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Archangel Takes FlightOf those four horsemen, one comes directly from the comics -- and he's a character fans have been waiting years to see. Fox's hit film, "X-Men: Days of Future Past," picked up on a cue from Marvel Studios' approach to movie making by ending with a post-credits sequence teasing the next film in the franchise. Debuting at the end of "X-Factor" #5, though the issue was written and illustrated by the creative team of Bob Layton, Jackson Guice and Joe Rubinstein, the character was actually invented by Louise Simonson who was taking over "X-Factor" with issue #6. From the start, Apocalypse was all about his obsession with the survival of the fittest, with him being the ideal example of the fittest of them all (his powers certainly set him apart -- Apocalypse has complete control over his body, allowing him to stretch, shape-shift and give himself great strength, among various other powers, including psi abilities).
Following Nowlan's sacrifice, Simonson was free to do whatever she wanted with Apocalypse going forward, and she and Walter Simonson (now the artist on "X-Factor") told a story that reverberates in X-Men history to this day: the introduction of Apocalypse's Four Horsemen, representing Pestilence, War, Famine and Death. Apocalypse had one last memorable fight with X-Factor before they became members of the X-Men once again.
As time went by, more and more writers began to play with the fact that Apocalypse had been around for centuries.
As for why Apocalypse did not simply conquer the world millennia ago, it turns out, there were two major reasons. However, in an alternate timeline, some time-traveling mutants burst onto the scene years before the X-Men were formed. Not only has Apocalypse fought the X-Men a number of times over the years, he has also seemingly been killed off only to return, over and over again. The member of X-Force who actually did the killing, Fantomex, then cloned apocalypse, to see if he could make a heroic version of the villain. Images of that type of artworks are prohibited for copying, printing, or any kind of reproducing and communicating to public since these activities may be considered copyright infringement. Ahead of its big screen inclusion in front of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," Fox has unleashed the first official look at Bryan Singer's new mutant movie. With its massive cast and dual timeline narrative, 2014's "X-Men: Days of Future Past" set the bar pretty high when it comes to epic-ness in X-Men movies. That character is Archangel, a character so inextricably tied to the villain that his inclusion here is a no-brainer. It's great to see him back in action in an X-Men movie and this trailer gives us a quick look at his scene -- hopefully one of his many scenes.
Maybe it's because he's been mop-topped for the past two movies, but the resemblance between McAvoy's young Xavier and the elder one played by Stewart has never been spot on. Set in Ancient Egypt, the scene showed a mysterious man with grey skin and blue lines on his face using his powers to build a pyramid while masses of people chant as four mysterious beings stand in the background.
In their first five issues, Layton and Guice had been introducing new villains for X-Factor (which, at the time, consisted of the original X-Men: Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Iceman and Angel) and eventually revealed that these new villains were all working together as the Alliance of Evil, under the control of a mysterious head villain. His plan for the Alliance of Evil was to use a mutant named Michael Nowlan, who could boost other mutants' powers, to increase the powers of all the mutants in the world so that homo superior could take over the Earth. The twist was that Death was a brainwashed Warren Worthington, better known as Angel of the X-Men!

In a battle with another team of servants (this one called the Dark Riders), Cyclops' son, Nathan, was infected by Apocalypse with a techno-organic virus. In the 1996 miniseries, "Rise of Apocalypse," writer Terry Kavanagh and artists Adam Pollina and Mark Morales (plus Anthony Williams and Al Milgrom) gave readers the definitive origin for Apocalypse, revealing the tale of En Sabah Nur, the world's first known mutant. First, he would often hibernate using Rama-Tut's technology, and every time he resurfaced, he was more powerful.
In the ensuing battle between these time-traveling mutants (specifically Charles Xavier's son Legion and a group of X-Men trying to stop Legion) as well as a young Magneto, Xavier was accidentally murdered. A notable "Uncanny X-Force" storyline written by Rick Remender saw the villain reincarnated as a young boy. It tells the story of Cameron who managed to survive the deadly virus that infected the town of Kremolla and his mission to seek a special potion that will eliminate the effects of plague.
But judging by the footage of Oscar Isaac's imposing villain and the property damage glimpsed in this trailer, the next X-Movie could actually be the biggest one yet. In the comics, Apocalypse turned the original X-Man Angel into Death by giving him metallic, razor-sharp wings and blue skin. And for everyone out there looking for cosplay options for 2016, note that Quicksilver is now wearing a (very appropriate) Rush t-shirt.
In the last shot of this trailer, which shows McAvoy's bald Xavier decked out in a blue suit similar to the one worn by Stewart's version, he really looks like a younger version of the mutant mentor we know and love. What the crowd is chanting is the key, as it is the name of this young mutant, En Sabah Nur, who will eventually be known as the X-Men villain Apocalypse. Layton had an established character in mind, but with Simonson taking over, she and editor Bob Harras felt that it should be a brand-new villain.
Apocalypse gave Angel (who recently lost his wings and was presumed dead after his private jet exploded) new, metal wings, and blue skin because, well, I guess why not? In order to save his son, Cyclops was forced to send him into the future, where Nathan grew up to become Cable -- who was trained to kill Apocalypse! His parents abandoned him as a child and he was raised by nomads who taught him that only the strong survive -- a philosophy he would soon famously make his own. Second, and most importantly, he envisioned a world ruled by mutants, so he had to wait for such a world to be possible.
This battle woke Apocalypse up a decade early, and in a world without the X-Men, Apocalypse's plans actually succeeded.
The black ops X-squad chose to kill him before he could grow up to fulfill his evil destiny, which in turn led Archangel to seemingly taking over as Apocalypse's heir for a time. These are all A-list comic characters, and Magneto's been the co-lead of this trilogy of X-Films, so seeing this powerful foursome of iconic characters go up against the X-Men?
While Ben Hardy's angelic adversary isn't Smurf colored in this trailer, he does have those metal wings, and they look beautifully deadly. This is the Xavier we've been waiting for two whole movies to see, and it looks like the character is coming into his own just in time to stand up against the threat of Apocalypse. Dubbed Apocalypse, the villain was designed by Simonson's husband, legendary comic book artist Walter Simonson, and introduced to the world by Guice and inker Bob McCleod.

Warren's best friend, Bobby Drake (Iceman) eventually broke Angel free of Apocalypse's control, and Warren became a hero again, now using the name Archangel. He was exposed to futuristic technology by the Pharaoh Rama-Tut (who was really Kang the Conqueror early in his career), and when Rama-Tut tried to kill him, he was saved by his mutant abilities kicking in.
Every hundred years or so, Apocalypse would awaken from hibernation, testing the waters to see if the time was ripe for him to make his move. This, of course, was the famed crossover event "Age of Apocalypse." Eventually, the X-Men were able to go back in time to prevent Legion from causing the battle that awoke Apocalypse early, while also serving to save Xavier's life, thus restoring the timeline to its proper state of affairs. While he was eventually stopped, Archangel had already fathered two children who were taken into the future by En Sabah Nur's old friend Kang to be raised as the Apocalypse Twins, who have since returned to plague the Uncanny Avengers. Just looking at this trailer, the film isn't shying away from any part of Apocalypse; this is the comic book version of En Sabah Nur brought to life, and we see that in action during a perspective-altering shot of him using his molecular manipulation powers against Professor X.
And, proving that "Apocalypse" isn't shying away from its comic book roots, we even see Archangel shoot out his poison-tipped flechettes.
It was during these active stretches that Apocalypse set about establishing himself as a sort of a god in various cultures, often encountering other long-lived Marvel characters in the past, such as Thor, Exodus and Mister Sinister. Apocalypse is so talky that "makes grand speeches" really seems like his primary power, but this trailer reminds us that no, the guy can also throw down with the best of them. Finally, when he awoke after the introduction of the X-Men, mutants were finally prolific enough for him to stay awake for good.
Unfortunately, that act of cruelty won't carry quite the same emotional punch if done in a movie, since Angel in the films is not a character who's been built up enough for us to care about him.Sins of the FutureMore time-travel, which carries with it some of the same complications as Age of Apocalypse. Still, it could set up the planned X-Force movie nicely by establishing who Cable is and why he's key to the future of mutantkind. Apocalypse, viewing him as a threat and realizing that Nathan's energy is the very energy that awoke him all those months earlier,[28] sends his newly formed group, the Riders of the Storm, to abduct the Summers child. Apocalypse at this time had conquered the city of Attilan, home of the Inhumans, and enslaved part of its population. The X-Men confront Apocalypse as he is close to merging with Nate, but are unable to stop him. Cyclops pushes Nate Grey out of the way, merging with Apocalypse instead.While the merge is successful, Apocalypse's aim for unlimited power is not, and he attempts to complete the transformation by warping reality into various scenarios (see Ages of Apocalypse). Apocalypse hoped to lull the Twelve into empowering him with their energy, but eventually, the mutants realize their true predicament and Apocalypse teleports away.An amnesiac and powerless Cyclops regains control of the merged form, but Apocalypse begins to re-emerge.
Jean and Cable are alerted to his location in Egypt, where Jean in the end manages to free Cyclops by telepathically tearing out Apocalypse's essence from her husband's body, rendering Apocalypse in an incorporeal astral form, which Cable apparently destroys using his Psimitar.Something Entirely NewIs this kind of a cheat?
He came on board X-Men: Days of Future Past after that decision had been made and announced and presumably after the script was well underway. I think he wants the flexibility to use a villain as powerful, interesting and versatile as Apocalypse with as much creativity as he can muster.

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