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QOR is the new kid on the block in men?s performance clothing, and we are loving their Neoshell Lightweight Performance Jacket.
Filson have teamed up with Magnum Photography for this stylish collection of photography bags.

The regular fit, waterproof shell is, as they say, the ultimate training jacket, it features a double slide front zip, articulated elbows, paneled sides to eliminate side seams, hood with visor and rear drawcord, hook and loop cuffs, wind flap around the throat, drawcord hem, and reflective trim. Using Filson?s renowned craftsmanship for developing their rugged luggage together with Magnum photographers?s experience on the field, they have created a line of durable camera bags that include a messenger bag, a backpack, a tote bag, and a sportsman bag.

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Survival guide for living in the wilderness documentary

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