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Discover the Astounding Health Benefits by using Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT) tuned at 9.6 Hz, a sub-harmonic of 432 Hz heal tone. EarthPulse users that used 10 Hz frequency mode or "Recover" mode on their device reported similar health benefits.
Surprisingly, he also conducted an experiment by burying an Iron pole deep within Earth to measure the resonant frequency of Earth itself, and guess what?
Ag-nanoparticle films were deposited on glass and silicon substrates by evaporation of a colloidal solution.
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If a straight binary count pattern were to be applied to the 8 control wires, there would be blank periods while either the rows or columns count through 16 stages when either the 4 corresponding colunms or rows are all high.
Swapping the 8 control pins in different orders simply reorders the sequence of the 225 possible patterns of pixels. An alternative chip to demonstrate the pixel patterns with a random count would be the CD40106B hex Schmitt trigger configure as one oscillator per inverter with one resistor in feedback and a grounded timing cap at the input. Yet another interesting pattern generator would be a Gray counter fashioned from CD4000B logic. I chose to apply pulsed -320V to the Cathode at pin9 to reset the ITM2M once per line cycle. The reset button on the left forces the CD4060B outputs low and provides a handy all-pixel-on test. I soldered a 5W resistor to the turn screw of the multi-turn 500k trimmer for convenient clock speed adjustment. Deeper sleep, enhanced day-time performance and energy levels, less pain and curative effect on more than 50 disease conditions. See their Youtube and see for yourself how it helped Parkinson's patients in advance stage of disease, swinging back in motion and walking without support after just 2 weeks of very mild pulsed magnetic field stimulation.
It is 9.6 Hz!Paul conducted this experiment away from Urban civilization to minimize noise from other vibrations. Periodic structures were created in these Ag nanoparticle deposits by ultraviolet nanosecond laser interference lithography (LIL).
Curr Nanosci 10Chang TL, Cheng KY, Chou TH, Su CC, Yang HP, Luo SW (2009) Hybrid-polymer nanostructures forming an anti-reflection film using two-beam interference and ultraviolet nanoimprint lithography.
The plasma appears as the ultraviolet glow that illuminates the phosphor wells at the surface.

I confirmed this by curve tracing the 8 control inputs from 0V to +100V with the bias pins driven to their nominal voltages.. An 8 position dip switch drives the 8 matrix control wires, and the 3 bias voltages are generated directly from the 120V mains power.
When the pixels are lit, a faint blue glow is visible inside the tunnel at the center of each pixel. NPN transistors with 330k pullup resistors to 160V in a common emitter configuration could be used instead. Up to 256 patterns can be supplied to these 8 control electrodes, however, all pixels will be off if all the columns or all the rows are high.
All the time constants could be picked to be the same because, soon, the various oscillators will drift out of sink for interesting patterns. This is necessary because once a cathode is triggered on, it may take bringing the cathode near the Low Anode voltage of (~70VDC) to turn it off.
The operation is similar in principle to that of a TRIAC in a light dimmer that can be triggered once per AC cycle, but can only turns off when the AC voltage crosses zero.
This choice saves one rectifier diode and eliminates the need for a filter capacitor that is rated to take 320VDC. If your circuit involves a micro-controller, be sure to use an isolation transformer to program the controller in real time, or simply program the micro controller separatelly. When the pot is turn all the way to zero, the count may become erratic, but too fast to see, anyway. All this backed by years of authoritative peer-reviewed research.In 2002, EarthPulse, the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy pioneers, launched a pulsating magnetic field generator that emits magnetic waves between 1 Hz - 14 Hz.
This therapy is compeltely side-effect free as it simply entrains the brain to perform better and has an effect on every cell of the body. We find that the periodic structure and size of Ag nanoparticles in these oriented arrays can be controlled by varying laser pulse energy as well as the number of pulses used in irradiation.
The latest such tube I have come across on ebay is the very pretty ITM2M Multicolor 4x4 pixel matrix with phosphor covered wells that glow when the internal gas has an ultra-violet discharge. You can double the brightness if you are not using the cap by replacing the single half wave rectifier with a full wave bridge.
I use 15V, which is enough to cross the 7V turn-on threshold I measured at the control cathodes. This leaves out 16 codes if all the rows are high and an additional 15 codes if all the columns are high.
The body's circulation improves resulting in high cell oxygenation and thus faster recovery.
An effective unit has thus been designed to help humanity, re-sync to their Earth frequencies and thus achieve a healthier, longer life, just as mother Earth intended. The effect of these parameters on the overall morphology of these deposits is shown to be promising as a new technique for the engineering of sub-micron nanoparticle structures.
NASA later (2004) published an article announcing that, 10 Hz pulsed magnetic stimulation is hugely beneficial and has amazing health benefits such as curing depression, lesser pain and rapid healing for it's user.
You may have just stumbled upon the holy-grail of Anti-aging, which the medical establishment does not want you to know about!Although EarthPulse inventor never believed in numerology and has worked all these years purely based on experiments and research, he has finally taken the time to read about 432 Hz numerology and to his surprise he has found the reason why we perform so well and feel great after living in the 9.6 Hz magnetic zone. Ag films with laser-induced sub-micron periodic structures were evaluated as substrates for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy using rhodamine B adsorbed from a 10?8 M solution.
As such he has released two excellent articles that give out the details on 432 Hz, Sonic Geometry, Factor-9 Octaving, Phythagorean Music and has also connected Plato's geometry to these frequencies. Enhancement factors were found to be >106 those found in conventional Raman scattering and 10 times greater than those from standard Ag-nanoparticle films. These results indicate that the LIL method has promise in the nanostructuring of Ag-nanoparticle films for ultrasensitive SERS biosensing substrates.

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