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Sometime soon, zombies may begin taking over the planet and you’ll have to fight hard to survive or become one of them. If you watched World War Z, you might remember the scene where Brad Pitt’s character taped magazines around his forearms to protect them from zombie bites. While having guns would be optimal and knockin’ zombie heads off with a shotgun can be an amazing survival skill in itself, you should also have some weapons to stab the zombies in their heads when you run out of ammo. Crossbows, axes, hammers, crowbars (or a glow-in-the-dark glowbar like the one below) and baseball bats can all be effective tools for smashing some zombie skulls as well.
The fresh water supply may not exist anymore or it might be contaminated, so you’ll want to have a LifeStraw or something similar to have access to clean water. If a zombie bites you, it’s probably too late and you’ll be part of the living dead army shortly, but for other injuries a first aid kit will be great to have! They need to be robust and waterproof, but they also need a good quality sole for stomping on zombie skulls. While all the essential survival tools in the world can be great, what you know and how effectively you can use your body is a lot more important. Now that you’re ready for anything thanks to our 10 bosslike zombie apocalypse survival tips, make sure you actually have all the items on the list and know how to fight!
In my tactics, if you can call it that; it simply involves staying hidden and only engaging in confrontation if absolute necessary.
There are a few prerequisites for choosing firearms, the four major points of concern for me are: reliability, sustainability and compatibility, firepower and rate of fire, and finally ease of use.
Sustainability and compatibility, choosing a calibre that is common is a double edged sword; it means that your choice of ammunition is widely available, from firearm stores, military forces, milsurp, police stations and even companions. I am currently saving for a shotgun, IAC Model 87 which is a lever action shotgun with a 5 round tube mag, totally legit in Australia. Some kind of ar15 variant, I’ve never really looked into the brands because I have no hope of actually picking one up.
I love 1911s, and would probably pick one up in .45acp however the relatively low mag count and functionality isn’t very convincing. And to round it off, you need some kind of back up melee weapon; I’d suggest some kind of war axe with a spike on the top.
This all is of course dependent on whether Zombies are actually going to eventuate, logical? The post Apocalypse Survival: Keep Your Head, Know Your Weapons first appeared at The Undead Report. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Hey, love the article, and you mention the American option for pistol being a 1911 or variant of such. Thats a lie the ak-47 is the most reliable assault rifle out there,in recent tests the ak could withstand a tank being driven over it and being kept in muddy waters for hours pulled it out and it worked like brand new. I generally use the same 550 remington value pacs depicted above but we have some federal to.
Aktuelle Projekte: Dreadball (alle Teams), Kings of War (Basilea), Deadzone (Enforcers), Eisenkern Armee.
Ideally, you’d want to use a few layers of magazines or phone books and wrap them around your arms and torso using duct tape, but use what you have available to you for armor! Everyone knows you have to deactivate the zombie’s brain to stop that sneaky bastard from continuously attacking you.
If they’re going to be wearing sunglasses like the scumbag below, you better be rockin’ some killer shades to top them!
Some things to learn about: Medical skills (take a first aid class at least), morse code, fighting (martial arts combined with strength training), running (sprints to get away from zombies when you need to), growing food, hunting, fishing, carpentry, and climbing.

With 10 years of my life spent in the United States, rumor has it that I may even know how to grill a great burger. But I think that’s just because it’s the fun part, so that’s what I’ll be discussing first. A gun that is broken-in and shown faithful flawless operation that you commonly use is ideal for weapon. However everybody with a gun has the same mindset as you, so it really is a matter of luck whether you can ransack the ammo before someone else does. These rounds for larger rifles are widely available and often much cheaper for stockpiling. BE FAMILIAR with your choice of weapon, and I don’t mean just reading the instructions once, know that shit. We pretty much have access to bolt action long arms, lever actions long arms, pump action ‘rifles’, break-open shotguns, combo guns. If I had the option, then I’d take an m4 any day or failing that a burst fire or full auto sear will suffice.
But on a more practicality based recommendation I would suggest a full sized Glock in any chambering, some of the benefits are a higher capacity magazines, safety that doesn’t have to be disengaged manually as such and thus pretty much in condition 1 or other words ready to rock and roll anytime, it’s also lightweight and cheap to buy. I think these three weapons are enough to get you by; carrying more than one long arm and sidearm is ridiculous. Unless you have a chance to clean them after every engagement I would find something a little more robust.
Its the version with the tube under the barrel and i was wondering where you got the speed loader for it. The thing that most people don’t get is the main advantages to the AK-47 is how easy it is to field strip and yes they will just keep firing sounds good right? Evan though you wouldnt want to lose bullets, i dont think your going to want your gun jaming while your surrouded by zombies. Its just the american version of the MP5 it has a 22 round magazine.The price, its around 500 to 900 dollars. Da wurd ich mir lieber nochmal die Survivors von WarlordGames holen – da sind auch alle Waffen bei und noch ca. Age of Sigmar: Punktesystem kommt!Moxiboo bei Age of Sigmar: IronjawzGrognard bei Breaking!
I don't wear socks with sandals any longer, but I still drink beer and eat sauerkraut like a German. If you really must travel in technical areas such as a trashed shop or a street full of crashed cars (for some reason movies love to depict the apocalypse as a destruction derby released onto the streets) then just ensure that you’re checking every single blind spot around you.
One thing you really need to do is ensure that you have a field cleaning kit and reasonable access to replacement parts if anything should fail or particularly susceptible to failure. If you can be bothered, you can get a handgun, magazine limited to ten rounds, minimum barrel length is 100mm I believe, and some limits on calibre choice, I mentioned if you can be bothered because part of the licensing requires that you enter a certain number of ‘shooting competitions’ and ‘training sessions’ per every handgun category in which you a gun, i.e. You have a reasonable level of stopping power will these selections, keep in mind that your targets will not go down easily from being wounded, they will only stop from the quintessential headshot, so having the biggest calibre you can possibly shoot will not help at all, nor will a knife and a sword is unlikely. Things like learning to fly a plane or moving undetected like a ninja could also come in handy! However if you have some knowledge of firearms or even common sense then you should know that you should resort to ammunition of unknown origin last, particularly handloads.
Two things that you can benefit from learning is how to reload your gun on the fly in a high-stress situation, sure you can do a mag change on a bench at the range, but how about cowered in the drivers seat of your vehicle?
Look it up on YouTube and you’ll find a video of some guy who has become incredibly fast at it.
Try not to add too many accessories to your guns, sure all the add-ons look awesome but you really need to keep it light weight as possible, having said that a spotlight and quality sling is an absolutely necessity in my opinion.

But if i had a chance to get my hands on an mp5 i would take that in a heart beat they take 22 cal. I have, and the odds never look good…But then again different disasters call for different tactics and personality traits. For you unawares, handloads are ammunition produced with simple machinery with commercial components, they are often produced to certain specs for utmost accuracy or stronger loads, or even both. When I get out of university, I will start attending my pistol range once again and keep my attendance up, I’ll probably go for a 1911 variant chambered in .38 Super. If your useing a big 30 round barrel clip for your 1911 wouldent that destroy the point of haveing a small, light, last resort sidearm strapped to your belt that should only be used in dire situations?
Also because of the design of the gas blow back system on the AK-47 the bullet traveling down the barrel warps the barrel creating inaccuracy. However you cannot know what is inside, ‘hot’ loads could put much stress on your firearm, while component and manufacturing quality is questionable. OK these things might be a bit much to train for (IN FACT I HIGHLY DISCOURAGE YOU FROM TRAINING IN YOUR CAR, AND ESPECIALLY DO NOT TRAIN WITH LIVE AMMUNITION,) but the point is get familiar with using your firearm, become proficient and use it as an extension of your body. You don’t want to forget how to use your gun when you’re in the same room as a Zombie, you’d like to use it as if it were the index finger on your hand. Also double-crossing and bargaining are tools that anyone can use if the moment requires it. A good immune system is also essential, as well as being fit and sturdy…basically you need to be all the things that modern man is not. Mental Attributes: Logical to a fault, a survivor of a disease pandemic needs to be ruthless in tough situations and be able to block out guilt and grief.
The gas pushes on the piston and a rod is attached to the piston and that pushes the action back and loads the next round. Be adaptable and never rely on anyone but yourself – this is the survival of the fittest, compassion will only slow you down. Maybe its just me but I value durability and reliabity over everything else when looking at a gun. Nerds and geeks will only get through this if they can hide well and think on their feet, perhaps with an in-depth knowledge of their surroundings…think traps and poisons.
You can’t have an internal moral debate about the act of murder and you must try not to form too many alliances unless you can see them boding well for you in the future. You must look the part, act the part and even think the part to be able to overthrow that pesky authoritarian government.
Mental Attributes: Be made of steel, completely in control of all emotions and reactions yet possess a fire that rages within at all times.
Special Skills: Being a decent actor is needed here as feigning honesty and innocence is hard. Learn how to be a quiet leader and accept that sacrifice might be the only way to change things. Tweet Emily BabbI created Dystopic in July 2012 after requiring an outlet for my love of dystopian and apocalyptic fiction.
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