactical experts at Lansky Knife & Tool realized it was high time to assemble some of their best survival tools into a kit.
Comprised of former marines, survivalist, and adventurists, these outdoorsmen share their skills and expertise with people who want to be prepared for the unexpected. You'll get free tips, delivered hot to your inbox, that you can use to make every single day sexier.

Most chumps get grabbed by a zombie and in their struggle to break free end up falling on the ground only to get ganged up on by even more zombies.
In light of this mind blowing fact, it makes more sense to incapacitate their eating apparatus vs their sexy parts. In a world where guns mean attention and attention means death, you had best level up your melee skills if you want to stand a chance. Apocalypse Survival Kit is a pack that includes a battle ax, a 20-function multi-tool, blade sharpeners plus a LifeStraw™ water purification system, LED flashlight, compass, and more.
While a lack of shirt makes me more susceptible to scratches, the added mobility it allows me is more than worth the trade off.
As shown in the video, a series of rapid heel strikes in quick succession is the most effective way to curb stomp the undead into submission.
Plus it’s scientifically proven that zombies fear muscle, so increasing your jacktitude could very well save your life!
Practice your hand to hand combat skills and DEFINITELY practice your Street Fighter uppercuts (AKA Shoryuken) – all of these will come in handy when going for the stealth kills. You’ll need want something sharp, deadly and quiet that you can use to defend yourself. This sword features an awesome shape and eye catching fantasy cut-out designs that demand attention.

Part sword, part machete and part razor sharp knife,  Kukris are perfect utility tools and zombie defense weapons.
This 25″ long full tang beauty is made out of AUS-8 black stainless steel and has a razor sharp blade. Well fortunately United Cutlery has just the solution you’re looking for with their M48 Apocalypse hammer. When that comes to the zombie apocalypse and the number of swords you have, it’s even more true. This wicked curved knife looks less like a cutting tool and more like a razor sharp demon claw. Something with a long enough reach that you don’t need to get near biters is your best bet.
This lightweight kit is perfect for having a few essentials to keep you alive in the wilderness when the zombies come!

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