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Make 100s of tough decisions that may come back to haunt you in this "choose your own adventure" style game. Overcome 1000s of unique challenges by training 9 skills; be a stealthy computer hacker or a guns blazing pyromaniac - the choice is yours!
Explore 18 infested city locations to find other survivors, new weapons and gear, and upgrades for your home!
Exploration takes place across 18 locations and plays out like a "Choose Your Own Adventure" gamebook. You have a limited amount of time to escape your city before the nuclear plant goes into meltdown and destroys what remains of the city (and you).Each day, choose between exploring the city, training your skills, or resting. Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of The End of the World, a new roleplaying game line of horror and survival in humanity’s last days! In the majority of roleplaying games, you take on the persona of a fictional character – ranging from a elven thief to a half-orc war-mage to a human soldier, and beyond. Since you’re playing yourself in every game of The End of the World, your starting gear is also limited to what you can find close at hand when you sit down to play the game. The world can end in countless ways, and in each of The End of the World books, there are five different scenarios for you to experience. Prepare for hordes of zombies to end the world with the release of Zombie Apocalypse in the fourth quarter of 2014, and look for the rest of the books in The End of the World game line to be released at a later date!
The attraction of the zombie apocalypse is the breakdown of society, and getting yourself in a situation where you’re entirely self sufficient. Grow your own food, hunt for it, turn yourself into a grizzled McGuyver figure who can turn nothing but a few nails and a bit of wood into the Zombie Slayer 5000. RobertJohnson’s and Thuztor’s Farming Mod is getting very close to completion now, in its fourth iteration.
Download the mod from here, and copy both the Media and Mod files over into your Zomboid folder.
At the moment the mod is still considered in ‘demo’, so it will only take around five in-game hours before the plants start to bloom, moving through a few phases before it’s ready to be plucked and consumed. The only problem with all this is that you can’t really farm all that well in the default map. To install, just copy both media and mods files out of the zipped file, merging them with your existing folders.
Once in the game, why don’t you head on over and find yourself a little four bedroom with a large back garden. Never enough zombies: Kickstart another apocalypse#4: Rezzed, charity and deadhead creativity! You will lose your chance to get the free product of the week.One-click unsubscribe later if you don't enjoy the newsletter. Train 9 different skills (melee, firearms, explosives, grappling, stealth, lockpicking, engineering, perception, computers) to overcome obstacles during exploration. In this 100% ads-free + permissions-free game you will face the fiercest and most corrupt sheriff that you have ever known.

The End of the World line changes all of this by inviting you to play as yourself amidst the tumult of the world’s ending! Because these scenarios function like different campaign settings within the same theme, you can enjoy all of these scenarios time and time again. Whether you play a single session that ends in gruesome death for every player, or begin a campaign that stretches from apocalypse to post-apocalypse and beyond, every scenario takes you straight to the terror and adventure of the apocalypse. Today we’re looking at growing your own greens, crafting and some new digs to do it all in.
Where it’s just you, your wits and the slowly decomposing remnants of your last meal between you and shambling death. It allows you to plow, seed and then harvest from the land, creating vegetables that are as succulent as they are healthy, so long as you pick them at the right time.
This fourth version of the mod includes watering, too, which is going to mean you’re going to have to head out into town to pick up as many water bottles as you can get. You can shape some wood planks into bars, which can then be further refined with a screwdriver and hammer into a baseball bat.
There are 1000s unique events and decisions to make, and all of your decisions have consequence. Specialize or generalize, fight or bypass bosses, and use your skills to achieve the best ending. The first book, Zombie Apocalypse, challenges you to face hordes of undead that rise and stalk the earth, hungry for the flesh of the living.
You’ll use your own physical, mental, and social attributes to create yourself as an in-game character, allowing you to come as close as you (safely) can to experiencing the apocalypse first-hand.
Who knows how long the cash in your wallet will be accepted as viable currency in light of the world’s ending? Although each book’s scenarios share the titular theme, there’s plenty of room for variation within the genre.
Each scenario features a post-apocalypse, illustrating how some semblance of order returns in the shattered aftermath of the apocalypse. For more information on the other books in The End of the World line, visit the description page. You’ve got your contingency in place, kept underneath your pillow at night, and in your jacket pocket during the day.
Click the trowel on your health icon and it will turn whichever land tile you’re standing on into tilled earth, ripe for seeding. Throw in some nails and a strip of cloth and you’ve got a spiked baseball bat with a proper grip. Or saw the head off a fireaxe, chop a baseball bat in half, then reattach the axe head onto your chunk of wood and you’ve got a Tomahawk. The line continues with Wrath of the Gods, pitting players against a pantheon of supernatural foes intent of destroying humanity.
In addition to your chosen attributes, you can represent yourself more accurately by imagining positive and negative features. You might want a good shotgun to defend yourself, but that could mean venturing out of your friend’s apartment.

In Zombie Apocalypse, for example, every scenario varies in the origin of the zombies, the government’s response, the timeline of the apocalypse, the ways you can kill the zombies, and countless other details, both large and small. No matter how humanity has adapted in order to survive, life in the post-apocalypse is completely different from life before. To do that you just need to open them up like they’re a container, pop in a few seeds (twelve is recommended) and wait. The mod also requires you to have shotgun ammo in your hand while firing the shotgun, presumably so you can speed load into the chamber like you’re Max Payne. The mod itself is on hiatus until the new sprite system comes into force, but what’s there right now is more than enough to be getting on with. So instead why not take the bus over to Hastings, a map made by Triptych that models the rural American town with vast expanses of greenery, parking lots and half built developments. Ranging from the Mayan apocalypse to Cthulhu, the gods return to exact terrible vengeance in this book.
For example, you may have the Long-distance Runner positive feature, but you may also cope with the Extremely Nearsighted negative feature. Kitchen knives might be your only available weapons for defending yourself against hordes of ravenous zombies or conquering aliens. The apocalypse may start with an outbreak of disease, or a sudden earthquake that releases a once-dormant parasite. The post-apocalypse is just as dangerous as the apocalypse itself, presenting entirely different challenges and threats to whatever remains of you and your haggard band of survivors. Here are a trio of mods that are going to turn you from weeping baldy into the tanned survivor, eating the earth’s bounty and making everything into a weapon just by a bit of hard grit and an inventive mind. The third installment in the line is Alien Invasion, giving you the opportunity to battle unknown life forms from beyond our galaxy. Another character may have the Natural Leader positive feature, but this could be tempered by the Wants Revenge negative feature. Aliens may enslave the nations, or Norse gods may return to earth to enact the cataclysmic battles of Ragnarok. You may face a species of conquering warriors, or aliens too small to see with the naked eye. When our technology develops consciousness, even normal people will need to battle technology in every form. Each of these books offers a complete self-contained experience, although they share the same rules system. No matter which apocalypse you want to explore, you’ll find unending horror and adventure in this roleplaying game.

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